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Leica M10 Monochrom Images


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Well, if the Leica Rumors announcement about the announcement is true I thought I'd get the jump on JAAPV and start this thread now.

On your mark.....  set......


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15 minutes ago, fotografr said:

Lovely work and a real tribute. What lenses were you using and did you shoot at wide apertures?

Thanks, Brent.  I used only the 50mm apo-summicron-m from f/2 to f/8, depending on what I needed.  I have started using auto ISO feature, allowing me to set my shutter speed and aperture.  With these new cameras I'm not too worried about ISO up to 6400, or with this camera 12,800.

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14 minutes ago, pedaes said:

Lovely and moving images of a very personal time. However, the old question - are you seriously suggesting you can/will see any difference from a 40mp sensor at the resolution you can post here?

Thank you.

Not suggesting that at all.  This is just an image thread, not a comparison or detailed technical thread.  Just like the other image threads on the Forum. 

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4 hours ago, Likaleica said:

I was astonished when granted the opportunity to beta test the Holiest of Holies, the M10 Monochrom camera.  It came as a complete surprise, as I had earlier beta tested the SL2 and thought that would be a once-in-a-lifetime honor.

The camera arrived during a tough time.  My wife’s mother, Joan, was dying and it fell to us to be her 24/7 caregivers, with some help from other family members, because we both had careers in healthcare.  We basically took 12 hours shifts with me usually on days, so I didn’t get much opportunity to get out and really put the camera through its paces.  However, I did use it to document Joan’s final days as a tribute to her, and to my wife, who devoted herself to a peaceful, loving and beautiful passage for her mother.

Following is a small sample of images I made using the M10 Monochrom.

A touching series - whatever the camera/lens, thanks for posting.  Condolences to your wife and you/family.

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M10M/35 Lux/Yellow Filter/middle of incoming snow storm/taken today

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