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  1. It's just because I could. They know I like to buy things in double so they offered me two. I won't collect it, neither resell it for a premium. I will let a forum friend buy it, so they can skip the line. Two people from LUF already mentionned they're interested when I first called the M10R BP one month ago... My way to give back..
  2. FYI, just spoke with the Paris store manager. I told him I missed my APO and asked if he had more in stock. Next one is expected to come in in five month, and there are over 20 people on waiting list.
  3. I did ! One is coming this Thursday, the second one first week of July.
  4. Not bad, 26 days later ! Can't wait to bring mine home on Thursday morning...
  5. Price of 8390€ is confirmed. Getting mine on Thursday morning.
  6. 12500 is usually fine for everything. 25000 no problem if needed.
  7. Sorry guys can't be of much help. I don't shoot L-log. I shoot in HLG and I am much happier with the colours I get out of this profile.
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