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  1. Hallo zusammen, gibt es hier zufällig noch jemanden, der Spaß am Filmen hat und dieses Hobby auch schon mal mit seiner Leica Q näher verfolgt hat? Oder kennt vielleicht wer andere Foren in denen dieses Thema schon einmal erörtert wurde? Mir ist bewusst, dass die Leica Q in erster Linie auf das Fotografieren ausgerichtet wurde (zumindest bis jetzt)... Theoretisch hat sie es ja technisch drauf und mit dem 28mm bei der Lichtstärke und einem Vollformat Sensor in der Package ließen sich echt tolle Filmchen machen. Was ich absolut nicht verstehen kann: Warum darf ich als Nutzer der Leica
  2. Hi All - New to the forum & the Leica world. Old photographer however. Coming from mostly Nikon, Fuji, Ricoh. I have the new Q, fw 2.0. Loving it. But I seem to get unpredictable results with Auto ISO. I tend to shoot manual aperture & shutter, letting the ISO move within my chosen range. I always select my aperture. Occasionally I will select an aperture, put shutter on 'A', but still let ISO move up or down within my range. It seems no matter what I set my Q Auto ISO settings to - 1/15th & 6400 max for example, when putting the camera in 'A' shutter speed, the camera
  3. I don't need to ask whether I should or I shouldn't. I'm taking my Q, confident in the camera's ability to take great shots.....provided I have the ability to compose those great shots.
  4. Auf ein Neues.... Es geht hier um Vorschläge für Fehlerbereinigungen und Verbesserungswünsche für die nächste Firmware-Version der Leica Q (Aktuell: Firmware 2.0) Ich sammle hier die einzelnen Punkte, wir diskutieren sie, versehe es dann mit Erklärungen und wir lassen es dann Leica zukommen (über Andreas oder direkt). Das letzte Firmware-Update und die vorher überreichte "Wunschliste" haben gezeigt, dass Leica einige Punkte in der Tat wie gewünscht umgesetzt hat, vieles jedoch nicht, aber die Liste war ja auch lang. Nach meinem persönlichen Empfinden lief der letzte Beta-Test in ei
  5. Relatively new using my Leica Q, basically only used once, but the first thing I noticed was on the shutter speed dial there is no B setting for long manual exposures, and my question to the readers, if known, or if any has used this, what or how do you take a long exposure without the B?. In advance, thank you!. G. LeBigoux
  6. Liebe L F B - Freunde, hiermit laden wir Euch recht herzlich zum 12. Berliner Leica Fotografentreffen am Donnerstag, den 16.02.2017 ab 18:30 Uhr ein. Wir treffen uns wieder im: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://restaurant-berliner-hof.de/ Wir haben folgende Programmpunkte vorgesehen: Nach langer Zeit mal wieder Streetfotografie: 1. Überraschungsgast ist diesmal ein aufstrebender, junger und talentierter Berliner Streetfotograf 2. Christian Augustin: ca. 15 Min. Druckprobleme 3. Bodo Philipp : Leica M 10 - auch zum
  7. Hi, I have just gotten the Q last weekend and so far I have been in love with it :-) However, the way to get into changing mode between color and monochrome is super painful :-( Anyone here has discovered any tip to do that without getting into long journey in menu list? Hope there help me out here. Thanks in advance...
  8. I find the Q uncomfortable to shoot one-handed even with the hand grip. I am a street photographer and often shoot holding the flash off-camera in my left hand. I am considering trying the finger loop. Not living close to a Leica dealer, I would have to order the loop but don't have any clue as to the correct size. Do you guys have any thoughts about choosing the proper size loop? If it helps, I am 5'7" and, subjectively speaking, have average size hands. (I know that the Thumbs Up would allow the Q to be held one-handed, but that would cover the hot shoe which I need for the wireless flash tr
  9. Hello fellow Leica Q owners I seem to be unable to use my Leica Q in AF mode. The MF sign is constant in the top right corner of the EVF/LCD and no matter what I choose in the Menu I am unable to activate AF. I am stuck and frustrated. User error or technical glitch? Any ideas welcome cheers William
  10. Liebe L F B - Freunde, hiermit laden wir Euch recht herzlich zum 11. Berliner Leica Fotografentreffen am Donnerstag, den 08.12.2016 ab 18:30 Uhr ein. Wir treffen uns wieder im: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://restaurant-berliner-hof.de/ Zwei sehr interessante Vorträge stehen auf dem Programm: 1. José Griribas : Kuba ein Reisebericht - illustriert mit Fotos, Bildbesprechung 2. Christian Augustin : Farblehre / Farbmanagement / Farbräume - Theorie und Praxis - leicht erklärt, Nachfragen, Diskussion Die Teilnahme ist wie immer kostenlos! Wi
  11. Hey folks: I have joined this ace Leica forum today and it's super informative so thanks for letting me in and I know I will be able to source so much valuable information from you guys I have been a big fan of Leica for over a year now (I also recently own the M6 and M9) – the files the Q produces for me are so so good, even the Jpegs are just sublime and have such beautiful tones that give that ‘film’ like image which I love. It was gamble to use this at a wedding with only 2 days of purchasing but I loved every second of it. I must have shot 80% of the day with it and I shot most of the w
  12. as a starter I send this classic view from the Harbourfront of Hong Kong. A special hightlight this year is the lightshow "Symphony of lights" at 8 p.m. every day when the skyscraper do communicate with each other via lasertechnique. Leica Q, panorama stichted from 4 pictures.
  13. Interested in doing some video with the Leica Q, lifestyle type stuff - thought I might pick up a gimbal inspired by this video @ 3min 17 - he uses the Feiyu FY-MG Lite with the Leica Q Has anyone got experience with this, also need to consider if I need an external microphone for it too - I suspect it would be the best option for quality.
  14. Acquired a Leica Q a couple of months ago. It's my first ever Leica. Was looking for an alternative to my Canon 7D + lenses for travel and came across the Q while wandering into a Leica store in Rome, Italy. Haven't looked back. Beautiful piece of machinery! I'll post images of Chicago (and other places as I keep traveling) for those interested in following along. I am a complete amateur, so as I post, would love to hear words of advice and wisdom so I can get better This picture if of the Chicago Bean, officially called the Cloud Gate
  15. Having spent most of my life shooting with Nikon's and more recently I made the switch to Fujifilm and their excellent X-T1. I didn't ever think that I could afford to get into the Leica world, but with the introduction of the 'Q', I didn't hesitate in putting my name on the wait list. Having waited only 6 weeks my Q arrived! I was a very excited bunny. As a full time working professional, I have had little time to really put the Q through it's paces, but over the last couple of weeks have had some opportunities to try out the bokeh, the macro function, the dynamic range and must say i
  16. I really would like to see a firmware update for the Q soon. I personally think it is long overdue. I have had the Q since june 2015 and the small things are really staring to bugging me a lot. Don´t get me wrong, it is a fantastic machine for taking pictures, but I sometimes feel the Q could be a even better camera. Alt least for my purposes. All may not agree. What I would like to see is the following. It should be able to do in a FW update: • Being able to have the option turn the back screen off and use it for menus and image review only. • Being able to have the option to tur
  17. Hello. I would ask for advice. I am a new user of Leica Q. Excellent camera. J I work with DNG files in Lightroom. Under the tab Camera calibration are two profiles, namely Embedded Standard and Adobe. When using these two colors are different, and also the color temperature (White balance –WB in numbers). What is your experience - which profile is correct for the proper display of color and as a basis for further processing. Thank you. Best regards. Tomaz
  18. Had an Otus 85mm to compare, so did a quick tripod test with my Leica Q. Leica Q F2 Otus 85mm with Nikon D800E Leica Q Actual pixel Otus 85mm D800E actual pixel
  19. Hallo, sitze gerade im Hotel in Südkorea, neben mir meine neue Q. Habe eine Sache festgestellt, auf die ich mir keinen Reim machne kann, vielleicht hat jemand sowas auch beobachtet: Visiere näheren Bildteil an (2-3m Abstand), nehme Druckpunkt am Auslöser, AF stellt scharf. Richte dann mein Bild im Sucher nach Wunsch ein (halte Druckpunkt). Beim Auslösen kommt es dann ab und an vor, dass der AF nochmal "nachzieht"! Kommt bei etwa 5-10% der so gemachten Aufnahmen vor. Höre das auch akustisch, habe es entsprechend eingestellt. Im dümmsten Fall liegt dann der Motivteil in der Ferne scharf,
  20. Hi, has anyone got any suggestions what sharpening settings work well for the Leica Q in Capture One? Anything that I could save as default for a fast workflow? Thank you...
  21. Leica Q is popular among Travel photographers I am surprised that there is no Geotagging feature, hope Leica or some third party introduce this accessory. Most Leica Q owners will buy it. there are Hot shoe mount Geotagging device available for Canon and Nikon, if that is possible for them why not for "Q"?
  22. When I fit the lens hood and tighten fully, it sits at a 20 degree angle from square. Can this be correct? It irrationally irritates me! For me, this angled rotation also raises the question of why the hood is such an odd shape anyway! Is flare a problem only in four 'corners' of the lens? Would a fully round hood cause vignetting? If so, then I guess the funny angle is quite deliberate ... but I remain to be convinced! Am I the only angled hoodie on this forum, or is this a common (or compulsory) Q condition?
  23. I just finished a new article on traveling with camera batteries on airlines. "Advice for Photographers: Camera Batteries on Airplanes"
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