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  1. As a photographer (probably one of the Magnum photographers) once said, the best accessory is a good pair of walking shoes. Other than that you need your Leica, an extra battery and an extra card. Good luck with your photography.
  2. The game changer with this lens is the the .3M minimum focus. My 21mm f4.0 Super Angulon has a minimum focus of 12" which is very close to .3M. I've never understood why Leica didn't at least make that minimum focus part of the 21mm package. They made a 21mm f2.8 Elmarit pre-production that was 12" but it got dropped in production models. Anyway with LV on M's these days it would be great to have it more generally available. Thanks for your initial thoughts on the lens and your photographs.
  3. I’d buy this in a New York minute if the minimum focus is 0.7M. I assume minimum is 1-metre? Sorry if I missed that in your report Jono.
  4. Mr. Obvious checking in. You have removed the battery and replaced with a fresh battery, I trust.
  5. Man having severe back pain while daughter looks on with concern.
  6. CLA sounds like the ticket to me. The temperatures discussed shouldn't have any effect.
  7. Hey all — I did get the 50mm Summicron “Safari”. I bought it new from Leica USA. Nice lens. Quite a change from my 50mm Summicron V3. It’s the first *new* Leica/Leitz lens I’ve purchased since a new 90mm tele-Elmarit I bought in mid 1970’s. I have purchased new Leica cameras but usually buy used lenses so this is fun for me. For info the serial number is #4779XXX so it’s quite bit later than the serial numbers of the original Safaris earlier in this thread.
  8. Great ..... many thanks. That’s what I’m talking about!! I believe I will get the “Safari” 50mm. (LOL it’s NOT just the sunshade it’s a bunch of things like my V3 50 Summicron is ready for a break. It’s not worn out but.) Thanks again Logan.
  9. I realize this is an elderly post but I’m curious about the built-in lens shade. I have never seen a photograph of this lens with the lens hood extended. Thanks - thinking about this lens - I appreciate the thread on the “safari” 50mm.
  10. Lens cap? That comes on the lens when you buy it. Right? I couldn’t tell you where *any* of my Leica/Leitz lens caps are located.
  11. Actually the 28 acts more like a 21 and the 35 acts more like a 50. So on paper they're close but are different. If I were wanting a wide to work with 35mm I'd get a 21 or 24. When I travel I usually go with a 21, 35 & 50. BTW, most interesting discussion here. My 28mm is quite elderly and I've thought of updating. I'd love the Lux but not crazy about weight (I have a Noctilux so I know "heavy"). The v2 of the 28mm Summicron seems pretty alright.
  12. Dennis--I had (still have) the old, old 21 Super Angulon f4.0. Small lens, focus goes down to 12 inches. Has f22. Many, many years later I upgraded to the 21mm f2.8 Leitz Elmarit. Since the Elmarit only focused to the usual .7 meter I missed the 12" of the SA. No f22 either. For me the holy grail of 21mm would be to get - it's either pre-production or early-production - the 21mm f2.8 Leitz Elmarit that focuses to 12". That lens would be the ticket. They are very rare and almost never for sale. 'Just an fyi.
  13. I'm late to this festival of lens problems that I don't even know what some of them are. Whatever. I used for many years a 21mm f4.0 Super Angulon in an M mount. [ IF you go to my twitter page @fultonjr you'll see me and it in action as my "pinned" tweet. I was not shooting at f22 fyi ]. Anyway, I used it at f22 set with depth-of-field 12" to infinity. The lens focused to 12" - yes. At f22 the world didn't fall apart and neither did the photograph. It works just fine. Remember that your best photographs aren't always your sharpest photographs.
  14. Some would stand back and shoot with a 200mm. You've made a bold choice to get in the middle of it with a 15mm. 'Sounds great. If it were me I'd look for an inexpensive underwater housing. I know there use to be some cheap ones that were made of heavy plastic bag material. There was a front "lens" opening that had a filter that sealed the whole thing. With the 15mm you should be able to put the camera onto LV mode and look thru the back of the housing to the back of the camera - in other words you won't need to use the viewfinder. I'm spit-balling a bit here since I haven't looked at those che
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