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  1. Has Leica actually determined if the market is really asking for 60 MP in an M? The M10-R is not exactly selling like hot cakes.
  2. Fantastic article Jono! Any predictions regarding a 28 mm APO M lens? Or is APO correction at wider focal lengths more of a challenge for the M lens size?
  3. jplomley

    M10-P or M10R

    Absolutely spot-on, and mirrors my findings as well. Going one step further, the added sensor resolution allows printing at the printers native resolution, resulting in images that are much more life-like. If I compare identical print sizes from my M10 at 240 ppi vs. the M10-R at 360 ppi on the Epson 3880 Pro on Exhibition Fibre, the M10-R prints most certainly look more realistic. Smoother tones with less artifacts upon close viewing. If your not making prints, I see no reason to purchase the M10-R. If you are, it is a game changer.
  4. Makes one wonder just how dedicated Leica are to the L product line given the exhaustively slooooow roll out of lenses.
  5. Last lens I want to create my ideal 24-35-75 APO travel kit. But I'm not holding my breath. What are they, like 2 years past due date now? I've lost track....
  6. I was out shooting rural scenes today with the M10-R and M10-M. Straightforward simple cameras that just get out of the way. Back home the 41 MP images just sing on the monitor and any prints I've made from these bodies have left absolutely nothing wanting. So no matter how good the M11 will be, I honestly cannot think of anything compelling enough to make me give up my M10-R and M10-M pairing. These cameras just work amazingly well and represent the pinnacle of digital M engineering.
  7. I suspect the SL3 will hit the shelves before the SL2 firmware upgrade.
  8. Bought a new 28 SC v2 when first launched, and there was a fingerprint under the front element. Sent it back for replacement, and I’d expect the fingerprint helped identify the culprit that did the deed.
  9. If I autofocus on an object between 6 ft and 30 ft, there is not a lot of DOF behind the plane of focus with the 35 APO L. It’s almost all in front. I don’t see this with the 16-35 SVE or the 75 APO L. I’m using an SL2.
  10. Anyone else notice their 35 APO biases DOF in front of the image plane at distances beyond 6 feet?
  11. Well, a macro prime capable of 1:1 would be much appreciated and a clear differentiation from the available zoom capabilities. But they can’t even get the last two WA primes out the door. How late are they now? I’ve lost track as the years past promised have rolled on….
  12. 28 mm APO Summicron would be an absolute winner without a doubt. The 24 Lux was retired. They should retire the 21 Lux as well and introduce a 21 and 24 APO Summicron of much smaller dimension and improved optical performance (presumably).
  13. That is what the manufacturers count on.
  14. Yep, and makes one wonder about the wisdom of anything greater then 24 MP in an M body.
  15. All good, no worries sir, I can certainly appreciate a bad day.
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