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M10 - the Image Thread


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 Wow ok somethings do not add up there should not be a 2.5 stop difference in the exposures unless the apertures were not the same 



Eh? 10 minutes is like a lifetime for light to change. It's clear to see that change in the two shots. One has full sun on the building the other doesn't. Just because the overall screen is 15th at 5.6 doesn't mean it is uniform light and it doesn't mean it is exposed correctly.


You are barking up the wrong tree.

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I understand that the shadows can be recovered in post process , and so can the highlights, there is always some sort of exposure latitude in any sensor , specially in CMOSS sensors more then CCD. However this is no replacement for pure dynamic range.

It,s like colour negative film vs. Reversal film (colour transparency) colour negative has a much more exposure latitude while reversal film has much better dynamic range .

Dynamic range depends a lot on how an image is displayed - e.g., transmitted light vs. reflected light. Higher for transmitted. Glossy prints higher than matte prints. Films had peculiar behavior with respect to exposure. With tranny film one wanted to avoid over exposure for sure but some kinds of tranny film had very lousy shadows especially the earlier Ektachrome films (e.g. from the 60's when I was a younger (!) photographer). Underexposed Kodachrome was much better IMHO - was done improve color saturation. Color neg could be overexposed a bit but shadows turned muddy quite fast on underexposure. Shadow noise has been a major issue with digital especially when bringing it up in post - much better with more recent sensors in my experience.

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