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  1. wlaidlaw

    Name this car....

    I will look for something tomorrow. Wilson
  2. wlaidlaw

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    I have the emissions sticker (Cat 1 as it is a petrol plug in hybrid). I suspect it will all fade away like the carrying breathalysers did. Mine are now about 6 years old and totally expired but at least I can show willing. Wilson
  3. Mine is a slightly later Visoflex 1 from 1951 with an IFLEX focus screen changer, again with a 135mm/f4.5 Hektor on a ZOOAN short focusing mount (a very late one from their final year of 1960) sitting on what used to be my father's spare Leica, a IIf, bought new on a trip to New York in 1953. The Viso 1 and Hektor are recent acquisitions so no films developed as yet with this combo. Wilson
  4. Jac, That is why as soon as I retired, I moved over to Mac, running OS-X Jaguar 10.2 at the time. Actually the Bull/Dell Linux terminal emulators worked far better than the IBM RPG ones of the previous generation. At my company, we quickly changed from the buggy Win 95 to Win 98, which was a considerable improvement. On the original point, nothing heard from Leica. Wilson
  5. The company I was a director of, was still using RPG3 on IBM 38's when I left to set up my own company in 1996. I then used a Bull computer running Linux at the new company, for our central system, with smart terminals running Windows 95 and Linux terminal emulators. Wilson
  6. It was the programming language used by IBM Mini computers types 34, 36 & 38. We used smart terminals, basically modified IBM PS2 PCs, running a version of Unix with hardware RPG communication cards in them. Wilson
  7. As an Apple Beta tester, I quite often see basic problems and think: "How on earth could they have let that howler out into the semi-public domain in that state?' I fear that trying to get iOS apps to run well in the OSX environment will be like trying to teach a fish to ride a bicycle. I am also worried that it may involve degrading the generally excellent OSX operating system to more of a tablet operating system, in order to achieve compatibility. Before I retired, I spent 40 years fighting with computer companies, their programmers and programming bureaux to get them to do what I wanted or needed and not what they envisaged. I quickly realised that "we will sort that little glitch out in a couple of days, with an upgrade" was one of the world's great lies. I even taught myself RPG2, 3 and Unix programming languages, so that I knew when these so called experts from IBM and the computer bureau we used, were talking garbage. Finally we sacked both IBM and the bureau and ended up writing our own paper free office routines. Wilson
  8. Past experience on cross platform attempts.
  9. For bulk downloading of particularly DNG's I agree that an SD card into a reader is the way to go (BTW thanks a bunch Apple for deleting the SD reader from modern MBP's - I assume they think everyone now takes their photos on an iPhone). However for just one or two JPEG's, the WLAN connection is/was very useful. On my CL, I first have to unscrew the grip to access the SD card. Wilson
  10. Paul, It used to work that once you had opened the JPEG full screen, if you hover over the top left hand corner of the image, you will get an option to download in full resolution. It does this (at least on Safari) by opening a new tab, headed with the file name and resolution. I have checked and this still works on the SL but sadly not on the CL, which was my choice for quick web photos. Leica are now aware of this problem on the CL and Jimmy Hughes of Leica UK has forwarded it to Wetzlar for resolution. Wilson
  11. Is not that just for iOS devices, iPad and iPhone? I want connect to camera via an existing WLAN for laptops. Whereas I am happy to read books, send messages and make phone calls on my iOS devices, for work, I much prefer a computer with a trackpad and decent keyboard. In that iOS devices have already the facility to work with the CL and SL by means of the camera creating a network, there was absolutely no need to mess around with the join WLAN network facility.
  12. wlaidlaw

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    Pete did not seem to have seen it 😀
  13. wlaidlaw

    which film M for pro-use?

    I have done weddings with both M4 and M7. The M7 is way easier with auto aperture and TTL flash. I use the Motor-M which is virtually silent. The Winder M4-2, which I use on my M4-P, is far from silent. My favourite lenses for weddings would be either the 35 ASPH Summilux or 50 Summilux III (e46). The Summilux III is much kinder to faces than the current Summilux 50 ASPH. Wilson