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  1. Contax G2 with 90mm Sonnar and Ilford HP5 pushed to 1600
  2. I recently acquired an Olympus MJU - really happy with the performance (and the price!!!). Here with some expired KodakColor 200.
  3. Today's Rebellion - M246/Voigtlander 35mm F1.4
  4. and there it is!! Finally, after so many months my M6 came back! I just went to pick it up at the Leica Store in London - wow when I opened the box it definitely looked like a brand new camera! My leatherette was so hard and rugged I never realised how old it was until now - with this brand new soft leather all around the body. Viewfinder is crystal clear, the re-cock is absolutely smooth!! Even a brand new film winder, yes! I never realised how knocked out and battered was my M6 until now. A bittersweet Saturday, obviously after the excitement of my camera the bill was hard to swallow.
  5. Contax T2 with Fujicolor C200
  6. ah! Yeah good price in Europe, unfortunately I'm UK based and with import taxes now (thanks Brexit😓) it won't make any sense to buy outside the country - thanks for sharing though!
  7. I actually like Kodak Color Plus - and that's a good price! Can I ask you where did you get it?
  8. one month went by and I didn't hear anything from Leica. I sent the camera to Germany on May 10th, agreed to carry on with the labour one month ago - still no news...wow this is taking a bit now...
  9. out in the trenches from yesterday pre-match.... I loved the convenience and size of the Q!
  10. I dont know when it will be ready but from my previous experience with them usually in 7-10 from the quote approval they get it done. I will keep you guys posted once is back .. Loads of interesting contacts for analog repairs in this thread now this will surely come back handy...
  11. I bought....actually...I upgraded to M246 from my MM1. I found a really good deal as second hand from Leica Store London. Although many told me to stick to the MM1 (rendering...rendering...rendering) I'm actually extremely happy with my M246 and I'm not looking back at all!
  12. Ah, that's a brilliant comparison, it does resonate with me! Yeah of course I will share the result once the camera come back. I opted for payment on collection - this alone should alleviate my urge to get it back 😉
  13. I came to the conclusion I will take the hit this time and go ahead with Leica, simply because the camera is already there and also it was my mistake not to liaise with local repairer in London and UK. We learn from our mistakes, I noted down all these suggestions here in the thread and I most definitely reach out to the next time. I thought my M6 was in pretty good conditions but if they feel like all these repairs should be carried away then...I'd rather have it back and not worry about it anymore instead of finding light leaks or any other problems which may occurs. Films becoming so
  14. I think it's my loss on this occasion, it's probably better for me to just Leica crack on with the repair and soak it up - although I'm totally in shock. In the end, I just thought the camera has served me absolutely amazing for the last 6-7 years...never had a problem, never CLA so I guess it was going to need a bit of a refresh at some point...aaaahhh, what a painful situation.
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