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  1. wow this is great - so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Testing a new/old Hasselblad 500cm with 80mm - Delta 400
  3. Ilford HP5 pushed to 3200 - Leica M6 with Voigtlander 35mm 1.4
  4. It works well at slower speed...it's been many many years since it's been serviced so I guess it was expected!
  5. I just got my roll of HP5 I shot on the day of Prince Phillips passing...argh, I think my shutter is busted! All the shots at 1/1000 are half black, so gutted! All shots are busted basically... Sad Sunday....
  6. ahh right, yeah i thought those c/y adapters had some focus mechanism but now that I'm looking at it they dont! Gutted!
  7. Hey! I recently saw some G-to-M converter and I was wondering if anyone in here is using Contax lenses on M bodies? Obviously it will have to be focused with Live View I'd be particular interested in using my Sonnar 90mm and 21mm. As much as I would love to get both lenses from Leica - at the moment I'm really not in for gears-shopping! Any advise would be appreciated!
  8. Contax G2 + 90mm Sonnar / Ilford HP5 (Pushed 1600)
  9. Thanks! London Bridge station always offers a good balance of interesting backdrop with all sort of things going on around!
  10. London Bridge Station Contax G2/90mm Sonnar - Ilford HP5 (pushed 1600)
  11. M6 + Zeiss Distagon 35mm Fomapan 100 (Pushed)
  12. Leica M6 with Zeiss 35mm Distagon 1.4 - Fomapan 100 (Pushed to 400) Love this lens with film. The contrast and sharpness on a nice roll of film is just lovely. On digital bodies tend to be too much sharp for my taste... imagehost
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