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processing M10 images

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4 hours ago, thighslapper said:

I think you misunderstood ..... there is no noise in the scene you saw so if you want a true representation of it then removing noise ... either inherent due to high ISO or through processing ..... gives you a more faithful image. Some like noise because it gives an old style 'film look', which is ok by me. I just prefer as little noise as possible. The current AI NR in LR comes with minimal processing penalty unless you are into highish ISO's or are very heavy handed. The one thing that is hard to avoid however in raising shadows is muddy colours as the colour data is lacking to start with and no amount of NR or AI trickery seems able to avoid that. 

You did pick a particularly problematic image where processing is going to involve a lot of compromises anyway .... it just depends what's most important in what you want to achieve and portray. 

Apart from some minor differences in Dynamic Range and basic colour balance the sensor output from most recent cameras is essentially the same so there should be no real need to change your processing ..... unless the camera has changed what you are actually taking photos of and how you do it, that is .....

thanks. My aesthetic taste in images is rapidly changing, even a significant change from when I shot/processed that image of the women speaking in the pool hall until today. Since the mid 1980's until beginning of the year, I shot exclusively with top Nikon then Sony models (and also the Leica Q models through the Q3), and all that time I was looking for noise free, razor sharp pixel peeped images. Then I got the M10 with the 50/1.4 lux asph and things started to shift. Now I'm at the point of wanting more character, embracing imperfections and going for retro/film look in processing. Just this week I ordered the 35/1.4 steel rim reissue, no doubt that will accelerate my imaging making/processing away from the sterile/soulless images I used to create. All I can say - stay tuned as I evolve 😎

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10 hours ago, brickftl said:

that response is virtually incomprehensible, and from best I can gather, utterly non-responsive to and a full sidestep away from my last post where more politely I suggested that before you run your mouth on topics of which you have zero actual knowledge, it would be best to get some of that actual knowledge. Otherwise it's hard for anyone to take seriously what you've posted above.

Oh, and still waiting to see examples of your post process to create the steel rim glow.

You are right, I don't have any Leica lenses or cameras, I've been making it up. To be honest I knew I'd eventually be found out by a master debater. And I admit I wouldn't be able to reliably pick the unique glow of a steel rim in an identity parade of photographs made with other glowing lenses (and software). But I'd be in good company because 100% of all other photographers would only be guessing as well. 

Oh, you are still waiting, try drumming your fingers.

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