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  1. Hi there, is has been quite a while... So I finally went ahead and got a brand new M10-P. I hope and actually think, that was the right choice. Probably I will even keep my old and run down M240-P. Haven't decided about that, yet. And for now I will keep the Fuji X-Pro2 as a back up. I waited long enough to have the M10-R in the game but decided it is not for me. Don't need the resolution and want to shoot hand-held most of the time. The SL2-S might have been a good choice, as well and I am glad that it just was announced after I bought the M, it would have made my decision ev
  2. Amen. But I must say, that not using a half case initially was a conscious decision. Several later shoes, Leather parts of my camera bag, belts, got covered with fungus in the past, during the rainy season. That's why I didn't want to use a half case. But I also thought, that the next Leica body will get one which I would probably just use during the time I take the camera out for shooting. Best, Florian
  3. As I mentioned, with the last service I got the leather changed for the surface of the analog MP which is much more sturdy. So far good.
  4. I got one as backup. X-Pro2. I like it, the image quality is good, but I can work so much faster with the Leica M. Menu settings, general handling... Temperature, the Fuji is getting quite warm after a while. Postproduktion is much faster with the Leica. I expect in many points the SL2 and the M10 would be similar, in therms of simplicity. I value the Fuji as what it is, but I would always choose the Leica over the Fuji.
  5. Well, I started the this thread and I wanted to find out what would be the right choice in my situation. I gave all this information right in the beginning. You were sating that your M was rock solid after 3 years of heavy usage and I responded to that. And as I said, the camera is not to be blamed. And I would not totally agree that the M is not the right choice in my situation – I have been working with Leica Ms in North India and whole of Southasia now since 10 years. I am just trying to find out if there could be even better choices... All the best!
  6. As I have mentioned in the beginning, I don't blame Leica. I am working under not so friendly conditions, at times. I am based in North India and we are often facing hot and sometimes humid, sometimes dusty conditions. In summer it can be easily 45 degree and more. This has an impact on me and my equipment. Holding a camera in sweaty hands for hours, paired with dust.... It all leads to this: And this is after I already got the leather surface changed one time. Now I have the covering of the original M-P (analogue) which is much more sturdy. The focusing works still fine. But the shu
  7. Hi, I think there is no need to start such a heated discussion, wether the SL2 is superior to the M or vise versa. And I was not so much interested in the image quality. Yes, I had read before about one layer coating on the M10 sensor compared to two layers on the SL2 and so on. But honestly, for real work both of them would be pretty fine. I have done exhibitions with large prints from M240 files and I don't think that there would be any issue with using the SL2 with M glass. Who can actually really judge the difference? I am searching for information about real life usage. And mos
  8. Maybe I have not been totally clear – I am not planning to completely stop using Ms. First of all, I still have an analog MP, my second M. I bought it it 12 years ago after my M6 was stolen. I am not planning to sell it ever. Apart from that, I will always need a digital M body as well. My question is just wether I should stick with my M240 and put another, probably not to small amount of money in it, to get it repaired, or if I just should go for a new body. If new, it would be an M-10-P (I don't need the P but if I do this step it will be the P. Maybe I am just a bit stupid, but who is
  9. In fact, I haven't considered it ever. For the last few years I was more or less fine with my current system and didn't really follow what was happening with Leica and the camera market in general. I just read some reviews and watched some videos about it. It seems to be a great camera and I could imagine, that it would be a camera to fall in love with, once using it for a while. I will definitely try to test it. And sure, it would cover my need for video and AF. On the other hand, it would still be limiting a little bit. I see that the sensor of the Q2 would be big enough to take nice p
  10. Thanks to all of you! Many different scenarios. I Will have to try it out and borrow or rent the SL2 for a few days – let's see how good I am able to handle the SL2 with M lenses. In fact I haven't been following what was going on with the M line as well as I didn't research about the CL in the las few years as I was super happy with my M240P and quite ok with the X-Pro2. To go back to canon isn't an option for me. I used to work with an 5DII with couple of L lenses and also the USM 85 1.4. Indeed I really liked that lens as a portrait lens. But now, going back to Canon doesn'
  11. Hi There, I am thinking of upgrading my current system. I am a working photographer doing mainly reportage, editorial, travel photography. About 6 years back I switched back to Leica from Canon 5DII when I was finally able to afford an M-240-P. Since then I have been able to do most of my work with this camera using mainly a Summicron 35mm. Sometimes also 28mm and 75mm. Manual Focus works for most of my work pretty well. Overall I love the simplicity of the Leica M. 3 Years back I bought an X-Pro2 with and some Lenses, as a backup and for those occasions I ne
  12. +1 And my (and I am sure that's true for most people here) photography skills would truely require a better camera every year – I would make so great pictures if I would allready have the M12. It's such a shame...
  13. I don't why one would have all too high expectations for the next Leica M. It does not have to be so good that everyone will abonden the existing M9 or M240 (etc.) for it. All these will not be any worse just because a new one will be availiable. I am only using my M-P since about 2 years and am not tired of it. I guess I will not be any soon. I think Leica would rather aim for people who anyway upgrade their system to go for the next Leica, rather any Sony, Fuji and so on. That's why the new Leica will be good enough if it can competit with these other brands, at least for a while. Why sh
  14. Thanks for sharing that experience. I will try it myself when I get out of the city, next time. All the best.
  15. I have my M-P since about 1 ½ years. I noticed micro scratches from a few month of ownership on. Now there are countless tiny scratches (which I actually only notice when looked at it under bright light), but no sigle serious scratch which would affect the usability of the screen in any way.
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