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  1. hi all, am i correct that exposure compensation only works if you have aperture and/or shutter priority selected? fully manual has no impact right? I assume the thought is that if you are going fully manual, that you adjust any compensation via aperture/shutter and/or iso. thanks in advance, daviddavid
  2. Good Day! Is it possible to tell if an image was taken in Macro mode vs. not from exif data? I am using Lightroom and do not see any indication. It would be nice to be able to identify that on my images. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well, camera in hand yesterday! It feels so nice in my hands. I seem to once again be excited about photography. Here is my first image. Nothing spectacular, but hope it is the first of many with the Q2
  4. Hello! I have been selling all my Nikon SLR gear to purchase something that I can just go and use. For 20 years I have had numerous lenses and cameras and just got tired of lugging it all around. So, after lots of video watching, reading and speaking with friends and comparing brands and models, I visited my “local” Leica shop yesterday.....ordered the Q2! Looking forward to “learning photography” again and slowing down with my shooting. Looking forward to the conversations here. Hope to have the camera, ready to learn, within 2 weeks. Cheers!!
  5. New here. I visited the local Leica store yesterday. I was told that you *can* tether your iPhone to the Q2. Perhaps it was a firmware update? Thanks
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