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  1. fotografr

    Nobel Laureate 2017

    He's got my vote. I had a lit professor in college who devoted the better part of a semester to discussing his lyrics. By the end of the course I considered him one of the greatest American poets of our time. My opinion hasn't changed.
  2. fotografr

    Sensor dust tips?

    Cost. You can pay a camera store about $70 to have it done, or do it yourself. I also use Eyelead (previously mentioned) and just very lightly rock it across the sensor until I have covered the whole area. It takes about 5 minutes total. If you buy this product, get the real thing and not the cheap imitation. Your sensor is worth it.
  3. fotografr

    35mm Summicron with goggles, 1960

    Time Left: 9 days and 16 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    This lens is in remarkable condition for a 1960 version. The glass is clean and clear and it works every bit as good as it looks with butter smooth focusing and clean aperture clicks. I've been using this lens on my MM and the goggles function perfectly. I actually prefer them to the built in viewing window. The lens is sharp with good contrast and produces beautiful images. I'd be happy to provide samples. If interested, I would invite you to read what Ken Rockwell has to say about this lens here. If you read his comments, you will also notice that I have priced this lens mid-range of what he says the value is. Considering the condition of the lens, it should probably be very close to the upper limit. I do not have the box, but am selling the lens with original front and rear caps. Also included is a Leitz UV filter. I've kept the lens in a small pouch that it fits perfectly and will also provide that. It is not included in the photos. The price is $1550 US and I will ship USA only. PayPal is accepted for payment.

    1,340.00 EUR

  4. fotografr

    90mm Elmarit M

    Time Left: 9 days and 15 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    This lens is in superb condition with clean, clear glass and few signs of use. It is razor sharp, focuses smoothly and has crisp aperture click stops. I do not have the box, but am selling it with leather case and original front and rear caps. The lens is compact and light, particularly compared to the 90mm Summilux. It is an absolute joy to use. I am selling to USA only and accept PayPal for payment. The price is $925 US, which includes insured shipping.

    800.00 EUR

  5. Are there instructions anywhere that explain how to place ads, what size the photos should be, how we can select US dollars instead of euros for payment, etc.?
  6. fotografr

    50mm Summilux M asph

    Time Left: 9 days and 15 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    This lens is very close to mint condition with very few signs of use. Focusing is smooth and aperture clicks are crisp. The glass is scratch free and there is no internal dust that I can see, nor is there any fungus. The lens is tack sharp and has a wonderful bokeh. It comes with box, instructions, leather case and original front and rear caps. I am selling USA only with PayPal accepted for payment. Price is $3050 US, which includes insured shipping. (Disregard euro price shown below. It is the only pricing option given here for some reason.)

    2,633.00 EUR

  7. You'll probably love the combination, unless you get in a situation where you need ISO above 400.
  8. fotografr

    Back Button Focus with the CL

    I use several M lenses on my CL and the focus peaking works extremely well for me. Don't know what to add beyond that except that I find it very fast and easy to use.
  9. fotografr

    Two on a Bicycle

    That's a very nice catch and shows good technique, but this is no way to pick up a lady for a date.
  10. fotografr

    The man with the rollalong.

    Allen, that doesn't rhyme.
  11. fotografr

    It's Getting Cold Here

    But this lady at the market was staying toasty warm. MM/50 lux
  12. fotografr


    Then why do they taste like tuna?🤔
  13. fotografr


    Around the Oregon coast I've heard them more often called sea stars, which would seem more appropriate. Perhaps some people call them starfish because they taste like tuna.
  14. fotografr

    The Sunset and Sunrise Thread -open for all-

    Actually, I think I'm wrong about that being Megan's Bay. My photo showed the view from the house we rented in the hills. Indeed, I just checked a map and my photo shows Redhook Bay. Megans Bay, which I did spend time at, is on the other side of the island.
  15. fotografr

    Leica CL substitute for Leica Q?

    I owned the Q and CL at the same time and very quickly determined that the CL was by far my favorite so I sold the Q. The image quality is very comparable in my opinion, with a slight edge going to the Q in very high ISO situations. I very much like the smaller size of the CL when carried with the 18mm, which makes it nearly identical to the Q focal length. Another big plus for the CL is having the ability to use M lenses on it via the M to L adapter. The new alliance Leica has formed with Sigma and Panasonic will greatly multipliy that advantage. Some of the Sigma Art lenses are incredible and cost a fraction of what Leica glass costs. The Q is a great camera but the CL just offers so much more versatility due mostly to the ability to change lenses. It's also a pleasure to use.