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  1. I wander around my home city of Glasgow a fair bit. I always have either my Leica M Monochrom mk1, or an analogue M loaded with black and white film with me. I think that finding interesting photographs on the street is pretty much the hardest type of photography. But when you do get something, it's very rewarding. What does anyone else think/find? A few pictures I've got around Glasgow with my M cameras..
  2. Dear Leica friends, As a former M9 user, I'm back after years with an M 10R. Over the years, the path led through Sony, Fuji (APSC + medium format), Oly and Ricoh. Very often I adapt lenses between 1932 and 1965. Now I got my M 10R, various lenses from CZ, VC, Wetzlar, Canon 50 0.95, Nikkor Kogaku Nippon Japan are available. I feel I am now back home. and my heart is full of good emotions. The latest is the VC 50 1.0 with which I took the photos. I hope you enjoy the fact that I am showing the first test shots here, even if they are not demanding. I reduced the images, but I find the coloring and plasticity to be good and recognizable. In the future I will post my recordings in the subject threads. I hope you don't mind reading my statement. My main shots are street, portrait, street art and occasionally urban and landscape shots. I have a first question: What is your experience with exposure correction? I usually love - 0.3 to - 0.7. Is it also an acceptable way for you to capture RAW and Jpeg? I look forward to a friendly cooperation and your benevolent criticism. As so often, always good light
  3. These are my presets I try to memorize in order to achieve good sense of distance and to can shoot with zone focusing with my 50mm M6. What are your zone focusing experience with 50mm film Leica ?
  4. I was lucky on this particular afternoon in Edgartown, Massachusetts. Reminds me of one of those in a kids' book illustrations where lots of things are happening at once. 1/1000sec, f/11, ISO 3200. M11, Summicron-M 35mm ASPH.
  5. Businesstrip und etwas Zeit…
  6. Taken on the man shopping street of Southampton yesterday. Leica M9 with 24mm Elmarit-M f2.8. 1/750 f6.7 @400iso. Gerry
  7. In the street of Khiva Ouzbekistan M246/35mm Gilbert Vasseur
  8. Ooh, don't be so aloof - gimme a kiss - look, I even brought you some carrots! R5, 90mm Elmarit-R, Neopan 400.
  9. Shot with my M240/50 Summilux. RAW & developed in Affinity photo for the iPad (which I am still learning) with one wee tweak in SE. I am a technologist, and still find it bizarre how people walk around with their face stuck to a screen. It's much better through a viewfinder Have an awesome weekend. @mainlymonochrome
  10. Taken in the low winter light recently using the M240 and 35mm Summarit f2.5 at 400iso. 1/330 f8. 'Nipper' is the name of the dog emblem which has been used by 'His Masters Voice' music company for decades to promote their products. I can only assume this young lady was on her way to work. Gerry
  11. Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5. Processing in LRCC. Gerry
  12. Finally managed to get out yesterday. Here is one from my home town of Southampton (UK). Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5
  13. I'm new here and while attempting to make my first post I was surprised to find that the main thread for street photos contains black and white photographs, exclusively (the thread is even tagged "mono"), and the street photo I want to share is a color shot, so instead of sheepishly going away, I've started this topic. I don't know if there is value in keeping the color street photography separate from the monochrome, I'll let the moderators decide that. But currently the only thread of any importance in the entire street photography forum containing color pictures that I could find are all photos taken at beaches, so I hope others find this topic as useful and necessary as I do and post in it. I'll go first. Woman on LSD, Nicollet Mall, downtown Minneapolis, 2018 (Leica M10 and Summilux 35mm f/1.4 ASPH) She was obviously high, which is why I followed her, and after I made this shot I asked her with a smile if she was tripping. "Yeah, tripping balls!" she answered and then did a pirouette and dashed off into Target before I could say another word.
  14. This is a street: a suburban street. Shot from my front porch last November (2017). Leica M3 using Fuji Pro 400H film. The lens was a Canon 28mm Serenar f3.5 (ltm). Negative scanned, and processed with Aurora software first, then Adobe Photoshop.
  15. Gibraltar Espanol Guitar by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  16. Taken in 2002 using a Leica M6 but I am afraid I have no further details as i have mislaid the negative: Gerry
  17. It just shows how slowly I have been working because of what has happened, but this was on the latest roll of film back from the lab. Taken using my M7 and Fuji neopan 400CN film. Out of the box maybe for me, but I hope you like it: Gerry
  18. TM1ka

    Friends (Serie)

    M + 50 2,0 mit Blende 2 OOC, jpg In Wien 3 Landstraße unter "Friends Serie" kann man gerne weiter einstellen, habe auch noch ein paar..
  19. Taken with the Leica M7 and 35mm Summarit f2.5 using Fuji Neopan 400CN film. Gerry
  20. Had a wonderful 8 days shared between Marrakesch and Essaouira. Some street captures of the overall ambiance with a very helpful SEM 21. If they look at me it is not because of the camera but because we were foreigners and could not pass unnoticed.
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