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  1. I'd believe all day long that this was a film shot. Excellent.
  2. No, Dave. I bought my filters soon after.
  3. Well, I was in one. It was an interesting experience!
  4. Who doesn't love old graveyards? This one is in my home village of South Queensferry, ten miles from Edinburgh, on the coast.
  5. “Black was the without eye Black the within tongue Black was the heart Black the liver, black the lungs Unable to suck in light Black the blood in its loud tunnel Black the bowels packed in furnace Black too the muscles Striving to pull out into the light Black the nerves, black the brain With its tombed visions Black also the soul, the huge stammer Of the cry that, swelling, could not Pronounce its sun.” ― Ted Hughes, Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow There is nothing like the squawk of crow protecting its nest, cutting the air like a black kn
  6. Before breakfast, while waiting for my porridge to bubble...Q2M, no filter.
  7. Tried a green filter (Hoya) for the first time today...
  8. A lovely walk this morning, with fresh crunchy snow, and hardly a soul in site.
  9. That's one heck of a snow scene, Miles 🙂
  10. billh - that's the best dog photo I've ever seen 🙂
  11. No, in the local (New) Mexican product shop in Edinburgh! 🙂 My wife did live in New Mexico for a while, when researching Native American literature for a doctorate at Oxford University, so she knows all the myths and characters - I bought it for her one Christmas. The shop is small, and packed with Frida Kahlo mugs, tee-shirts, you name it, and cacti table lamps, wrestlers' masks, etc. My wife would happily live inside the shop! I see you live in New Mexico, Rob...
  12. Thanks, Leica Guy. Here's the pre-crop version. I prefer the crop, but included the following to see how much has been cropped out, yet the details are still very clear. You will love this camera!
  13. It is indeed. Fine shot. Best wishes to you dad!
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