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  1. okay now it worked AFTER I installed Chrome and downloaded from it instead of Edge. Go figure.
  2. I'm having a problem I've never had before when updating the firmware. I downloaded the Q2 update file but the camera says file not found when I go to update. I even tried downloading directly to my SD card instead of downloading to my laptop and then copying to the SD card, and still the camera says it's not recognized. I wonder if Edge is doing something to the download.
  3. well no one can argue with what your eye sees, but for what it's worth, my eye sees no difference and instead properly shot images with both cameras are superb in my opinion. Perhaps 2 things influence what you see: first, just overall nostalgia for the original Q which was so revolutionary when released, and second, given the higher resolving power of the Q2, it's absolutely essential to ensure a high enough shutter to overcome subject or hand motion blur, no matter however so slight.
  4. I disagree. MF coupled with zoom and focus peaking with both the Q and Q2 shoot static subjects far better than AF of any stripe.
  5. FS: Leica Q2 Mint - FM Forums (fredmiranda.com)
  6. ;you explained it PERFECTLY, thanks so much!!!
  7. We met our group in Inverness and hiked around that area. Then last few days we hiked in various parts of the Isle of Skye. I fell in love with Scotland, would move there in a heartbeat although my husband says I'd be miserable in the constant cold/wet weather compared to Florida
  8. I see - yes I want ability to toggle between 3x and 6x, but like to use my right wheel button for ISO settings. Is there another way I can access that toggle feature?
  9. I must be dense - can't figure out how to change manual focus zoom from 3x to 6x. I'd appreciate if you could tell me how to change that, thanks!
  10. who in this thread has advocated irresponsible use of the camera in adverse conditions? And now you're accusing me of making "political implications" just so you can then say I'm in violation of rules? You'd be wise to engage in thoughtful and critical self examination of your initial posts rather than reject any inference that they were wrong. Simply because you're a moderator doesn't mean that everything you express is beyond reproach nor that people who call you on it are now in violation of rules.
  11. just curious, why do you want to zoom when in AF mode? I'm still on the original firmware (version 1) and will probably today upgrade. However I only use magnify in MF mode and like that it's set to turn on automatically as I turn the focus ring. The only time I use AF is when I'm shooting non-static subjects, such as I often do in street work. However in all other cases I prefer using MF.
  12. I realize you're the moderator and have the twitter-like power to censor me, but I have to say despite your further disclaimers in this thread, that you are essentially telling the OP that he's throwing away thousands of dollars by taking the Q2 our in the snow, and worse, you're accusing him of being silly. For what it's worth, I vigorously disagree with you, not only on your comments that tend to insult the OP, but also the risks of taking the Q2 out in the snow. As I just posted, I took my original Q on a hiking trip in the Scotland highlands for 6 days where it rained constantly and I had
  13. I tend to agree, especially since I simply use a camera neck strap secured by strong little rings from the hardware store to connect the neck strap to the camera lugs. However, I've got a niggling fear of the lugs coming loose and the camera falling to the ground. I'm always going to and fro with the Q2 slung over my shoulder, even when on my bike. Can't imagine how awful it would be if one of those lugs came loose.
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