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  1. Thank you for your feedback. Please show us your first pictures with it once you processed the rolls !
  2. How did you focus, with rangefinder or liveview ? It seems that the eyes of the (beautiful) woman are slightly backfocused whereas her hand his rather sharp...
  3. Do we know the weight of the black lens ? I have search on the technical data published by Leica but it is not mentioned...
  4. Someone on the French forum “Summilux.net” said that Stefan Daniel told him many years ago that if a Leica M9/M9M didn’t show the corrosion after many years it would certainly never happen in the future for this camera... I personally think that it is bullshit because we have actually the proof that many bodies are just showing the problem now, after having been perfectly corrosion free during all these years. What is your opinion ?
  5. Yes, keep us advised because it would be great to have someone able to fix it in Europe !
  6. Hello Wattsy, I really love the colors of the pictures you take with the summaron + Portra 400. Could you tell me how you do for scanning ? Thank you, Frederic.
  7. Any news from your cameras ? Did Leica found a correct solution ? Thanks.
  8. Many thanks Alan. This little camera is really appealing !
  9. Hello Alan, i see on your picture that you use the Fp with a 35 summicron : it is exactly the same configuration I would like to use if I buy this camera. Could you please tell me if the lens is a good match with the Fp : color drift ? Blurry corners ? Also, do you know if in movie mode the electronic stabilization is enable with the Leica adapter (some reviewers have reported that it doesn’t work with M mount lens...). Thanks.
  10. Thank you for all these solutions but it would be really better to have some pictures to illustrate all these adjustments... I'm afraid to make a big mistake
  11. I also have 2 to 3 cm of back focus with my M8 and 35/2 or 50/2,8
  12. no banding with my M8 just arrived back from Solms. But, I still have a problem with my telemeter : still have a vertical misalignement and I have a backfocus of 3 cm when focus at 1 meter Sounds like I'm going to send it back to Solms
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