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  1. I had my Q2 up for sale in a camera store, as I was more than happy with my Q2M. I shoot about 95% b&w. But it didn’t sell, so I asked for it back, and I’m glad I did. It’s going to help me appreciate colour photography. Edited in Exposure 7.
  2. Respectfully, sir, I disagree. In my humble opinion this IS a good photograph, one you will treasure when you come across it years from now. You’ve captured a moment in your life, which is actually an emotion many of us feel, whether it is a new camera or something else, perhaps a job well done, something that just feels right. It made me smile. 😀 Even the writing on the lens is smiling!
  3. Agreed. It really is a case of less is more.
  4. 1st January walk, South Queensferry near Edinburgh.
  5. A dander in the harr (or a walk in the fog). Q2M with yellow filter on lens.
  6. She said she didn't want binoculars! 🤪
  7. Local woodland. Q2M with yellow filter attached:
  8. Mad trees: Oops…I’ve already shared that second one…oh well…
  9. Q2M with red filter...down the local woods about midday:
  10. More Autumn Leaves...Q2M + Red Filter:
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