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  1. nicely seen! even the power lines draw you in!
  2. I'm not a fan of the tree trunk, but the sharpness, colour and moment of the kids, gate and wall is superb...
  3. petebw

    Café Life

    thanks for the comments everyone. I totally get the lights thing - annoying I hadn't seen that when shooting... I've done a very rough, quick edit to see the difference: Over the weekend I'll remove them from the original with a little more care... Thanks again - it's great to get good feedback like this
  4. I've been using an iPad with the Photosmith app recently. For Leica you still need to shoot DNG+JPG to work with the images once imported BUT the killer thing for me is that Photosmith has a desktop Lightroom plugin that sync's with the iPad once you return... In practical terms, this means I can shoot, import to the iPad and Photosmith, add meta data (tags, titles, stars etc) and then sync it all to my desktop when I get back. I have never been so attentive to my meta-data! Using travel time to add keywords etc has been such an improvement for me. If I edit anything on the iPad in Sna
  5. petebw


    you caught such a wonderful atmosphere - love it
  6. petebw

    Café Life

    Taken today. 9-P and 35 Summicron at f2.
  7. I use a Hadley Pro. In addition to the body with attached lens, there is room for another 2 or 3 lenses in the Leica zipped pouches. I slip my iPad (or sometimes 11" Air) down between the padded insert and the back of the bag. The two expanding pockets on the front are large enough for an sd24 and/or power supplies as needed. hth Erick...
  8. Never been to one, but may try to get to this one if welcome...
  9. here's one I shot with my Nokton too:
  10. Lee, maybe take a look at Leica Goodies: Get your SPINS for the Leica M! They've been selling these caps for ages - I believe the different depths give different lens distances... hth! Pete.
  11. all black I think (will double check when I get home)
  12. wow, these are really great photo's... Don't suppose you could add in which lens took which? I'm looking for a wide(r than 28mm) so would be interested in the results from the 15mm especially...
  13. This was in Le Tour today... M8; 50mm CV Nokton @ f5.6
  14. very surreal and atmospheric - I can hear the silence just by looking at it
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