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Review: Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.2


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I tend to agree that Leica are both. Camera companies are not immune from making special editions - Nikon have certainly done it before and I expect that the others have also done it.

I am sure that striking the right balance is not easy: there are long threads all over the internet on the issues with the M11, for example. It is not helpful to Leica to have that sort of thing - as marketers and PR people will tell you, "perception is reality". Especially in this day and age when 500 irritated people with camera issues can use the internet to make that sound like 50,000. I myself exercised caution as a result of the issues reported by purchasing a BNIB M10-R instead of an M11. Of course, here in NZ I am far away from any Leica repair shop, so minimising the chances of needing one is sensible.

To be seen as a professional option, you really do not need to have well documented issues that take weeks to resolve when you launch your latest camera. It's not the best way to persuade more professionals to choose your cameras.

Returning to the Noctilux f1.2 vs Summilux 1.4 choice, I think I am about 70/30 in favour of the Noctilux. I would like to have the spare cash to get both (or at least a Summicron as well) as I wonder whether one might not always want that unusual and amazing drawing - sometimes a more conventional look might be the answer.

I might get the Noctilux now and just let the dealer know I want a good Summicron pre-owned when he next get one in.

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