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Found 22 results

  1. Today i experienced for the second time that my Monochrom M246 failed to capture an image. It triggered as usual, it indicates the right shutter time in playback mode but nothing was captured/registered in the image. It's just a blank (read black) unexposed picture. I've tried to google this but did not find anything about this problem, that's why i'm trying here. Nothing was captured in the sensor and it's only a black picture with no data recorded at all. Has anyone in this forum experienced something like this?
  2. Boston's Italian North End, M246, 21mm SEM, B&W Yellow Filter Thanks for looking.
  3. I just made a firmware upgrade on my less than 1y old and barely used M246 (I completely lost the mojo on the MM after having had to swap my MM to the inferior M246). Granted I use the LCD very, very little if at all (changing ISO, formatting SD cards and correcting the internal clock are pretty much the only times when I use the LCD). So I never noticed any issue with the LCD - I just never use it enough. When I started the firmware update procedure (firmware file on SD card, switching the camera on while holding the "info" button), I noticed a green colored surrounding on the LCD
  4. eddds

    The Farmer

    Preparing food for his milk cows. MM246, 28mm Cron
  5. Hallo allerseits. In den vergangenen Monaten musste ich immer wieder feststellen, dass doch recht viele M246 als gebraucht verkauft werden/wurden. Die Preise sind entsprechend gesunken und ich frage mich, warum wohl ihre Besitzer die MM2 wieder loswerden wollen. Teilweise mit unglaublich wenigen Auslösungen, nach wenigen Wochen/Monaten. So viele Zahnarztfrauen kann es doch gar nicht geben Kurz nach der Einführung hat selbst Thorsten van Overgaard seine M246 wieder verkauft. Komisch. Ich glaube die Anzeige war damals hier online? Ich bin mit meiner M246 sehr zufrieden und werde s
  6. We spent some days in Italy to attend a wedding in Florence. In Rome, smoking waiting for his wife, MM 246 28mm Summicron
  7. Just found out that my next M246 suffers from sensor issues. My first M246 was replaced because there was an error with the sensor on the first one, and now it's happening all over with the M246 which replaced the first one with sensor error; i have to send my next M246 to service. Three years ago i jumped in the water: I switched to Leica from Nikon (and a short period with Canon) after 25 years without any techinical faults or issues what so ever, and i never looked back. That is until now, because i'm wondering if i really want to stay with Leica after these experiences after all. T
  8. In the street of Khiva Ouzbekistan M246/35mm Gilbert Vasseur
  9. Among the many possible answers to the first question – Why Leica? – my preference to the M-system has been the relatively small size and low weight of the bodies and the majority of lenses, the overall superb optical quality ranging from ultra wide-angle to medium telephoto, including a unique set of fast lenses, the brilliant optical viewfinder (when properly calibrated) and, with the digital Ms, mostly fine-quality, full-format sensors. Overall, the system has the feeling of being an instrument, not some plastic-stuff put together in millions of copies. The price of the instrument p
  10. I have tried searching on both this forum and Google as well, but haven't found the answer there, since i can't find any pictures nor videos with two M bodies and mounted lenses. There aren't any photo dealers around where i live, so i will be buying without being able to see or try to put my gear in the bag, so i rely on your help here I'm gonna need a new bag, and after looking after several brands and model, the search has been narrowed to either Billingham Hadley Small or the Billingham Hadley Pro. I will only choose the Hadley Pro if the Small is - yes, too small. 99% of the
  11. Hi there, fellow M246 owners! I've been a Leica shooter for some years now, but "only" film so far. For a month ago i did buy the M246 and i have been testing the camera shooting some 2.000 pictures, to get to know the camera before i start to use the camera in daily shootings. Please see my questions below When i've been post processing my Tri-X pictures, i've just been doing some minor post processing. Mainly in Exposure, and if the pictures are more dull and grey for my style, i've just done some minor adjustments in the blacks/shadows and/or whites/highlights. I have a some
  12. Sorry about the strange question, but i will give it a go: Somewhere on the internet i've read, that leather straps can be the cause to fungus in both lenses and cameras, while i've on other sites have been reading that this is nonsense. My Monochrom, the M6 and my lenses are being stored in a camera bag while not in use. Should i have any concerns if a Luigi's leather strap is attached to the camera while in my bag, or is it better to just mount and use the leather strap while using the camera, and it's not in the bag? Can leather straps attached to my cameras, while being stored
  13. I did a search here on the Forum to see if there was any history or discussion on an interesting problem I was having with my M Monochrom 246 but found nothing. Therefore, I thought I would document my experience for the record. My issue was that the shutter was randomly misfiring, either too fast or too slow. This was producing some "unusual" results with some exposures unpredictably wildly off the mark. In my blind trust of Leica, I was a bit slow to conclude that the problem was with the camera rather than me. At first, I could not understand how such varying results could be prod
  14. Crazy. I did a studio shoot with the M246 and a 75 APO-Summicron. Light bank angled to the camera. The 75 flared like crazy... the 50 Summilux-ASPH didn't flare at all! Anyway, I tried LR6 "dehaze" and the results are impressive. That's all. Regards, Dean
  15. For those interested, I took a look inside of a M246 DNG: Version number shows as - I'm told that this is production firmware DNG version shows as 1.3, and "backward version" as 1.1 - this is as expected. There are no DNG opcodes, etc. This is just a basic vanilla DNG that should be compatible with most software. It works "out of the box" with current versions of all of AccuRaw, AccuRaw Monochrome and PhotoRaw. There are only two slight surprises: Firstly, the file is only 12 bit. Actually, with a white level of 3750, true bit depth is slightly less than 12-bits. This i
  16. Its now nearly a year since I purchased the M246, and I was thinking to take a quick look back at how my experience has been with this camera. It was during a relative cold and dark period of the winter last year here in Norway that I was evaluating what I could do to enhance my photographic interests and capabilities. At the time I was using the Sony system, which to be fair I was very happy with. The sensors were impressive, and the lens setup had become very good, especially when taking into account all the amazing lenses from Leica and other producers that could be used with a simple
  17. It seems that EyeFi cards (orange ones) are incompatible with the M246. It worked perfectly with my m240. In my Ricoh GR the card is working and wifi signal detectable, files can be transferred. Same card in the M246 and no WiFi signal. Anyone same experience ?
  18. I shot these test images a few weeks back but only recently had the chance to compile them into a meaningful article. Up for your viewing pleasure is a comprehensive comparison of the MM246 vs. the M9M vs. the M240 converted to B&W, using the 50 APO, on a static still life subject under controlled conditions. I know I'm a little late to the party as others have been putting out some interesting and well-done comparisons. For my version of the test, I aimed to compare optimized images from each camera at each ISO level against one another. I like to take a real world approach and in my
  19. From the album: billinghambaglady MM

    Just starting out with the M246.
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