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  1. Natane

    I'm happy...

    I work with Aperture & Viveza2. I like
  2. Larry it's right. I change it. I make a speed's blur on the But only tomorrow. It's 2:30 am at Paris. Good night. Sorry for my bad english
  3. Natane

    I'm happy...

    Thanks .. I think is the last.
  4. afflicted, I have just seen. it is an old image in 1024 ...
  5. I do not understand. I them export with aperture in 900x650 at 72 dpi
  6. Le studio bourré de matériel "lourd"... mais moi je continue à prendre mon pied... au leica M... J'adore My photographic studio on my blog Le Studio Autrementvu Paris Les autres photos : Au Studio…
  7. Serial on my web Site : Patrick Sitbon • Photographe
  8. B&W picture - M8 - 35mm 1.4 Another pictures : Click --) Patrick Sitbon • Photographe (Désolé pour mon mauvais anglais.)
  9. Natane

    I'm happy...

    Los Angeles Motor's - Harley-Davidson Leica M
  10. Natane

    I'm happy...

    Et voilà! It's here... Before... After...
  11. Natane

    I'm happy...

    My New photo blog : Patrick Sitbon • Photographe you can make a comment here or on my blog. Thank merci les amis!
  12. M8 • 50mm 1.4 et 75mm 2 • 160iso
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