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  1. Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg, facade M9 with 35mm Summicron
  2. Peterhof castle in St. Petersburg Russia M9 w/35mm Summicron
  3. Sailronin

    EMP 7

    A detail shot of my favorite building in Seattle, the EMP museum. A Frank Gehry design built by Paul G Allen as a rock and roll museum. M9 w/24mm Elmar
  4. The university of Breslau is a large building at the Oder river and so also a frame of the historic center. A visit is worthwhile from inside. The architecture of the staircase and halls are magnificent. Even if the pantings are not of the best artistic class it makes an impressive sight. All Leica Q handheld
  5. These historic buildings belonged to the Ruhrgebiet Industry. Now it is an industrial landscape park and very attractive for photogrpaphers. The place is in the city of Duisburg, once a stronghold of energy production. Leica Q
  6. Duisburg, Landsape Park North, This industrial park is so full of potential that one can spend there days of shooting in different light and with different lenses. This time we were drawn to its wideangle aspects. Leica Q
  7. Hi all, a brief announcement that I’ve just finished work on my second self-published book of photographs. Captured with the M Typ 262 and 28mm Elmarit-M (version IV) during a week’s travels through the North of Italy, the book presents 32 black and white photographs ranging in subject matter from people to places both natural and constructed. I’m really proud of how this project has turned out. The book is printed on thick 170gsm uncoated stock, with the covers being an even heavier 300gsm. The size is somewhere between compact to standard at A5 (210x148mm), which gives each print enough room to breathe without feeling cramped. Also exciting is that, working with a professional printer who works at reasonable prices, I’ve been able to price the book at just £15 + shipping. For those who are curious to know a little more, I’ve written a bit more on the back-story on my blog. You can also watch a trailer that I produced for the book here. Finally, if you’d like to pick up a copy, please slide on over to my online shop to do so. Thanks kindly for your interest, and happy shooting!
  8. Last night I took a trip into the centre of the city to look at the temporary ice rink but also took the opportunity to photograph the latest city centre leisure complex consisting of 10 cinema screens and countless restaurants. The ice rink is visible as the blue area bottom left, but not the purpose of this image. I must be honest, it is probably a young persons place, and I am not a young person, but I was quite pleased with my efforts. Here is a sample image taken at 2500iso using the Leica M240 and 24mm Elmarit-M f2.8. Settings were 1/45 at f2.8 (no tripod). If you want a larger image go to https://gerrywalden.smugmug.com/TRAVEL-IMAGES/England-The-English/i-T2CLZVL/A Gerry
  9. Thanks for your comments Jean-Luc
  10. M8 35 lux 12 sec cropped. Thanks for your comments I posted this photo in the wrong folder. How can I move it?
  11. Started a new blog and shared my experience with M10 and a vintage Elmar 35mm. Comments and feedbacks are welcome. https://hintingimage.com/uts-business-school-leica-m10-elmar-35mm-screw-mount-the-alternative-approach-to-my-architectural-photography
  12. My first images in the Architecture section. Happy to receive your advices. Jean-Luc
  13. In New York I like the RCA Building because of its details. LA was new to me but downtown has its surprises. Both with M6 TTL.
  14. RPS


    D-Lux 4: f/2.8; ISO 80; 1/400 Thanks for looking. All comments are welcome.
  15. Coal using Factory in Champaign Illinois. Shot with a Leica m8 and Voightlander 75mm. Part of a series called Factory Graphix.
  16. The Campus University of Illinois. Shot with m8_35mm summicron f2 Spring is coming.
  17. This is St George Wharf on the Thames river's Albert Embankment shot in infra-red. M8 and 21/2.8 Kobalux with 093 'black' infra-red filter, handheld.
  18. Leica M8 Leica 35 mm f2 Converted from Color file. I am a tree and art person.. the light just brought me in and the sculpted tree and urn spoke to me.
  19. Photo shot with M8 and 35mm f2 Summicron wide open. Playing with selective focus in an impressionistic way.
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