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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All. I have bought my first Leica M series, a rather battered M2. It has a few issues. The slower speeds don't seem quite right, the shutter button doesn't pop back up and the wind lever only springs back about 3/4 of the way. I don't think it will be difficult to sort. On a positive note, the self-timer works and the rangefinder is clean and clear and the focusing part of the rangefinder also seems fine, So I am looking for someone in the UK who can fix these issues. I am in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area, if there is anyone local, that would be even better. Also, is there anyone I should avoid? I have heard of people having to wait months to get their camera back and costs escalating. Lastly, does anyone care to share what the costs are likely to be? I have had my Rolleis serviced by an ex Rollei employee and he charges around £70 for a CLA, but I am guessing the cost of a Leica CLA will be more. Thanks for any replies. Regard Carl
  2. I've recently acquired a very cheap 35mm Summicron v4 M in very good shape. However, the front and back elements are filled with dust (or fungus). The edges don't have any obvious fungus or anything. The are only specs here and there, but mostly in the center of the elements. What do you guys think? Is it dust or fungus? Here are some pictures:
  3. Hello, I recently acquired two Leica M cameras from an auction. One is a M3, the other is a M2. They both are cosmetically in pretty nice condition, but the viewfinder on each seems to have an issue. The M3 seems like it may have some separation going on and the focusing patch seems pretty dim. The frame lines for the 90mm seems permanently visible as well. The M2 has what looks like dark spot inside the viewfinder—I'm not sure that this could be. When you looks through the viewfinder it still seems bright and the patch is clearly visible. I'm wondering if anyone can help identify the issue and also let me know if you think it can be fixed. Other than the viewfinders, the cameras seems in really great shape. Hopefully a CLA can clear things up, or a recement. Thanks! Ross
  4. Hey all Who do you guys recommend in England that is actually still in business? I've got an iiig and need the speeds checked and the RF realigned (certainly vertically realigned) and also the "second image" in the RE is so ultra light/faded/barely visible too. Also, evidently i need to get my lens lubed although i have a feeling that isn't too difficult following a couple of YouTube videos? As always, thanks a lot!
  5. Anyone have a ballpark estimate/experience with approximate CLA cost for hazy 180mm f/3.4 APO-Telyt? There are many of these at bargain prices on eBay with haze or fungus.
  6. I have recently bought a Leica M3 and have run a couple of films through it and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. I have owned an M6ttl for a number of years. As far as I can tell it all works great but I am not sure the film advance is as smooth as I have read about (but this could be a myth). Also there is a bit of dust or something in the viewfinder which is not really a problem in use. I would quite like to get it CLA'd just to know it is working as well as it can. I was just wondering what the general opinion of getting a cla on a camera that is working ok, is it completely unnecessary? I was thinking of using Aperture in London as I can get to them easily have used them in the past for Hasselblad repairs.
  7. Among the many possible answers to the first question – Why Leica? – my preference to the M-system has been the relatively small size and low weight of the bodies and the majority of lenses, the overall superb optical quality ranging from ultra wide-angle to medium telephoto, including a unique set of fast lenses, the brilliant optical viewfinder (when properly calibrated) and, with the digital Ms, mostly fine-quality, full-format sensors. Overall, the system has the feeling of being an instrument, not some plastic-stuff put together in millions of copies. The price of the instrument package is high. But instruments made in the western world are seldom cheap, so perhaps the price is what one could expect. And the majority of lenses last (almost) forever. When bodies and lenses work as they are supposed to, it’s a real joy to use the M-system. Now and then lenses and/or bodies need calibration or other adjustments or fixes or even being rebuilt. That’s all fine, like for most instruments. Within reasonable limits, that is. This leads to the second question: Why, Leica? First a backdrop: I have owned the last four incarnations of the digital M: M9, MM, M240 and M246. All of these, except the MM, were purchased new. The experiences with the new purchases are as follows: The rangefinder of the M9 was slightly off out of the box. I could live with this for some time, but I got eventually the rangefinder adjusted by Kamera-Service/van Manen during a visit to the Netherlands (handed in one afternoon, picked-up the following day). After that, the body worked as it should; with the feeling of having an instrument in my hands. Great! I sold the body when I bought the M240. The rangefinder of the M240 was also slightly off out of the box. In addition, the red digital numbers in the viewfinder didn’t work properly; typically only parts of the information were shown. The latter was not a big deal, but I wanted to get this error fixed. So I sent the M240 to Leica for adjustment and repair via the Norwegian Leica dealer. The battery charger was also sent to Leica; this did not charge properly, likely because of poor contact between the charger and the power cable. An early incarnation of 50APO was also returned to Leica in this batch – for a check and a possible rebuild linked to numerously reported problems with early units of this (otherwise) brilliant lens. The above package was shipped in mid April. A few weeks ago I picked up a brand new M246 in a local store. The rangefinder was way off, actually so off that it was next to hopeless to use the rangefinder at large apertures. Again, off to Leica for adjustment via the Norwegian dealer. In summary, both M240 and M246 are for the time being at Leica for adjustment/repair due to failure(s) out of the box. The adjustment/repair of the M240 (+50APO) will likely take 3 months. If I am lucky, I might get the M240 and/or the 50APO before I head for this year’s summer vacation. I have no idea when I can expect to get the M246 back from Leica. Therefore my question: Why, Leica? Why don’t you do a proper check of the bodies leaving the factory? Shouldn’t the rangefinder be as easily checked and rechecked on your side as by users (like me) on the purchasing side? Particularly now with focus peaking on the digital M? I would guess that the cost of adjustment/repairs during warranty must be non-trivial. Not to mention the frustration on the consumer's side. I simply don’t get it. Given the premium price – wouldn’t it be reasonable that bodies that are off out of the box get a priority that reduces the repair waiting time on your side? Alternatively, what with an option to offer a body for rent (possibly with a deposit or for a modest cost) during the repair time when the bodies are off out of the box? Or a replacement? From a user’s side, the absolutely most useless and expensive bodies/lenses are those that are being off for a repair for an extended period of time because of sloppy quality check on the factory side. It’s also frustrating to spend time on contacting dealers and service agencies with typically vague and non-definite responses. Leica – as any brand – exists because of the customers, not vice versa. I apologise for taking your time, but this is a bit more frustrating than I am comfortable with. Postscript: The Norwegian dealer states that they will likely be able to provide a body when I head for vacation. This is fine (given that the body is properly working, including a calibrated rangefinder). But the question - Why, Leica? - remains valid. And in the mean time, no body/bodies to use. Grrr... PS2: The attached images illustrate the position of the focus based in the rangefinder (assisted with a viewfinder loupe) and the digital focus peaking with 10x magnification. The focus should be on the last "I" in "MODIGLIANI", and the photo with the digital focus is spot on. Additional tests have been done with other lenses with similar result; the rangefinder is way off and rather useless for accurate focusing. (M246, 90 Summicron, f2, on tripod, no post-processing except reduced image size).
  8. I just purchased a used M8 from an Ebay member of 6 years with a 100% rating. He is sending paperwork along with the camera showing that Leica US had recently completed a CLA on the camera. I know what a CLA includes on an M6 but can someone tell me what it incudes on an M8? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I am quite new Leica user. Got M6 TTL few months ago. Love the camera big times. If I new how it's gonna be I would save my self a lot of money and time and buy one much earlier instead of going through all the cameras I've been till now. But... and there is always one BUT... shutter on my Leica is quite loud. When I say loud I mean much louder than my friend M7. It's not like a major problem but I'm wondering if it means something (as if I should check the camera)? I live in Abu Dhabi and any kind of repair or even CLA is a bit of the pain in the neck, so I would like to start planning it as soon as possible. Any advice is more than welcome.
  10. Pforde

    R6 delema

    My recently purchased R6 just stopped working. I was using it at slow shutter speeds and it jammed. The mirror is halfway up, the winder will not crank and the shutter button does not move. Up until 1/30 it was working fine. I recently had similar slow shutter speed problems with my M6 but moving the shutter speed to a speed greater than 125 would reset the shutter. A CLA fixed that problem. Does the R6 sound like a CLA would remedy the problem (cost about $300) or should I simply buy another used for about $400 ?
  11. philipus

    CLA query

    Good afternoon everybody I realise I am about to ask a question which may be impossible to answer, so apologies in advance. I have been offered to buy an M3 with a 35mm f/3.5 Summaron (with goggles). The M3 has a slight water damage to the viewfinder. Also the 1, 2 and 5 shutter times don't work. Needless to say the price is pretty good. I guess that instead of a CLA, this one needs CLAR(epair). Does anyone have experience in how much this might cost? I am in Holland and I understand Will van Manen is reliable. But I'm also interested generally what such an operation might cost in the various countries you are in. Cheers Philip
  12. I have a non-collapsible 50mm Summicron M lens that I recently discovered had a case of the white haze. The haze seems to be in the shape of a ring corresponding to closing down the lens to f2.8, with the cloudiness filling to the edges. This lens already had a liberal amount of 'cleaning marks' on the front element, but I liked the way it rendered. It was a little soft, but in a way that was almost flattering when shooting people. I had checked this lens ~9 months ago and don't remember seeing anything. There also seems to be the beginnings of haze on other elements inside the lens. I haven't done any tests yet, and I really am not equipped to do that kind of stuff. So some questions: How fast can this happen? Why did the haze form the way that it did? Can it be stopped, once it's started? Can it be fixed? Would the haze likely not affect images if I stopped down 2.8 or more? Is there group therapy available for people who are watching a lens they love die? Any help is appreciated. @ f2 (below) @ f2.8 (below)
  13. I just bought an M3 with a goggled Summaron f3.5, and it obviously hasn't been used in decades. I live in New York City, and was thinking of trying out Panorama Camera in Manhattan--has anyone had any experiences with Leica repairs at this camera repair shop? The inside of the Summaron also looks a bit cloudy--not sure what it is exactly, but is it common to have the inside lens elements successfully cleaned? It looks scratch-free... I am very, very excited about getting this camera up and running, it's my first Leica!
  14. So, having just dropped my M6 classic for the second time (this time it was not exactly my fault - I got bumped hard in airport security) in the six years I've owned it, I've decided that it might be a good time to get it checked out. Both times it hit the cement - hard. No real damage to the body (small scuff on the edge of the baseplate). The first time I cracked a lens hood - a lot cheaper than a new lens. So I'm not sure there's anything really wrong with it. But it's been a long time, I carry it every day, get it wet, drop it, and take lots of pictures. Sometimes I think the RF is ever-so-slightly out of alignment. Not sure. I should probably get the viewfinder upgrade. Anyway, in terms of quality work and turn-around time (I am going to be very unhappy carrying a SLR while I await its return) who is the current best person to talk to if I need to send a camera and lens for a check-up? Any recent experiences that were particularly good? Thanks for any advice you can provide. I realize there are threads about this but wanted to hear from people who'd recently had work done on film cameras.
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