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  1. As i am very busy at these strange times there a some moments i have to have a break. At one of these rare moments last sunday i went on a early morning trip to the harz mauntains, in order to be at the top the Brocken mountain at sunrise. It happened the way it had to.... some early morning light before sunrise... followed by a foggy cold morning at -6°C. At the top wind gusts aprox. 60 km/h. In conclusion: A perfect day. On the way back down the sun broke through and more hikers catched the moment. first lights #1
  2. The last sunday was the only day we had snow here. We started for a place in our city where there was field and forest both because we wanted to vocer as much as possible for a couple of hours. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm
  3. Street_Iceland_01 by fotoalf, on Flickr Many great looking people, thanks for all photos! 201312_Part1_Iceland_people - a set on Flickr
  4. Same house at spring during evening, and just a few days ago mid-day where I used a heavy snowfall to hide landscape. Thanks for looking! Bi-house by fotoalf, on Flickr House_griff_2 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  5. "Radeln verboten"- Winterfassung M6, Kodak TX400, Oberstdorf, Okt. 2013.
  6. I just tried both M and M9 in -15 down to -21C. Both cameras had fully charged batteries and were kept in trunk of car overnight in temp between -15 down to -21C (yeah, this travel was in rural area, so no theft risk). I then went for a hike / photo shoot-out for 5 hrs: My conclusion: M handles the medium low temp down to -21C without problems, M9 can hardly be used. My M9 took only 5 exposures and then went dead. No reaction when switching on/off. When removing and inserting same battery it woke, but the following exposure were not recorded on card . I took 90 exposures during the 5 hrs with the M, most with LV (tripod work). I had no problems and when finishing the battery info showed 85% remaining. Quite good ! Photo: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/landscape-travel/318067-roses-ice.html#post2612210
  7. It was the last day of the year 2013 and I had no better idea than to try out my new Oylmpus OMD EM5 with the R Telyt 180 mm. Mounted on a monopod these are the first attempts to try out and learn more about this combo. Light was bad inside the cages so shutterspeed was 1/250 sec and aperture ca 4.5-56. and ISO consequently had to be between 800 for the cormoran and for the other 2 at 1600.
  8. Again we have snowfall and there seems to be no end to it. I am waiting for the first signs of spring but this has to wait then. This is in our immediate neighbourhood and easily one can spend a few hours there with such a scenery. I thought about this as B&W series but decided to leave it in this monochrome colorversion. All with Canon 5D MKII wrapped in a plastic foil, Elmarit R 90 mm, polarizer. Unfortunately the crispness has suffered from scaling down to forum size. But have a look and share walk with snowfall.
  9. ockock


    Unterwegs mit der R4 - Delta 400, entwickelt in DD-X, Abzug auf PE und diesen gescannt. Ich hoffe, euch gefallen meine Wintereindrücke ein wenig...! Frage: Ich sehe jetzt nur die Links zu den Bildern, wie stelle ich es hier an, damit diese direkt sichtbar sind im Beitrag?
  10. After last night's fresh fall of the white stuff... M9, Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH, SEfexPro2.
  11. this pond, a small water reservoir, is the destination for my daily breaktime walk. These days my X1 is my perfect companion when there is no time for big equipment. In front one can see the underwater dam. Thanks for stopping by.
  12. Winterlandschaft bei Maria Weißenstein/Deutschnofen (D-Lux 6)
  13. ...bzw. dessen Baumkrone M8.2, Elmar 2,8 - 50mm, Gelbfilter, ISO 160, 1/90 sec., Apt. 3, 9. Feb. 2013.
  14. these are the first winter days in this region and searching for a scenery of light snow and mist I kept roaming for a while and further up the hills a quiet deserted scenery was unfolding. Light was already fading a bit and a light drizzling started. Canon 5D MKII and my favourite R-Elmarit 60mm lens was mounted. Exposure with my favourite aperture 5.6 for these low light cases and 1/15 sec ISO 200 + polarizer.
  15. These are from the only stroll to the city of Bielefeld, my hometown,during snowfall. I picked up my stuff, the Canon 5DMKII with Elmarit 35 mm and all wrapped in plastic bag. [ATTACH]352252[/ATTACH] these are old trees on the road leading to the city on the line of the ancient defense wall of the middle ages [ATTACH]352253[/ATTACH] one of the two old churches, this is dedicated to St. Mary. Here I would like to know how to avoid the shadows from people passing by. The shutter was open for a few secs but I am afraid to short for the ghost. I could have stopped down even further. [ATTACH]352254[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]352255[/ATTACH] this is a park belonging to the Art Museum adjacent to the old city center. Have a look and enjoy even if it is not an expected winter adventure.
  16. Kurz vor Weihnachten... MP mit Summicron 28 und Neopan 1600.
  17. Ranch Santa Margarita Style😊 Z6 Leica 35-70 F4
  18. I have been in a rut lately so have posted very little. However I did shoot this a few days ago because I liked the combination of colours. I hope you think the effort was worthwhile! Leica M240 + 50mm Summicron-M f2 @400iso. Gerry
  19. Leica M8 with Voightlander75mm f1.8 Winter pond in Michigan.
  20. Fog and freezing temperatures finally brought a little bit of winter feeling All pictures with Leica SL and 90 mm APO Summicron M
  21. I was in Belgorod (Russia) some weeks ago for a photographic project. The winter atmosphere and the sovietic buildings were great. Leica Camera AG Leica M10-P Elmarit-M 1:2.8/28 ASPH. ƒ/5.6 28.0 mm 1/90 200
  22. [ATTACH]304457[/ATTACH] overlook "Teutoburger Wald" - a hilly area where I liive [ATTACH]304459[/ATTACH] same place, different position [ATTACH]304460[/ATTACH] same place, beechtrees [ATTACH]304462[/ATTACH] different place same forrest Since we have a dull droop series of rainy days here I want to show you the last sunny impressions of the local winter landscape here. You may have a look and perhaps you might enjoy a look back to a few wintry days
  23. A selection of pictures from around where I live in North Wiltshire, Southwest England. All shot with M8, the first using CV75 2.5 and the rest CV 35 2.5.
  24. A winter walk in the lost village - former military training area - now centre of a national park. From this perspective it looks not too bad, hidden by trees there is the old school building and the church from the original village, which was given up after WW2. (SL 2 & VE 24-90mm) Approaching the village from the other side you will find the last "buildings" constructed to practice house combat. SL2 & VE 90-280mm, focus stacked. ...in the village...VE 24-90mm In the area around the village you find left overs of older houses, also build only for "practicing"... Summicron 50SL
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