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  1. Nice to see the black version is only 2/3 the weight of the F1 and not quite half but some 300g less than the F.95
  2. You can download the MTF's on line I looked and they are similar but better than the older lenses, noticeably better at the frame edges
  3. Reminds me to dust off my F1.0, it is desirable in a world of super sharp, lots of pictures heavily processed with the 'clarity' slider, and a look that reminds me why I dislike a lot of 4K TV's
  4. If it helps, I have spent quite a lot of time with various 35's and I love the MkIV for me around F4, it has a sweet bokeh and a depth an colouring that is great and its small. I love my 2.8 summaron its is supersharp without being analytical and has real reportage look to it, really love it on the monochrom. Ofcourse the AA is king, for many reasons, it no way worth the price - thats just collector mania, but it is nice. I am not a fan of the Siummicron ASPH. I had this lens twice and both times sold it, its mostly the messy bokeh and colouring I'm not so keen on
  5. I am boxing up my camera and sending it to ACS, they seem confident of a repair for potentially a few hundred pounds, fingers crossed
  6. Well I needed up keeping the AA and the Mk IV but selling my APSH. The AA is just that little bit better particularly the bokeh and 3D qualities. There will have been a post or two somewhere !
  7. Yes I was thinking about a Lightroom filter, I do notice it in normal use when using wide angle, at F4.5, an example here of a recent wide open on a Voigtlander F15, but not too bad unless its highlighting something plain
  8. Thanks, some interesting reading to be undertaken seems the PX with Leica means about £3.2k to trade in. I dont suppose we know if I just live with it for a bit longer and stay did with some spot adjustment the offer will remain in place ?
  9. So Leica are no longer supporting the original ?
  10. Time to admit I need a replacement sensor, I dont think this is just dust !? I had my M9-P replaced under warranty I think that no longer an option now ? F11 outside pointed at the non clear sky
  11. My M9-P , or MM is in my camera bag every day, works as my 'man bag' for phone, wallet etc, so may have 3-4 trips a week with no use. Gets bumped around, marked up if something falls into the wrong pouch (like a viewfinder !) I do look after it clean it and treasure it but it's now done 30,459 had the sensor replaced and the screen is perfect, the body is quite polished with some scratches that I occasionally buff out, adding to the used polished look. I love it you will too ! Love the M9-P
  12. I agree, I only sold mine when I was lucky enough to find a AA (Double Aspherical). That one is a keeper and been with me for a few years now. I still think the pre FLE ASPH. is 90% as good though in 99% of situations
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