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  1. I suspect you are right Stuart…I know that I would be soundly clubbed if I were to try anything like it in public…
  2. Stuart, Brent - thank you. Yes, it is rare to see these now - still fun for many though our subject here seems to be more interested in recording his image for a purpose…I didn’t hang around to ask…
  3. I’m for the trend to downplay the heightened fashion - trying hard to look like you aren’t trying hard…
  4. tuna


    Thank you Brent. Yes, film. Ektar - hence the bold reds…
  5. tuna


    Hopper is both a favorite and an influence of mine so your reference makes me glad…thank you.
  6. tuna


    Thank you - yes, I usually like to wait for someone to enter the scene but here I consciously waited for them to exit before the capture - just seemed right…
  7. Hmm. I take it: 1. You know her and this is NOT her first marriage or 2. You are thinking she is a guest and not the bride or 3. There is some Parisian custom I am unaware of…?
  8. 🙂 No, not recent unfortunately. From years back. I’m not sure if I’m allowed back in France just yet…
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