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  1. Lovely. Pushed at 800 or just underexposed one stop ?
  2. I think I changed my mind... I like them now... Took me some time to get used to the look of it.
  3. Not a lot of night shooters around here 😝
  4. All these shots are Portra 160 processed in ECN-2. Not particularly impressed with the results. Planning to stick to C41 for Portra, and ECN2 for vision 3
  5. I used my Ricoh gr3 all week and was shocked how much better is the AF on that camera ! Low light on the Q2 is a total disaster.
  6. Who ever begins a journey of streamlining a list of gear will always end up with a list twice as long. Dangerous game, trust me.
  7. For M7s I think they include the change of the DX reader if it needs to be updated, but not the change of the MP viewfinder which I strongly recommend if you send your camera in.
  8. Let me save you some time, I’ve exchanged emails with Leica about this all summer. Yes, it’s still possible to customize a used M7 via à la carte program. You need to send your camera with the repair form and the details of what you want. To give you an example of pricing and delay, converting your M7 into black paint will cost you around 1400 euros and the turnaround time is more or less 4 to 5 months.
  9. Allow me to post a very interesting conversation from 10 years ago on Flickr, according to which the king of light for colour is … portra 400. According to these guys, portra 400 shot at 1600 looks better than portra 800 at 1600. Portra 400 seems to have enough latitude to be shot between 100 and 1600 without pushing or pulling and still get good results. As a matter of fact, someone there even shot portra 400 at 3200 and only pushed one stop with great results. Fascinating. https://www.flickr.com/groups/1227372@N20/discuss/72157627923115929/
  10. I personally would not have bought that M10D. And i would not upgrade to the M11D if it resembled what you describe. I would prefer the ISO dial to be in the back and I am very attached to the thumb rest.
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