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  1. Hallo zusammen, gibt es hier zufällig noch jemanden, der Spaß am Filmen hat und dieses Hobby auch schon mal mit seiner Leica Q näher verfolgt hat? Oder kennt vielleicht wer andere Foren in denen dieses Thema schon einmal erörtert wurde? Mir ist bewusst, dass die Leica Q in erster Linie auf das Fotografieren ausgerichtet wurde (zumindest bis jetzt)... Theoretisch hat sie es ja technisch drauf und mit dem 28mm bei der Lichtstärke und einem Vollformat Sensor in der Package ließen sich echt tolle Filmchen machen. Was ich absolut nicht verstehen kann: Warum darf ich als Nutzer der Leica
  2. Hi All - New to the forum & the Leica world. Old photographer however. Coming from mostly Nikon, Fuji, Ricoh. I have the new Q, fw 2.0. Loving it. But I seem to get unpredictable results with Auto ISO. I tend to shoot manual aperture & shutter, letting the ISO move within my chosen range. I always select my aperture. Occasionally I will select an aperture, put shutter on 'A', but still let ISO move up or down within my range. It seems no matter what I set my Q Auto ISO settings to - 1/15th & 6400 max for example, when putting the camera in 'A' shutter speed, the camera
  3. Leica Q St Christopher's Place Fruit stall Gee's Court The Cock and Lion, Wigmore Street
  4. I'm looking for a small, fitted, sophisticated, high-quality bag that will hold my iPad, iPhone, Leica T with the 18 - 56, and a few small personal items. I occasionally like to go analog with the Leica M3 and a single lens, so it would be nice if the bag could hold the M3 in place of the T. I regularly travel internationally for work, which means that much of my time abroad is spent in a suit/sport coat. My current arsenal includes bags from Billingham, ONA, and Fogg. However, given the formality of my dress, I'm looking for something a bit more professional that could pass as a small bri
  5. I am going to Dubaï next week and will spend there 10 days. I will take the Q, of course, but have a doubt: is it worth carying a D800 with a 15mm zeiss lens... or not? If someone can help me making a decision...
  6. Guten Tag, Ist das Teil, das als Leica Q Protektor angeboten wird, nur das Unter-/Innenteil der Bereitschaftstasche oder sind das komplett unterschiedliche Teile? Danke, Gruß, Jens
  7. Having spent most of my life shooting with Nikon's and more recently I made the switch to Fujifilm and their excellent X-T1. I didn't ever think that I could afford to get into the Leica world, but with the introduction of the 'Q', I didn't hesitate in putting my name on the wait list. Having waited only 6 weeks my Q arrived! I was a very excited bunny. As a full time working professional, I have had little time to really put the Q through it's paces, but over the last couple of weeks have had some opportunities to try out the bokeh, the macro function, the dynamic range and must say i
  8. It was a bad fishing night he told me, but, the early sun rays of that day were not to be missed or pissed by any fish count. A coffee for both, a cigarette for him and a long chat. Mediterranean sea, Ancient city and port of Tyre. Lebanon.
  9. Just a fashion trend in pink and yellow in a silky dress Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron
  10. These days the weather is being dominated by a series of thunderstorm. After a rainshower in the evening light one has to grab camera and rush out to catch the light. For these cases the Leica Q is a great tool being fast, exact and macroproof.
  11. Every year I look forward to the seasons of peonies. We have differetn types in our garden and it is a nice afterwork challenge to find frame and light. Leica Q
  12. When I fit the lens hood and tighten fully, it sits at a 20 degree angle from square. Can this be correct? It irrationally irritates me! For me, this angled rotation also raises the question of why the hood is such an odd shape anyway! Is flare a problem only in four 'corners' of the lens? Would a fully round hood cause vignetting? If so, then I guess the funny angle is quite deliberate ... but I remain to be convinced! Am I the only angled hoodie on this forum, or is this a common (or compulsory) Q condition?
  13. Leica Q is popular among Travel photographers I am surprised that there is no Geotagging feature, hope Leica or some third party introduce this accessory. Most Leica Q owners will buy it. there are Hot shoe mount Geotagging device available for Canon and Nikon, if that is possible for them why not for "Q"?
  14. A yoga event took place at a beach resorts around sunset hour. There were too many yogis but this one was among the most professional so I sticked with her...
  15. Duisburg, Industrial Landscape Park North A location to explore and to let go your imagination Leica Q
  16. Duisburg, Industrial landscape park north Leica Q
  17. This is a case of a winter-guy married to a summer girl:-)
  18. Hola Mamacita. Pretty, hot, sexy girls got to be prepared to be scanned tracked and followed by every male-eye around. Cubanos just can't let a charming lady pass by without letting her know how rica "Hot" she is:-) Somewhere in La Havana, Cuba.
  19. Hello fellow Leica Q owners I seem to be unable to use my Leica Q in AF mode. The MF sign is constant in the top right corner of the EVF/LCD and no matter what I choose in the Menu I am unable to activate AF. I am stuck and frustrated. User error or technical glitch? Any ideas welcome cheers William
  20. I have added Leica Q in to my fashion/portraiture photography work as an experiment and result has been very satisfactory (so far). Pros so far: 1. Fast focus 2. Fast Sync speed with Broncolor Lighting 3. Nice color rendering 4. 28mm my favorite wide focal length for fashion Cons so far: 1. I was hoping for higher megapixel 2. EVF can be tricky/challenging when you shoot against the strong backlight 3. I wish there was an option for studio tethering/capture directly to computer (unless there is and I'm not aware!) Link to hi-res photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mtvxkuyx4tx
  21. Hi everyone, this week-end, I had the chance to test out a production proof of the Thumbs Up EP-SQ grip for the Leica Q. I can honestly say that this is a great ergonomic addition to the already fantastic camera, adding that little extra bit of purchase that makes MatchTechnical's Thumbs Up grips so popular. The added benefit of this Thumbs Up is that its design limits inadvertently bumping the Diopter adjustment dial, which often does go out of whack without protection. Once again, you lose the hotshoe, but with the Q's ISO capacities, a flash is rarely needed. Another successful design.
  22. I'm considering purchasing the Q leather Protector. Does anyone know whether the handgrip would fit OVER the protector? Seems like an odd question but worth getting an opinion. I'm expecting the answer to be no, but you never know! The problem with the handgrip is that once fitted, no existing case will fit. Do any users of the protector have an opinion as to its worth. I'm unfortunately having to make all decisions blind. Hundred of miles to my nearest stockist. I'm delighted with my Q .
  23. Hallo, im internationalen Forum gibt es diverse Hinweise von Mitgliedern, deren Q entweder von Anfang an oder nach kurzer Zeit einen Staubbefall auf dem Sensor / im Inneren aufwies. Gleichzeitig kann man nachlesen, wie aufwändig die Beseitigung ist, insbesondere, wenn man in Übersee und nicht in der Nähe von Wetzlar wohnt! Nun frage ich mich, ob man sich als Besitzer einer recht teuren Kamera ernsthaft um dieses Thema Gedanken machen muss, oder ob dies Einzelfälle bzw. Ausreißer sind. Auch bei neuen Produkten aus dem Smartphonebereich werden immer vor allem die wenigen Problemfälle weltweit
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