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Found 65 results

  1. Hi all, Often read discussions about which is the best 35mm M mount lens with debates comparing the Zeiss distagon 35/1.4 against the 35 Summilux FLE Asph. Comparing the lenses to each other is fine but I don’t read much about whether the combination of Leica glass and Leica camera/sensor is an optimal pairing yielding special results. I am shooting the distagon on an SL and wonder, for example, if I would get greater micro contrast with an Lux FLE. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Hey folks - I just purchased a secondhand Q on eBay. It arrived today and I've been really enjoying the feel after shooting with a 240 over the last many years. But when I started seeing the images in Lightroom my heart sank. Can you take a look at this and tell me what I'm seeing here? Looks like the sensor is corrupted somehow? Thank you!
  3. Hello all, I have sent my M9 (out of warranty) and my new Noctilux Asph (under warranty) to Leica Solms in order to have them both calibrated. Now Leica tells me that there is a CCD sensor misalignment, and some repair services have to be charged. When I ask if the misalignement is because of a tolerance issue during the body assembly, Leica representative answers it must be because of a bad usage and a chock, for example "skiing with the camera" (!). Have you heard of sensor alignment issues with the Leica M9 before, and do you think the M9 is so fragile that the sensor can shift ? Or is it a case of bad QC? My black-paint M9 does not have any sign of chock. The only similar case I have found is here, and it seems to be a tolerance/QC issue : http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/customer-forum/260171-some-thoughts-leica-quality-leica-nj.html Thanks and Regards
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I'm also new to the Leica M system. I just bought my new m10 one month ago with a Elmarit 28mm ASPH (so far). After some shooting I noticed a relatively big spot in the upper right part of the sensor. I don't know how this could have happened because I never changed lens till I opened the camera and attached the Elmarit the first time. It's very annoying to pay so much money for a camera and then having a spot on the sensor. Do you have advice what to do now? Should I send it to Wetzlar or can I fix it on my own? I did a sensor cleaning on my DSLR once, but I'm a bit afraid of doing so on this expensive, new camera. I don't want to make it worse... Cheers, Sebastian
  5. Hi there, I am having a sensor issue I believe - not sure, so I figured i'd ask here. I have some images below, if you could please take a look - wondering if theres anyone else experiencing same issues. thanks
  6. Hello everyone: I'm a Leica photography enthusiast from Spain, English is not my mother language, but I'll do my best. I think it's my first post here since I registered years ago, and I confess that it is not for a pleasant subject. I own a fantastic Leica M9 but for work reasons I have not used it for a couple of years. The point is that today I have charged it and used it for the first time in a long period. And I find that the photos have a very strange moire. Is it a sensor problem? It was taken with the 50mm summilux, I have also attached exif data. What you see is a zoom of 100% of the image. Many thanks for the help, I'm a little scared. Kind regards,
  7. I bought a Leica Monochrom (M1) after many years using a beloved M8. As many, I was hypnotized by the huge potential of the Monochrom: the sensor, the high ISO, the details.. because of the price, I didn't buy it when it came out but as soon as the M246 hit the shelf it was the moment the price was a bit more convenient. I loved the camera. After few months of regular use it developed a fault, every once in a while the camera would 'jam' whilst taking pictures so I brought it to Leica Mayfair for inspection and it went away for repairs in Germany. I was gutted, such an expensive purchase and it already showed faults? Anyway, Leica repaired with their own time (which we all know!) but at least it was a free repair. When the camera returned the 'silent shutter' didn't really worked anymore...it suffered a bit of lag but I didn't really care. Flashforward a year after I notice some black spots on my pictures. Jump on the Tube, Leica Mayfair....again, shipped to Germany. One month goes by, the camera return with a new sensor: yes the sensor had corrosion that many of us experienced. Ok, about two years with the camera and quite a lot of hassle to deal with...I'm scratching a bit my heads here, I bought something to enjoy and yes I do enjoy when it works...but I haven't experienced anything so faulty from any other brand? Flashforward to last month, I went to Japan for some work and I decided to bring the Monochrom with me for such a great opportuniy. Enjoyed the trip, loved Japan, had a fantastic time with my Monochrom. Soon after I came back I went out for my usual stroll and I noticed the rangefinder on my Monochrom wasn't aligned anymore...vertically off, to be more precise. Off to Mayfair - again, off to Germany. I thought it was a rangefinder alignment problem but instead Leica told me there is a sensor alignment problem too. And it comes with a bill of £500. From Germany, they is stating the camera is been dropped and because of the shock the sensor (and rangefinder) is a bit off now. I haven't dropped the camera, the body is in great conditions free from scratches, dents or heavy marks. I mentioned I had the camera in my backpack the whole time but they are firm the camera is been dropped. They also mentioned this could happen even by just having the camera in a backpack. Now, I'm aware a lot of people buy the camera to keep it in a shelf, to maintain the less usage and to have it into as many sort of protection as possible....but I actually brought it to use it and bring it with me, always doing my best to look after it but never forgetting the purpose of the camera, which is to be used. I'm really disappointed at this point with this whole thing... I never complained about all this hassle I had to go through those years with malfuctions and all sort of problems that the company 'included' with the camera (is not my personal case, I read tons of post about corrosions and all sort of problems), now I even have to deal with (bad) assumptions and being charged quite unreasonable prices for situations I didn't even create? I actually went to Japan to film some stuff, Im a filmmaker and I do carry a lot of equipment. How come none of my video cameras, not even my Ricoh GR suffered of anything? I'm seeking advice, as I'm really really fed up with this whole thing. Yeah the camera is great when it works.... but I can't keep up with these sort of things: let's face it, probably one of the most expensive brand for photography, they carry themself as this synonymous of craftmanship and precision....but they still manage to mess up a whole series of Monochrom? Camera is on hold in Germany now. Not sure if I'm wishing to carry on the repairs...seriously thinking about just moving away from Leica as I got the feeling their main target is people's pockets.
  8. abphotog

    M10 Artifacts

    Hello everyone, long time reader first time posting. I purchased a Leica M10 from Camtec in Montreal almost two weeks ago and I'm in love with it. I used it on a few shoots and just recently on a weekend getaway. More often then I'd like to admit, I miss the exposure and rely on the dng to recover. So when recovering the shadows in an image I underexposed dramatically, I was surprised to see red, blue and green pixels lighting up all over the place on the image. Does anyone know what these could be? I've never experienced this with any other digital camera. And I don't think it's dust, these are pixel sized points. Thanks in advance! Andrew
  9. How often do folks typically need to wet clean their SL sensors? Lately my SL is picking up quite a bit of dust, and I seem to need to clean about once every 8 weeks or so, and I am not in a particularly dusty environment when I change lenses.
  10. I am very pleased to say that my M9 returned home today after being with Leica since September for the removal of an SD card label (Fuji 16gb card) jammed in the shutter, and for a sensor clean and service. It came as a surprise as they had bot notified me it was on its way, but they appear to have done a great job, and sent it back in its own box by UPS. Now to tackle Fuji about the SD card, who seemed to be pretty disinterested when I spoke to them on phone. Gerry
  11. I post this to see if anyone else have/had the same sensor issues with their M240 (M-P). I was playing around in Lightroom in November 2017, mainly testing different extreme values with the haze control, and other stuff to experiment with my photography. To my astonishment I saw a vertical line running exactly in the middle of the uncropped image. I then tested a photo from April 2015 that was taken with another M240 M-P body I had at that time. And the same vertical line appeared. I then randomly tested several other photos, and the same line appears, in virtually all photos, from both M-P bodies! I have a total of more than 20000 photos with M-P:s that in some or another way are affected by this problem. Attached here is an example of a jpg from M-P body 1, and one of M-P body 2, after tweakning the dng:s. The dng:s and full JPG:s can be downloaded to view through the links provided here: Link to DNG (M-P body 1): https://we.tl/FQQkFgKo7U Link to JPG (M-P body 1): https://we.tl/4BpPecbwmR Link to DNG (M-P body 2): https://we.tl/O2Kb9XKab7 Link to JPG (M-P body 2): https://we.tl/a3Vw2FUBYQ These images do not represent my photography (www.m9x.se), but they show the problem very clearly. So I went to my local Leica center in Stockholm who sent it to Leica in Germany. My lokal Leica dealer is fantastic by the way. I instructed Leica to test the way I had done in Lightroom doing the following: - adjust ”haze” to a the right - lower the value of vibrance - lower the value of saturation - set exposure to show a standard good histogram curve Leica concluded that the sensor ”function within tolerances”. They said: Both I and my lokal Leica dealer where astonished and very surprised. Separately we wrote to Leica. My dealer wrote this to Leica: To add to this, I told Leica that I would most likely post something on a forum to see if others have the same problem. To this Leica sent out a in-house alert message (that I mistakenly received a copy of) saying: Have I found an inherent problem with the sensor construction on the M240? To sum up: The vertical line appears in the exact same position in both bodys. This probably means it is an inherent problem in the construction of the sensor, or? My guess is that the sensor consists of two halves fused together, and that this fuse is not seamless (no, I do not know this, I am not a technician). The line appears in Lightroom (but also in C1Pro, Silver Efex Pro, ON1 Photo Raw). So it is not a matter of software. Although, in Lightroom (Leica´s preferred software) it appears much stronger than in C1P11. I have tested other cameras, and I cannot get a vertical line to appear in any images from them. I tested a GH4 heavily during the period my M-P was in Germany, as well as Ricoh GRii. And my old M9 did not have this problem, nor the even older Canon 5D. It is not a dead pixel problem. It is not banding. A camera that costs around 7000 Euro should not have this kind of sensor issue. A photographer/artist should be able to tweak a photo without a vertical line separating the image in two halves. There are many other competing camera makers nowadays. A camera company in 2018 should not act this way to faithful consumers. My Leica garage includes/included: R4, M9, M-P, 18/3.4, 28/2.8 Asph, 35/2 vers 4, two 50/1.4 Asph, 50/1.4, two 75/2 APO, 90/2.8, Digital flash SD20, etc… I am a devoted hobby photographer. I am not rich (not even close) and the expenses from Leica equipment means less of other things in my life. But I have spent 25000 Euro on Leica products through the years. I do not make any money on photography. I have used Leica for the love of their products. But maybe not som much anymore, to which I am very sad. Any one out there that has had the same problem?
  12. Hello everyone. I'm a long-time M photographer who just joined this forum. My first M was a 6, followed by an 8, then a 9 and most recently a 10. I really love the M9 and my camera is one of the early production ones and in original condition (never repaired or had anything replaced.) I've not cleaned the sensor for about 5 years and today finally took the time to do so. The images in this post have been processed in Lightroom to add as much contrast as I could to increase the visibility of specs and dust. The small images inline in this post have had "auto levels" applied, so they are extremely compressed, greatly exaggerating the particles. Link to full-res images at end of post. I started with a reference shot against a light grey wall, summicron 50 at f16 out of focus. Pretty damn dirty: First round of cleaning was with a rocket blower. This got rid of quite a lot of minor dust particles: Second round of cleaning was with a VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly statically-charged brush, which got rid of a new "class" of particles: However there were still a few "sticky" particles left. Final round was wet cleaning with swabs of Eclipse. This is a really scary step as it's easy to make mistakes, but I managed to not screw up: There's now just a single impossible-to-get-rid-of spec (even after five Eclipse swabbings), and I can live with that one. Pretty remarkable how much cleaner the sensor is after this. Strongly recommend taking an hour out of your life to clean you sensor (very carefully) :–) Full-res images (lightly compressed and processed to increase particle visibility): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0q9tht2js82u1zs/AAB6M-98wkRWTfmDtTke-duha?dl=0 Equipent used: Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 724 VisibleDust Quasar R 5x Sensor Loupe Photosol Sensor Swab ULTRA (24mm) Photographic Solutions Eclipse fluid
  13. For all those who might not be aware of the issue.
  14. Just found out that my next M246 suffers from sensor issues. My first M246 was replaced because there was an error with the sensor on the first one, and now it's happening all over with the M246 which replaced the first one with sensor error; i have to send my next M246 to service. Three years ago i jumped in the water: I switched to Leica from Nikon (and a short period with Canon) after 25 years without any techinical faults or issues what so ever, and i never looked back. That is until now, because i'm wondering if i really want to stay with Leica after these experiences after all. Three years with severe errors on two different digital bodies (sensors). - Is this sufficent enough? - What would you expect from Leica's customer service in this matter? - Would you go the other way around again, turn the back on Leica and return to Nikon based upon the experiences these (first) three years? Or shall i just tolerate this?
  15. Hallo, im internationalen Forum gibt es diverse Hinweise von Mitgliedern, deren Q entweder von Anfang an oder nach kurzer Zeit einen Staubbefall auf dem Sensor / im Inneren aufwies. Gleichzeitig kann man nachlesen, wie aufwändig die Beseitigung ist, insbesondere, wenn man in Übersee und nicht in der Nähe von Wetzlar wohnt! Nun frage ich mich, ob man sich als Besitzer einer recht teuren Kamera ernsthaft um dieses Thema Gedanken machen muss, oder ob dies Einzelfälle bzw. Ausreißer sind. Auch bei neuen Produkten aus dem Smartphonebereich werden immer vor allem die wenigen Problemfälle weltweit (häufig genug: genüsslich) diskutiert, auch wenn dies statistisch in der Regel zu vernachlässigen ist. Klar ist natürlich auch : Hier wird niemand einen Thread mit dem Thema "Ich habe keinen Staub auf dem Sensor" aufmachen. Vermutlich dürfte daher auch hier der Anteil der Problemfälle - wie in jedem Forum - weit überproportional sein. Trotzdem interessiert mich die Frage, ob das Problem statistisch zu vernachlässigen ist (für die, die es betrifft, natürlich kein Trost!) oder ob hier evtl. doch ein größeres Serienproblem zu erwarten ist. Dann würde man ja mit Schrecken an die Zeit nach Ablauf der Garantie denken, denn ob dann durch Leica Kulanz angesagt wäre, kann man nicht wissen! Gibt es hierzu schon belastbare Aussagen, evtl. von Leica selbst?
  16. Today i experienced for the second time that my Monochrom M246 failed to capture an image. It triggered as usual, it indicates the right shutter time in playback mode but nothing was captured/registered in the image. It's just a blank (read black) unexposed picture. I've tried to google this but did not find anything about this problem, that's why i'm trying here. Nothing was captured in the sensor and it's only a black picture with no data recorded at all. Has anyone in this forum experienced something like this?
  17. So I bought a new (used) WATE last night and took it for a spin. i am seeing this stupid line on top of all images, is this a lens issue or a sensor issue? Can you please suggest? See below image Many thanks.. I am fairly new to Leica so let me know if its a DUH.
  18. Habe heute bei den Schott Glaswerken in Mainz folgendes in der Vitrine entdeckt. Sieht sehr nach SL Sensor aus.
  19. Any suggestions whether I should send my M246 to Germany for cleaning or save time and do it locally with a reputable dealer? May be one of Leica stores? I am in NYC. I got a few small spots on the sensor over the year of use and a few thousands shots. Appears to be like wear & tear naturally in progress. I do not feel I would try cleaning on my own...
  20. jrp

    Sensor "sharpness"

    One of the marketing claims made by Leica for the M10 is that it has a "sharp sensor". This could mean no more than no low-pass filter is being used over the sensor, but that is also the case with other Leica cameras. There is also a suggestion that the new sensor is (even) better suited to the wider angle M lenses, which are not well matched to, e.g., Sony sensors (or the micro lenses that go over them). Does anyone have any evidence one way or the other on these points?
  21. I've been working for quite some time on my first user report on the Leica M-D 262. It's a lengthy piece that comes around most things. I hope you enjoy it. Cut it up over some reading sessions so you don't spend all weekend on it :-) "What's This - A Digital Camera Without a Screen?"
  22. I've written another page on the Leica M 246, the tonality and dynamic range and my - sort of - conclusion for my own use of the Monochrom Enjoy! Thorsten Overgaard: The Leica M 246 Dynamic Range
  23. I've started a photography channel, "Magic of Light" on YouTube because it's the audio-visual age. I really love writing about cameras and photography (and will continue to do so), but when an opportunity to set up a production team doing video was there, I grabbed it. So I will be doing two broadcasts a week. The new one is "What is White Balance". So enjoy, and subscribe to the channel if you like it! http://www.magicoflight.tv/watch?v=-vHtnQPhhZs
  24. Während eines Auftrages (Innenraum ISO 1600 bis 3200) heftige grüne Verfärbungen auf den Bilden. Hier ein Beispiel! Was kann das sein?
  25. please pardon for the re-post! i could not find the original post on the thread... i purchased a used M body last week - and only today made first tests with open sky as the sun finally peeked out. i see two large blotches in the (overly) saturated blue sky! i am traumatised by my experience with the monochrom and the replacement of the sensor which took 14 months (luckily i was offered a loaner by Leica USA). have others seen anything similar to this using the M 240? i appreciate the help in advance...
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