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  1. From this morning’s walk. Green filter on the lens.
  2. Art versus Nature… Q2M with green filter on lens
  3. It is outstanding. But I would just like to add (as I've never had the opportunity before) to say that I played theorbo in a Handel concert at the Snape Maltings Theatre, some third years ago. I loved the whole area, and would like to return before I get too wearie.
  4. Stranded on the Rocks - my local beach. Beautiful, soft strands of hairy seemingly coming from the rocks. Q2M with green filter on lens.
  5. One of the few great female artists of the Renaissance era, Artemisia Gentileschi, left us her "Allegory of Painting" - though not in b&w...So I thought I'd join in the fun when my wife, Susan, was taking it all in. My "Allegory of Photography". What does it all mean? Answers on a postcard!
  6. It’s ok, Matic. I mentioned in a later post that I managed it. But thanks for your advice anyway.
  7. Thanks for all the reminders to check previous posts. I got it working without a hitch.
  8. Same here. My iMac is version 11.6. I get a message saying "There is no application set to open Q2M__20_.lfu"
  9. Checking out using a green filter on the Q2M lens - Hoya X1. I like it!
  10. These are from my trusty Q2M, but editing in Exposure 7 gives me access to old-film rendering possibilities. Here we have Tri-X pushed one stop...and there was a green filter on the lens.
  11. Rubber Plant. Q2M + yellow filter on lens. Frame from Exposure 7.
  12. Studies in natural but slightly harsh light. I was hoping for softer light, but you have to be work with you’ve got.
  13. Soft Morning Light - Q2M with yellow filter on lens:
  14. When the tide was out... Q2M plus yellow filter on lens:
  15. Edinburgh chiaroscuro. Q2M with yellow filter on lens.
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