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Found 50 results

  1. Hello. I was offered a Leica M3 black paint. The seller refused to give a price buy said he was open to offers. Since I'm not, by any means, an expert, I'm not sure about a good price for it. What would you think would be a fair price for it? I have attached some pictures.
  2. Paris 1997 Leica M3 + 50mm Summicron f2 and Fuji Neopan 400PR © Gerry Walden/gwpics.com When, oh when, are we going to get Fuji Neopan 400PR back! Gerry
  3. so, my first leica ever and I am already messing it up )) I got this M3 produced in 1955. just a few weeks ago and it was doing well not doing much in a leather pouch in someones basement. Started shooting with it and fell in love like a girl. Shortly after pulling the camera out of that leather pouch and carrying it around unprotected the vulcanite started to fall apart... Didn't have time to wait for new skin as I am going to the states in two weeks (i live in Croatia) so I just re skinned it myself... few pics... you can see the cracked vulcanite here... Scraped it down... after that comes the removal of old glue... and the temporary new skin... I used this leather for my girlfriends tobacco pouch so now they match... not really sure why I did that... she won't be using this camera )) I wouldn't do this for someone else, I just needed to fix it in a hurry... a lot of small mistakes but here it is... cheers, S
  4. hey guys.... I have inherited a Leica M3 and i dont know much at all about it. i keep seeing terms like "single throw/double throw" and dont know how to properly identify it. Im not even sure if im going to keep it. With that said, can anyone help me out with the details of what i have as far as the camera and the lens? and perhaps what its worth? heres what i know. Leica M3 purchased 1959 serial body - M3 - 966 148 serial lens - 1597506 thanks in advance, Ray
  5. Hello, I recently acquired two Leica M cameras from an auction. One is a M3, the other is a M2. They both are cosmetically in pretty nice condition, but the viewfinder on each seems to have an issue. The M3 seems like it may have some separation going on and the focusing patch seems pretty dim. The frame lines for the 90mm seems permanently visible as well. The M2 has what looks like dark spot inside the viewfinder—I'm not sure that this could be. When you looks through the viewfinder it still seems bright and the patch is clearly visible. I'm wondering if anyone can help identify the issue and also let me know if you think it can be fixed. Other than the viewfinders, the cameras seems in really great shape. Hopefully a CLA can clear things up, or a recement. Thanks! Ross
  6. Hello! I have the opportunity to buy a M3 with Summilux 50 1.4 (sn 194xxxx). It has a small dent on the right side near the windlever, but apparently it doesn´t affect the function. It was serviced when that accident happened 40 years ago. After that, no service. Overall it looks nice and just a small, small piece of vulcanit is missing in the corner. It´s in used condition but works well. It also comes with an older Gosen Six light meter. He wants 900 USD for it. What do you think? Should i go for it? How much is that kind of lens worth if it isn´t in good condition? I dont´n know if he knows what condition it is in. He sent me pictures but it´s hard to see the condition that way. I can´t go see it so it´s kind of a gamble.
  7. Hi guys I recently did a road trip around New Zealands East Cape. Leica M9, M6 and M3.....yes too many cameras I know... Shots taken with the 35 Cron, 50 Lux and 15 VC SWH. The East Cape Road Trip Cheers Jason
  8. Preparing fresh berries for a pie. I love going to this living History park (Heritage Park) to shoot with various cameras including the M3. Cafenol-C FB print, Tri-X film M3 with 50mm f/2 Summicron-M (Canada) at about f/2.8
  9. Hello, It's my first post on the forum, so a quick introduction: I live in Amsterdam and I'm the very proud owner of an M6 and an M3, the latter recently acquired seemingly in tip-top shape, serial 1 034 xxx. I've discovered a strange issue though, that I've yet to find a reference to on the forum or the web at large: it seems I can wind the shutter and shoot without encountering any resistance well past the frame 40 (where the counter stops). This of course is with 36 positions film loaded properly (Ilford XP2 and HP5+), as the two red dots keep turning until about frame 36-7 or so. After that, the dots no longer turn, but the shutter winds/cocks and shoots without issues, the frame advances to 40 and the stops, and I can still keep going at it. Miffed, I switch to R and rewind the film back into the canister. I can clearly hear the film moving inside, and finally there's a slight tension (but just ever so slight) followed by a much freer, lighter movement of the rewind knob which makes it clear that film's wound all in. Indeed taking out the canister shows it is. This happened twice already with both films I've shot on the camera. What could be happening? My M6 clearly doesn't allow me to keep on winding like a madman, reaching the end of the film prevents the winder to work, lest the film be broken off the canister. My only speculation is that the teeth engaging the sprockets are very slippery and just won't pull the film at some point, preferring to slip. Could this have anything to do with my not winding back the film a little bit during loading, before shooting frames -2 and -1? Please, any thoughts! Kind regards, Radu
  10. Hallo alle zusammen, bin neu hier im Forum und das ist mein erster Eintrag. Habe seit kurzem eine M3 von meinem Opa bekommen, die aber ca. 20 Jahre unbenutzt in Keller rumlag. Hoffe das hat ihr nichts angetan. Nun aber schon zum ersten Problem. Soweit ich weiß, leuchtet die M3, je nach aufgesetztem Objektiv, automatisch den passenden Leuchtrahmen im Sucher ein. Wenn ich jetzt aber ein 50mm F2 aufstecke, leuchtet sie gar keinen Leuchtrahmen ein. Und wenn ich denn Hebel an der Vorderseite der M3 umlege, damit dieser manuell den 50mm Leuchtrahmen einblendet, verschwindet der eingeblendete Rahmen wieder sobald ich denn Hebel loslasse.. Kennt jemand von euch das Problem? Ist das ein Schaden der (kostspielig) behoben werden muss? Danke im Voraus Lg Jakob
  11. It was really interesting to see other people's work as a print rather than viewed on a computer monitor. As always, I had my camera with me and found this shot. Leica M3 and 50 Summicron
  12. Hello everyone! I am new to the photography hobby and I have inherited a Leica M3 as well as a bunch of accessories. I am pretty sure I have figured out what some of the things are, such as the Leicameter MC, the 50mm Summicron f/2 Rigid, 135mm Hektor f/4.5 and the 21mm Super-Angulon f/4 lenses, but there are quite a few things that I am stuck on. I am hoping that you guys can help me ID some of these items! I have an idea as to what some of these may be, but some clarification would be nice. Your help would be appreciated TIA
  13. With up to $1000 budget, which one would you buy to use and keep? M2, M3 or M4 And are there variations to watch for or watch out for? Also, which starter lens? Thanks J
  14. I was in Hong Kong last week and paid a visit to the David Chan Photo Shop off Nathan Road in Kowloon. Mr. Chan has been selling cameras in HK since the early 60’s and has had the shop at 16 Kimberly Rd since 1972. He is without a doubt one of the most extraordinary collectors and sellers of vintage camera equipment on the planet, with a breathtaking knowledge of all the great marques, particularly Leica. He is more an obsessive collector than a camera vendor and keeps a deliberately low profile -- no website, no facebook page – a virtual ghost in the digital world for which he has little regard. But that hasn’t stopped him from becoming world famous. He is even featured in the Lonely Planet Guide to HK as well as Time Out HK: Time Out Hong Kong | Big Smog | Hongkonger: David Chan. But for a really great profile of him, check out Emilio Brizzi’s blog: On Photography And More: Meeting Mr. David Chan in Kowloon. I spent a couple of hours in the shop with the elegantly besuited Mr. Chan, his staff and the rather eccentric and passionate longtime customers of his who clearly treat the shop as a second home. (One of them insisted that Leica hadn't made a great lens since the 1930's!). Mr. Chan could quickly see that I was not a collector of high-end rarities. Nonetheless, he showed me a few of his many treasures, all lovingly wrapped in shrink wrap. And in the end, I couldn’t resist buying a lens: a 1966 Leica M 35mm 1.4 v2 lens with “eyes” to be precise. It was in good condition and perfect for my M3. When I told Mr. Chan I was from Toronto, he smiled and pointed out that my new lens had been made in Midland Ontario, near Toronto, in 1966. It was fitting then that I would be returning the lens to its birthplace. Who knows how many adventures it had had in the intervening 48 years on its journey from Toronto to Hong Kong? Mr. Chan smiled again and said, almost conspiratorially, that the Midland lenses were better built than the German ones. He invoked the sacred name of Leica designer extraordinaire Walter Mandler, who ran Leica’s Midland operation and who created the lens I had just purchased, among others. The transaction completed, Mr. Chan had one of his staff take a photo of me, Mr. Chan and one of his longtime customers. We shook hands and I walked out into the neon-lit, crowded buzzy streets of Kowloon and... took my first picture with my new lens. All in all a wonderful experience!
  15. Hi guys, this is my very first post over here after reading it since I've got my M3. I was using it with my friend's Summarit 50, while searching for an optimal lens for me. Finally, I've decided to buy a Voigtlander Nokton 50/1.5. Fortunately, I've managed to get one for a test ride (actual the one, I'll buy, if i do so) and I've experience the following situation with it: when I put it on my camera, it doesn't click. Like if the lens release button (or how is it called officially?) doesn't clicks into the lens. So I can take off the lens of the body without pressing the lens release button. Interesting, though, I can't rotate the lens in the opposite direction without pressing the button. What can I do in that case? The guy has an M6 and 240 and he doesn't have that issue. I've tried to unscrew the button and check it on both lenses, but it seems identically the same, till the last micro mm. Here's a video demonstraing the problem: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10156939/Video%2007-03-15%2012%2049%2029.mov Thanks alot, guys much love
  16. Hi, I just have a M3 camera here to try out. But I have not really any idea how to use a camera without light meter. So the question is on one hand - how to use a M3 without a ight meter to get the right exposure (ISO Aperture and Speed) - and on the other hand this is not sticky to a M3 but how to use any camera without light meter. Thanks for any help which is highly appreciated. Any links to online help also welcome - I already asked google but did not do a great job. Regards AHAB
  17. Hallo zusammen, nachdem ich im "Kaviar"- Thread zurecht darauf hingewiesen wurde, daß dort eigentlich keine Beispielbilder zu posten sind, eröffne ich diesen Thread. Also zeigt, was eure M3 hergibt!
  18. Hi, I was wondering, is it possible to diy repaint the serial numbers? I have a chrome M3 but there was some black paint missing at the Leica logo and other parts. What is the best way to repaint it? I thought maybe use a fine permanent marker and follow the inscription? Ideas? Thanks
  19. Hello, I am new to the world of Leica and the forum but I have just purchased what I am hoping is a genuine M3 off a private seller but I had a question about something I only noticed once I had the camera at home with me. Basically I realized the Lens "Release" Button doesn't have the signature M3 metal surround. I have spent a few days google-ing and researching the features of an authentic leica and everything appears to be correct except for that tiny piece of metal that every other M3 has around the lens button. Was there at any point any variation that lacked the surround or would any of you guys/girls have any suggestions/reasoning behind it? Everything else seems to be correct like the pitting and general wear, the rewind knob dot colour etc etc. Thanks in advance for all your input and suggestions, based on the responses I get I can easily add more photos that would help you out.
  20. Found this M3 in perfect shape, but was confused with the 1-2-4-8 speed dial. According to the serial code, it is made in 1956. Therefore it should have a scientific 1-2-5-10 dial, right? The seller claims it is original though. And I see no reason a camera in such shape needs the speed dial replaced. I'm new to this forum. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. A few months ago, I was visiting a friend and we watched his daughter's softball game
  22. Shot with the Leica M3 and Summicron 2/50mm
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