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  1. Very informative, thanks! The crop it's a bit of a bugger indeed - but I'd rather have the crop than 8bit!
  2. I haven't heard anyone filming (professionally) and not shooting in LOG for a bunch of years now - I had a look at the S-Log from Leica and it looks pretty good to me. As posted above, those reference video from Leica commercials are pretty great! I got thrown off by the fact it doesn't shoot in body 10bit when in slow mo (50fps)? Correct me if I'm wrong!? That is a bit disappointing... I may have to swing by the Leica store and see if I can take it out for a spin....
  3. Great inputs. Another interesting point I have to ask is low light, the 'internet' claims all these amazing capabilities in low light. Do you actually get a usable video at ISO12000? Just to understand how it would compare to Sony...
  4. I just wanted to hear your thoughts about the SL2-S for professional filmmaking - anyone in here using it? When it comes to run-n-gun videos, I shoot with my Sony A7s 3 which sometimes I pair with my old body Sony A7 III. I'd love to bring a bit of the Leica look/workflow into my videos so my questions are: -What's the overheating situation? Let's say I want to use it as a B-Cam for an event, can I shoot for 1 or 2h straight? -I don't know what's the current firmware situations, I'm sure it shoots 4K at 25fps without cropping - does it have any cropping when doing slowmotion? Does it crop at 4K 60? Thanks!
  5. Happy shoots!! I remember when I got mine (I was coming from an M9Mono) I really felt the upgrade, especially in the body. Coming from the M240 you won't have the feeling of a new body...BUT once you will see the images and low light capabilities you going to be amazed! I think the price dropped drastically in the last year and right now it's a good value... if you come across the Zeiss 1.4 snatch it! It's an incredible combination.
  6. Hey Brian, indeed he is doing his last tour here in Europe - I do believe he's wrapping it up. Still, one of the best performer! I do a lot of live concerts as well, I couldn't recommend enough the M246 paired with a nice lens. Occasionally, I would bring my Q (which I believe outputs as an M240?) and the BW conversions are always great (but not as capable as the M246 in terms of ISO). I think you should get a solid piece of glass (if you don't have it already?)...a nice Summilux or those Zeiss F1.4 are pretty amazing and I'm sure they can produce outstanding images with any body (I shot with an M8 until few years ago....).
  7. George Clinton's last concert in London. M246 + Zeiss 35mm 1.4
  8. M6 with Voigtlander 35mm 1.4 - Ilford HP5
  9. Yeah, you could take the Ricoh III - but why not take the Ricoh and Leica as well? I think there is always an element of risk BUT if you aware of your surroundings you can minimise the risk to the min and really enjoy your trip (with your camera). I'd say, instead of having your camera around your neck all the time...or on your shoulder....or always in your hands...why not put the camera inside some sort of a waist bag? Leica is marketing so much the fact the camera is portable (and is true) you may as well take advantage! You chuck it inside something like this (pic attached) you would look pretty regular. I traveled to Brazil and shot quite a lot - but also I have been careful quite a lot and sometime if the situation didn't felt right I'd rather miss the shot than risk it. Or if you really want to shoot something and it doesnt feel too safe pull out the Ricoh - which is the most inintrusive/eye catch camera ever!
  10. What's your thoughts on the Contax 645? Any owner here? I have been fantasising to get one for a couple of months now but it's quite an expensive purchase soooo i'm really holding into it...I read that because there isn't anymore repairs for the camera a lot of them they going for sale - I wouldn't think there are a lot in the market but still... I currently shoot my medium format with an Hasselblad 500cm with 80mm - love the camera but sometimes really hard to work with - and quite easy to make mistakes. I'm a huge fan of the Contax G cameras so I thought the medium format version it's something I must try - any thoughts in here? I never tried the camera nor seen it in real life...but, when I look at those images from the Zeiss 80mm F2 it blows my mind....
  11. Hasselblad 500cm with 80mm F2.8 - Ilford Delta Pro 400 (Pushed 1600). Shot inside Abbey Road Studios...
  12. Shadowman (Leica M6 + 50mm Summicron V4 with Ilford HP5)
  13. Waiting for the M10M to drop price require a huge amount of patience. On the other hand, M246 has become 'relatively' affordable (another user bought one for 2500 few days ago!)... I do shoot 99% of the time with my M246 (previously, M9M, previoysly M8!) and occasionally In shoot with the Q when I need some color. As you know, the Monochrom can produce amazing images and very unique...but on the other hands, I must say the Leica Q (which Im pretty sure has the same spec of a M240?) converted to black and white it's still pretty amazing! Here's some example (I shot live gigs) one is with the M246 and the other one is a bw conversion from Leica Q (the first one!): I couldn't even tell, if you ask me! The difference is if I had to push some shadows/highlights or if I had to crank up the ISO higher than 3200....
  14. That is incredible, what a steal! I bought mine in Dec 2020 from the Leica store for £3k in really immaculate conditions... How do you find the camera, are you enjoying it? Files are pretty amazing when you compare it to the 18MP predecessor...
  15. Totally agree with this! If you have an M8 you may as well buy a newer/more capable body (M246). Otherwise you will be stuck with the same limitations of battery, buffer and so on. The price dropped quite a lot over the last year...i saw them goin for less than 3k...
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