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  1. The last sunday was the only day we had snow here. We started for a place in our city where there was field and forest both because we wanted to vocer as much as possible for a couple of hours. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm
  2. This is the main alley of our biggest cemetery, a huge area with fantastic big old trees and very interesting manifold details. Weather at first seemd to have a wintry grey. When I reached at my location (I started a series of graveyard impressions) the sun came out and then I had 2 hours of hard quick work because sun was already very low then. Here is the first introductory picture. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit 180 mm
  3. it was getting dark quickly but I took some time for this last shot of my trip to the big cemetery. MKII with Summicron 50 mm
  4. this is from last weekend when the sky was cloudy and from time to time the sun came out for a second or two. This is our landcsape: hilly at the feet of the Teutoburger Forest. Canon 5D MKII with Summicron 50 mm
  5. when coming home from work I grab my stuff and look for the last daylight on our forest which can be reached within a few minutes walk. I wanted to have my first experinece with my new Summicron R 50 mm. It is from the mid sixties and I am quite surprised what a different it makes to my Elmarits. As always it is mounted on my Canon 5D MKII
  6. every morning when I go to my office I walk through a little park at our main hospital. When light is promising theX1 is my companion for the day. Since it is dark in the morning an dark when going home such a sight in the morning is a gift for the day.
  7. these are from my walk in the evening atmosphere of our deep Teutoburger Wald Forest. It was almost dusk then. Therefore all pictures are longtime exposures (approx 20-25 secs). This is why you might discover some faint blur in the foliage. A slight movement of it is always there. All with Canon 5D MKII and Elmarit 60 mm macro plus Leica Apo Converter 2x,
  8. these are from my visit to a nearby forest. In spite of being perfumed we we under attack of midges living on a close cow meadow. We thought it woud be dark soon, so the dark side of the forest had its showdown. Light was fading quickly here. All with Canon 5D MKII and Elmarit R 60 mm macro on tripod.
  9. my favourite newly discovered forest unfolds its magic by and by. Every time I go thee it offers something new. Canon 5D MKII and my favourite Elmarit R 60 mm macro lens + polarizer
  10. Tate Modern, London M7, 35mm 'cron, HP5/Rodinal
  11. It was a lovely warm and pleasant evening. The park was crowded with students. It was fun watching their different activities Olympus OMD EM5 with Leica/Panasonic Nocticron 42.5/1.2 Asph.
  12. Olympus OMD EM5 with Elmarit R 90 mm
  13. A local and still-skeletal oak tree waiting to burst into life. M9 & 1955 Summicron 5cm LTM.
  14. nature is changing every day and only weekends are free for new discoveries. This time our trip lead us to explore our neighbourhood landscape. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm, polarizer, ND graded filter. I found this combination is ideal and provides more contrast and helps controlling the bright sky and easier exposure on the landscape.
  15. we've had a couple of warm days and nature leapt forward to unfold its beauty. I am trying to capture the feeling when you discover everywhere something new. Canon 5 D MKII with R Elmarit 28 mm + polarisation filter + ND graded filter
  16. Leica M8 with Voightlander75mm f1.8 Winter pond in Michigan.
  17. Taking down a dead tree in Hillsdale, New York. M10+24mm Elmar-M
  18. Happy Earth Day! I just posted a short series on soil erosion and root systems in NJ. A number of them were scans taken with my trusty M6. [ATTACH]253935[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]253936[/ATTACH] The rest of the gallery, if you're interested can be found here: Earth Day 2011 – “Roots” Project – Photography, life, & shooting Leica BOSS
  19. on our hiking tour through the forrest of the region of "Sauerland" I found this . Mounted on the MKII was the Elmarit 180 mm Thanks for having a look.
  20. these evenings are very quiet beause everybody is watching football games. This meadow is normally frequented by dog walkers But now it is deserted and I enjoyed a stroll with my Elmarit R 35mm. I would be delighted if somebody would like to share this moment.
  21. [ATTACH]304457[/ATTACH] overlook "Teutoburger Wald" - a hilly area where I liive [ATTACH]304459[/ATTACH] same place, different position [ATTACH]304460[/ATTACH] same place, beechtrees [ATTACH]304462[/ATTACH] different place same forrest Since we have a dull droop series of rainy days here I want to show you the last sunny impressions of the local winter landscape here. You may have a look and perhaps you might enjoy a look back to a few wintry days
  22. Stopped in traffic I noticed the arrangement of trees alongside of the road which stuck my perception of dimensional depth and perception . Also I like the effect of reverse image in my mirror. 😋
  23. An early morning on a back road in Rancho Sant Margarita
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