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Found 25 results

  1. A few days ago i noticed my Summicron 50mm looked a bit "foggy", barely noticeable but enough to worry. After taking it to a tech, he said that there was some separation starting due to fungus...and said it could not be cleaned/fixed/repaired. I am gutted, what do I do? Has this happened to anyone else with a positive outcome? The lens is a 50mm f2 v2 see attached photo
  2. Hi suddenly my 50mm summicron (latest version) fell apart in two pieces. I haven't found any reference to this online and I'm a bit "shocked" since I have really treated my lens and camera carefully. Guess I need to send it to Solms, but has any one experienced something similar?
  3. A local and still-skeletal oak tree waiting to burst into life. M9 & 1955 Summicron 5cm LTM.
  4. Guest


    M9, Summicron 50mm
  5. Guest


    M9+Scron 50
  6. Hi, Yesterday I brought home a Leica M6 with a Summicron 50mm Type 5 (built-in hood). It's my first Leica camera and lens. Both seem to have had little use, they are in very good cosmetic condition, little wear... When I got home last night, upon close inspection of the lens under a lamp, I noticed something I hadn't seen before buying. On the edge of the front element, when light was hitting at a very specific angle, one could see marks or stains, can't quite describe it, around most of the edge, almost like it was lubricant. At first I thought it was on the outside, and I cleaned it, but it remained, that's when I realized it was on the inside of the front element. I couldn't resist the temptation, and tried to unscrew the ring with the lens description. It unscrewed, so I carried on exploring... Undid a retaining ring after that, and the front group came out. Another ring on the back of the front group, unscrewed that, and the front group divided in two, and you can reach the back of the front element. So I cleaned the back of the front element, with standard lens cleaning fluid, and it appears to have worked, the lens seems perfectly clean with no marks whatsoever. Reassembled it with caution and it's on the camera, which is halfway through the first roll... Still haven't bought the adapters for my digital cameras. After I did it, doubt started to creep in... Could that have been some kind of coating on the inside of the front element? Could I have removed it just by cleaning? The only time I saw coating damage was in an old Mamiya TLR lens, the coating was kind of peeling off around the edges, but it looked different, it had an edge to it, and kind of chipped off. In the Leica it wasn't like that, it looked stained, smudged almost, no edge to it. Does anyone know if this lens has any coating on the inside of the front element that is sensitive enough to damage by cleaning like this? I also read a thread here that states that all inner coatings since 1960's are hard, and not likely to be damaged by simple cleaning... I hope that stands true in this case... It seemed to me that the front-side of the back element from this front group indeed was coated, but I did not touch that, as it was clean and perfect. Any insights are appreciated... Thank you very much!
  7. Preparing fresh berries for a pie. I love going to this living History park (Heritage Park) to shoot with various cameras including the M3. Cafenol-C FB print, Tri-X film M3 with 50mm f/2 Summicron-M (Canada) at about f/2.8
  8. So FINALLY i got a viable Leicaflex SL. After a year of trying and a lot of misery (self-imposed and from girlfriend), I finally got a keeper. Anyway, I bought an L-Flex SL from a "flybynight" place and got shafted from it, to the point that I wrote it off. During that time, my girlfriend bought me a case for it, and funded a Mk1 50-cron for the camera. About July, I reignited my desire to find a L-Flex SL that I could use, and tried KEH, since they were great with Nikon stuff for me. The first one I bought was a shell with a dead shutter, dead meter, dead everything. Returned it for a second one, this one had the same as the first, and in addition a severely cracked prism. Returned again, and they told me to "just keep this one". It was an SL, but the flowerpetals on the takeup reel had been stripped (otherwise it works fine, I may have DAG restore it at some point and plop a 2-cam 35 on it, since DAG did amazingly well on my 50-cron). My girlfriend, who usually supports my dream of owning a Leica, was like "it won't happen unless you pay at LEAST $500 for one". But me being stubborn, I couldn't stop myself from trying. Anyway, a few days ago I was reading about Leicaflexes and I stumbled into Tamarkin Camera. I had heard a mix of "wonderful" and "horrific" from posters on forums throughout, but since they were only a 2 hr drive away, I figured why not. I spoke to Dan (Stan's son) and he was an absolute class act. I put down $100 on the L-Flex SL (It was $275) and told him I'd have the balance by Feb 6, 2012. I had it ready by Jan 28, 2012 and I paid the balance. It shipped Monday, and arrived at my house yesterday Evening. I tested all the shutter speeds I could visually (my eyes are good to 1/125 for visual check), the meter against my reference meter (the one on my Nikon F3HP) and that too checked out meter to meter. So now I want to put some Ektar 100 in it and see what develops . So consider this a happy ending and a satisfied customer. He even threw in a spare wein battery, and wrote on the invoice "ENJOY!" - Dan. Classy place, and from it... a very classy camera. Jason
  9. Guest


    Erster Versuch..... Leica M9, Summicron 2/50mm, C1 Danke für das Anschauen.
  10. Hello Leica enthusiasts: Although my son is a media journalist and M8 user, and I am a long-term hobby photographer (started using a simple Adox Polo 35mm camera in Europe in 1961), I never needed to have a Leica camera. I thought they were exotic and too-expensive collectibles, instead of user cameras. For 35 years I used my beautiful Konica SLRs with excellent results. Last month I toured the Leica factory (currently packing for the move back to Wetzlar). As an engineer I appreciated seeing these complex machines being built by hand, and now I better understand their appeal to technologists and photographers. So as I approach retirement, I decided to investigate the Leica screwmount film world, and have ordered a 1953 IIIf body in good condition (not delivered yet). These rangefinder cameras are still serviced in Canada by an expert near Toronto. My requests for guidance concern a good user lens for the IIIf, and other useful accessories (as a bit of a collector, I would like the correct original caps, lens shade, filters, leather case, maybe a viewfinder, instruction booklet, etc.). What Leica 1950s lenses do users of these old cameras recommend? From research I learned that my choice for a 1950s 50mm lens is either a Summitar or later Summicron, collapsible types. Is there much difference in performance, knowing that after scanning a few good negatives, I would only print these in maximum 5x7 inch prints? And, how do I evaluate the condition of these 1950s lenses, assuming I have them in my hand? I will appreciate all guidance from you enthusiasts. Perhaps someone has a spare, nice condition, screwmount lens available ... Regards from Montreal
  11. Hello everyone. I just purchased my first Leica yesterday. The body is a IIIg from 1957 and the lens is a 50mm Summicron f/2 from 1956. I paid $300 for the lens. However, upon looking at the lens (front and rear glass elements) with a flashlight in the dark, I noticed there was a little haze coming from inside the glass. I'd like to get this lens cleaned. Anyone have a ballpark figure on how much a cleaning like this will cost?
  12. In the heart of the 'Green Venice' region of France. IIIg + collapsible 5cm Summicron & Agfa Vista 200.
  13. Do APO 50mm users find the lens Image Quality makes up for losing 1 stop compared to the Lux? I have the summicron 50mm ASPH and the Summilux 50mm ASPH. I purchased the f2.0 first and then a couple of years later the Lux 50mm f/1.4. The cron hasn't been on my M9 since. I shoot a high percentage shots at 1.4, maybe 30%. I am on the waiting list for the APO 50mm cron F2.0. I really enjoy having f/1.4 and the focusing tab on the Lux I really enjoy the smaller e39 lens and the size of the cron. The APO comes with the focusing tab, so that is definitely a plus for me, plues e39 instead of e46 another plus. I read the thread on APO 50mm flare, and it seems to me that it is a non-issue at this point. For those that made the transition to the APO 50mm f/2.0, does the IQ make up for the loss of a stop, i.e. the f/1.4 that the Lux has? When my name comes up on the list for the APO, I would probably fund it by trading in the 50mm cron and Lux, hence my question. For now the lenses are used exclusively on a M9 Thanks in advance for any responses.
  14. I usually shoot with Canons but since I recently got an M9 I thought I'd take it along to a wedding (I'm a wedding photographer). I enjoyed using it throughout the day, being small meant having two cameras around my neck wasn't an issue and because it's small and unassuming people were less turned off when I was taking photos. They were a great couple and possibly wondering what I was doing with a small old school looking camera rather than a large SLR but I loved it.
  15. Just had my very informative session at the Leica Akademie in Mayfair with the famous 'Brett'. Inspired - I snapped this on the way home
  16. Guten Tag Allerseits, heute ist für mich eine doppelte Premiere. Zum ersten Mal veröffentliche ich einen Beitrag in einem Forum. Bislang habe ich immer versucht, aus existierenden Einträgen eine Antwort zu erhalten. Oftmals stört es ja die Nutzer, wenn gleiche oder ähnliche Fragen gestellt werden. Und hätte ich eine passende Antwort gefunden, dann hätte sich meine Frage erübrigt. Kommen wir zum Kern der Sache: Heute Morgen habe ich auf dem Weg zur Arbeit eine schwarze Leica M5 mit dem Objektiv Summicron 2,0 50 mm entdeckt, inkl. Tasche und Sonnenblende. Kostenpunkt: ca. 950 Euro. Die Kamera sah im Fenster tadellos aus, keinerlei Abnutzung am Gehäuse. Da ich aber weiter musste, konnte ich sie nicht in die Hand nehme. Was vielleicht auch ganz gut ist, denn ich würde die M-Experten in diesem Forum gerne danach fragen, worauf zu achten ist, wenn ich mir die Kamera näher ansehe. Gibt es spezifische Punkte, die ich auf jeden Fall begutachten sollte? Kurz zu meiner Leica-Erfahrung: Seit etwa 17 Jahren besitze ich eine R6 mit Vario 28-70 mm. Die Kamera ist ziemlich viel mit mir rumgekommen, vor allem ifür Fotos in Fabrikhallen. Entsprechend "verbeult" sieht sie leider aus, funktioniert aber noch tadellos. Inzwischen werden Auftragsarbeiten mit einer Digitalkamera erledigt - hat zwar weniger Seele, ist aber praktischer für den Auftraggeber. Die Leica M5 möchte ich gerne mit auf die Reise nehmen, demnächst nach Istanbul. Eine genaue Filmsorte schwebt mir noch nicht vor, eventuell Ilford XP2 - falls es den Film überhaupt noch gibt. Vorerst keine Dias. Schon mal vielen Dank für Ihre Antworten
  17. I took the baby for a walk today in a very windy and grey London. All shots with a 'Cron 50mm. Some PP using Aperture and a couple of B&W using Nik Silver FX.. Anyway - here's the flickr link. Comments appreciated! Leica M9 - a set on Flickr
  18. Afternoon all Bit of a stupid question this: I have an old (1986 I think) Summicron 50 - one of the Canadian ones - on my M9. As it's stark bollock naked apart from its lens cap I wanted to get a lens hood for it - both for reasons of protection and preventing glare and flare - anyone got any suggestions as to what's a good one to get (without breaking the bank too much!). And what's the best type? Collapsible? Petal? Conical? Etc? Thanks in advance K My Flickr page: Flickr: The_Kevster's Photostream Please be gentle, I'm very new to RF photography!
  19. Awa-Odori is dance with live music instruments (it's important matter). It sounds like trans music.
  20. Awa-Odori is not a thing to see the face. Because, They are hiding almost all them faces during dancing.
  21. And I'm converted. Previously, the last 5 years I've been a pro wedding shooter using Nikon. Then I picked up an F5, and re-discovered film. I've always wondered what all the Leica Hype was about, and now I know. Slow down, way way down, and re-discover the moments. Be aware again. Tomorrow I'll post some scans from last week's wedding.
  22. This is done by M6 together with Summicron 35 (1st ver)
  23. Alberti

    Chemistry class

    I found this lovely chemical machinery in a second hand shop in Brussels. The whole lab can be bought for several grand. alberti Cron 50, F2.
  24. Hallo Forum. Hier bin ich. Bisher habe ich mich nur im Unsichtbaren aufgehalten. Musste nie ein Thema erstellen um eine Frage beantwortet zu bekommen. Ich habe viele Stunden hier bei Euch gelesen. Vielen Dank für dieses tolle Forum. Es ist wahrlich eine ungewöhnlich reichhaltige Quelle für Informationen. Ich habe lange gewartet und abgewogen um mir endlich eine M6(classic) mit einem 50er Cron zu kaufen. Sie liegt nun neben mir auf dem Schreibtisch. Vor einem Jahr hätte ich nicht gedacht irgendwann mal wieder analog zu fotografieren. Aber mir ist klar geworden, dass ich die Film-Ästethik liebe. Vor allem wusste ich nicht was für Kontraste in der Diafotografie erreicht werden können. Atemberaubend meiner Meinung nach. Mit meinen gerade 23 Jährchen bin ich nun stolzer Besitzer einer tollen Kamera. Ich beschäftige mich seit ein paar Jahren mit Fotografie, aber bis jetzt haben eigentlich meine Automatikkameras meine Bilder gemacht. Nun wollte ich richtig manuell fotografieren lernen. Zurück zu den Ursprüngen. Ich habe schon einiges gelesen. Zum Beispiel "Richard Hünecke - Leica M6" und gerade gestern "Adrian Bircher - Belichtungsmessung". Unzählige Fotografen angeschaut. Soweit so gut. Nun hätte ich nicht mein erstes Thema erstellt wenn ich schon perfekt fotografieren könnte. Im folgenden hätte ich eine Frage, die mir wahrscheinlich jeder Leica Kenner beantworten kann. Und dann habe ich noch einige Fragen, die mir wahrscheinlich nicht unbedingt jeder beantworten kann, da ich denke, dass es sich um Profiwissen handelt. Beide Fragen drehen sich um Belichtung und wie man sie misst (leider bin ich aus Bircher nicht sehr schlau geworden). 1. Das folgende Bild ( siehe Anhang) stammt nicht von mir. Ich weiß nicht wer es gemacht hat. Ich weiß nur dass es saugut belichtet ist. Es gefällt mir total. Mit meinem bisherigen Wissen würde ich die Belichtung im gekennzeichneten Kreis messen. Wäre das richtig? Wo denkt Ihr hat der Fotagraf die Belichtung genommen? Wie entsteht diese tolle Ästhetik? Könnte das Velvia gewesen sein? 2. Kennt Ihr Joakim Eskildsen? Ich habe mir vor 2 Wochen seine Romareisen gekauft und bin absolut hingerissen. Bitte schaut Euch mal diese Bilder an: Worte zu Bildern - Joakim Eskildsen Hierbei geht's für mich ums absolut eingemachte. Eine bekannte Fotografin aus Berlin konnte mir meine Fragen nicht ausreichend beantworten. Ich habe bezüglich seiner Bilder noch folgende Infos zu geben. Er hat diese Bilder mit einer Pentax 6x7 Mittelformatkamera gemacht. Filme waren Kodak Potra 400 und Fuji NPH 400. Nun meine Fragen: a) - Kann man solche Bilder mit einer Leica+Summicron erreichen? Mir geht es nicht um die Brennweite sondern um die Bildästethik und Licht. - Oder können nur Mittelformatkameras und deren Optiken solche Bilder hervorbringen. Wenn ja warum und warum unsere Leica nicht. c) - Wie bekommt der Kerl diese Kontraste hin? oder - Wie misst der die Belichtung? Mit welcher Messmethode? d) - Wie zaubert der Kerl diese Farben auf den Film? Es kann doch nicht sein, dass diese Filme immer so aussehen. Ist da Photoshop am Werk? e) - Oder glaubt Ihr, dass der Herr egal mit welcher Kamera, egal mit welchem Film diese Bilder machen kann. Er also eine von Gott gegebene begnadete Fähigkeit hat, ungewöhnlichste Lichtsituationen zu erkennen und diese schon fast märchenhaft abzubilden? (Die Bilder auf der Website sind erst der Anfang, Ihr müsstet mal das Buch sehen). Ich studiere Design und nehme zur Zeit an einem Fotoseminar teil. Nächstes Jahr bin ich in diesem Rahmen eine Woche in Budapest und will Reportagen machen. Ich bin für jeden kleinen oder großen Tipp dankbar um annähernd solche Bilder zu machen wie es Joakim E. beherrscht. Um Komposition, Nähe zu den Menschen oder anderen inhaltlichen Dingen geht es mir in dem Artikel nicht. Gerade zählt für mich nur die Ästhetik. Die anderen Dinge sind im Endeffekt zwar wichtiger, aber das überlasse ich meinen Augen und meiner Kreativität. Ich habe hohe Ansprüche für mein Alter, dem bin ich mir bewusst. Liebe Grüße lux
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