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Found 58 results

  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Not sure if I am the second or third owner, but the camera is well taken care and in good functioning shape.No coffee stain or visible scratches on the lcd. RF mechanism is accurate, and has firmware updated to latest available version.Included:1 used black Leica concave soft shutter button2 used oem Leica batteries (holding full charge)1 used oem leica charger2 used non-oem batteries1 used non-oem charger1 used unbranded L bracket with grip1 used black thumb up for M8/M9 (not yet in pic)PayPal included - $1300.00Buyer pays for shipping and insuranceIf you want sample shots or need more item pictures, please pm me - I can either send to your email or a google drive link via pmShutter reads now 19,675 - might end with a few more soon.Been debating about trading or selling for quite some time. Truth is, I don't use it enough and it's a shame, as either color, b&W or IR( look-a-like with filter) frames are just gorgeous - I even like the shutter sound, go figure.Will ship to anywhere, but buyer is responsible for additional cost and due diligence.with customs as needed (and beware of battery restrictions please)I will pack the item very carefully with plenty of bubble wrap, so all will be very secure and protected - expect a slight larger box, As much as possible, I will ship within 48 hours or faster, upon receiving payment. Unless there is bigger issues, like roads closed, etc.Feel free to ask any questions.Will consider reasonable offers I have feedack on EBay and Fred Miranda 'Bacalhau' Thanks for lookingPhillip PS:lens and hand strap shown are just for showcase purposes - not included note: answering question about raw format and key pad sequence - please follow link http://m8raw2dng.de UPDATE: Camera still available, bue to backout


  2. Time Left: 3 days and 9 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    If you’re reading this ad, you’re no doubt familiar with Leica’s digital M cameras, including the M8.2, and understand why it's still sought after. This is an original M8.2 black paint version, not an upgrade, in excellent overall condition. Cosmetically, there is some minor brassing, with 2 tiny spots on the top plate edges, and around the edges of the bottom baseplate and power switch knurling, which is typical of the black paint Leica’s and just enough to add a bit of character and charm. The camera is fully functional, with a rear sapphire crystal LCD screen that remains clear and unscratched. The exposure count is approximately 32k. Included: - Leica M8.2 black paint body - Leica original boxes with documentation and front cap - Leica original strap - Leica original charger & battery EXTRAS: I am also including an extra Leica battery (replacement cost new $230) plus a Match Technical Thumbs Up grip (replacement cost new $200) plus a red soft shutter release button (replacement cost new $35) I’ve had this M8.2 since 2011 and have used it for my personal projects, for which it has been and continues to be an awesome image maker. I am in the process of consolidating my gear and move to an SL, and hence the sale. I will ship within Canada or USA. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Thanks for looking!


  3. JohnAS

    M8 for sale from Canada

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    I've got an original M8, which has recently been through Solms for a CLA, and repair of shutter and winding mechanism (shipped back to me on 2/22/2018). It comes with original box + packaging + manuals, discs, everything. It has the original (large) battery charger with car adapter with all 3 of the wall plug adapters. It comes with a new Nitecore charger, which I use for travel. Four Leica batteries, two were purchased in 2017, 1 a few years ago, and the original. All work and I use them. The camera (as of this ad placement) has 17,952 shutter actuations. Max shutter speed is 1/8000th of a second - the fast shutter. The display screen at the back does not exhibit the "coffee stain", and it does have a 3rd party gorilla glass protector on. The little LCD screen on the top works. If you are looking for a great condition, just refurbished M8, this is it. As you might expect, the Solms visit was expensive but thorough - it is like a new camera. This is your chance to get an M8 for collecting or using. I have about 6 of the IR filters that are required for the M8 for sale with the camera. $25.00 each, but email and I'll see what size/manufacturer they are, and see which ones you want, if any. Just ask questions, I'll do my best to answer them. Shipping - we will discuss shipping options to you from Canada; I will charge the exact amount that I pay for tracked shipping. I'll provide scans of the bills to help. I think that's fair.

    1,525.00 EUR

  4. https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2019/01/04/beautiful-catastrophe-088/ London, England, Sep. 2008 © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo M8, 35'cron
  5. Hallo, ich habe aber die Suchfunktion zwar schon benutzt, bin aber auf nur wenige für mich relevante Artikel zum Thema Bildbearbeitung von Leica DNGs auf dem iPad gestoßen. Entweder suche ich falsch, oder das iPad scheint nicht sonderlich beliebt für die Bildbearbeitung zu sein. Wie dem auch sei, ich bin auf der Suche nach Tips und Erfahrungen zu dem Thema. Seit Jahren habe ich eine M8 und habe meine DNGs immer per CaptureOne auf dem Mac bearbeitet. Allerdings sind meine Macs und auch mein CaptureOne etwas in die Jahre gekommen und letzteres läuft seit einem OS Upgrade nicht mehr. Ich scheue aber die Investition in die neue Software, weil ich dann wohl die Hardware auch bald erneuern müsste. Aber ich habe ein aktuelles iPad Pro, dass mich, wie auch meine M8, auf allen meinen Reisen begleitet. Bis jetzt habe ich Apple Fotos und Adobe PS Express auf dem iPad ausprobiert. Allerdings bisher nur mit JPGs. Beides macht weder Spaß, noch bietet es mir die Optionen, die ich gerne hätte, wie Tonwertkurven oder selektive Bearbeitung mit Ebenen oder Masken. Hat jemand von Euch dazu relevante Erfahrungen? Gruß Tim
  6. flyboy

    Ich bin verrückt, oder?

    Ihr dürft mich ruhig alle für bekloppt erklären, aber ich hab mir günstig noch eine M8.2 zugelegt. Ja, ja, das Teil mit den falschen Farben, dem schlechten Weißabgleich, der Langsamkeit, den nur 10,3 MP Sensor, dem Crop......... Aber ich habe so geniale SW Aufnahmen gesehen, die mit Ihr entstanden sind; und damit will ich mich im neuen Jahr auch beschäftigen. Schau´n mer mal. VG Christof
  7. miriamnabarro

    Stolen Leicas

    Dear All I wonder if anyone can give me some advice or help. We were burgled last week from north west London and all of my precious cameras have been taken. I don't have the reference numbers for the whole stash, but what was taken included an M2, son-1085967 with a 40mm/ f2 Summicron lens in a brown leather case an M8 body, fabrication number 3196666, VK number 10702 an M9 body body number 0384,with 35mm/ 2.8 summaron lens , son-2081257 There was also a 50mm/ f2 Summicron and a 90mm / f28 Elmarit as well as a Hasselblad 500C/M with an f/2.8 80mm and a f/3.5 100mm lens and my old Nikon FM2 with a 24 mm, a 35mm, a 50mm and an 80mm lens and a Canon 5D mk 2 body a Polaroid SX-70 an old battered Mamiya 645 in a metal case I'm devastated, not least by the M2/ 35mm which was the first Leica I bought, and which after a particularly terrible time working in DRC was the only thing that was evacuated with me. I wonder if anyone has been through the same devastating experience and can offer any advice? The police have done forensics/opened a case but is that all I can do? I’d be hugely thankful for any help/ lead in this All best Miriam
  8. There are certain Leica Summilux 35 1.4 non ASPH lenses that are incompatible with the M8 or M9. I have one that is made in Canada. I looked everywhere to find clues on how to fix the issue. I found little pieces of information and I wanted to do everyone else a favor by taking a video of how I resolved the issue. First, to test if you have a problem - Set the focus to 3 feet (not to infinity). Mount the lens into your M8 or M9. Move the focus ring toward infinity GENTLY. If you feel resistance before infinity - stop. You have the issue. Now, to unmount, backup your focus ring to 3 feet again and then dismount. If you have the issue, do not try to mount the lens while focus is set to infinity. Bad. The problem - There is a shroud that sticks out (a black piece of aluminum highlighted in my video) at the back of the lens. This shroud increases in height as you move to infinity. The M8 and M9 body is preventing that shroud to further stick out while moving to infinity. I have highlighted in the video exactly which part of the shroud is hitting. I also show how I've done the job myself of shaving 1mm off the shroud to allow the focus to get to infinity without obstruction. There are illustrations that say measure 7mm from the bottom of the ring to measure exactly how much to shave, but my video shows what I've done and it works for me. I'm now a happy camper. Happy enough to share what I did. PS: I did not show it but I did tape the lens glass to protect it while I was grinding the shroud with my dremel tool. Here is the video for future adventurers: https://vimeo.com/275145377 Ronnie
  9. lookbook


  10. sabPHOTO

    ccd exchange?

    Hi I'm new to this forum, after buying a second hand Leica M8 and a second hand cron 50. I love the gear, but can you tell me if the ccd is too old or something else is wrong. Can it be fixed? If you magnify the attached pic You can see in the dark parts have lots of white spots. Best sabPHOTO
  11. Alberti


    From the album: Colors abound

    Hanami, the cherry blossom festival, Kyoto
  12. Superb

    Leica M8/8.2 Kauf

    Guten Abend Leica Forum, ich bin seit einiger Zeit auf der Suche nach einer Leica M8/8.2. Bisher habe ich dafür Ebay oder Ebay-Kleinanzeigen genutzt. Leider sind entweder alle Angebot meiner Meinung nach zuteuer oder zuschnalle vergriffen. Ich werde dort weiter suchen aber, wollte fragen ob ihr mir auch andere Orte empfehlen könnt. Egal ob Online oder nicht. Sollte nur nicht allzu weit von Frankfurt entfernt sein. Vielen Lieben dank schonmal im Vorraus. Liebe Grüße Flo
  13. sodark1828

    Shoot Jakarta

    Been years I've been wanting to shoot around Jakarta (Indonesia) and its satellite cities. Started around 5 years ago with a self-project called shoot Jakarta, and its basically a street photography around Jakarta from my personal cameras. But its been hiatus for 3 years due to my job. 2 weeks ago I finally got my hands on Leica M8, and restarted the self-project again. Hopefully, I can take some photos every weekend. Hope you guys like it. all photos taken with M8 + Voigtlander 28MM F2
  14. Hallo liebes Forum. Das ist mein erster Eintrag. Ich habe lange rumgesucht und keine Antwort auf folgendes Problem gefunden. Ich bin stolzer besitzer einer Leica M8u und habe seit ein paar Tagen das Voigtländer Nokton 50 1.1 an der Kamera. Mein Problem: Wenn ich perfekt fokussiere, sind die Bilder trotzdem unscharf. Der Fokuspunkt liegt immer etwas weiter hinten, als auf dem Punkt den ich durch den Sucher fokussiert habe. Ich habe Testfotos bei unterschiedlichen Blenden gemacht. Aber bei allen Einstellungen kommt am Ende ein unscharfes Bild zustande. Um scharf zu fotografieren, muss ich den Fokusring etwas weiter nach rechts drehen. Also über den Punkt hinaus, auf dem ich eigentlich scharfstellen will. So kann ich leider immer nur auf gut Glück fokussieren. Viele Bilder sind einfach nicht perfekt scharf. Das Probelm habe ich schon im Fotofachladen angesprochen. Der Techniker hat mir empfohlen den B+W IR-Sperrfilter zu kaufen, in der Hoffnung das das Fokusproblem mit ausgeglichen wird. Das hilft aber leider auch nicht. Ich habe noch zwei andere Objektive, ein 28mm Minolta mit Leica M Bajonett und ein Leica M 90mm. Beide fokussieren perfekt und präzise. Das Voigthländer hab ich gebraucht, aber so gut wie unbenutzt gekauft. Ich hoffe mir kann jemand helfen. Würde mich nur ungerne vom Voigtländer trennen, da es sonst ein sehr schönes Objektiv ist. Grüße Rouven
  15. I have a question. I bought Voitlanger 40 mm f / 1.4 to filter Leica E43 UV / IR. Do you recommend to enable the Leica M8 menu function "on + uv / ir" or better left to the "off"? Voitlanger of course, is not encoded. I have the impression that the pictures from the "off" are more greenish than with "a + uv / ir." How do you have at home? Does it also affect the sharpness of jpg files is?
  16. Liebe L F B - Freunde, hiermit laden wir Euch recht herzlich ein zum 10. Berliner Leica Fotografentreffen am Donnerstag den 06.10.2016 ab 18:30 Uhr. Wir treffen uns wieder im: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://restaurant-berliner-hof.de/ Wir bieten Euch an unseren 10. Treffen 2016 wieder zwei sehr interessante Programmpunkte an: 1. Frank Richsteig : Panorama mit und ohne HDR u.a. Rom und Vatikan 2. Holger Fehsenfeld : Bildbesprechnung an Hand seiner Fotos der Indochina Reise 2016 Wie auch in der Vergangenheit, ist die Teilnahme kostenlos! Aus gegebenen Anlass haben wir diesmal eine begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl. Daher meldet Euch bitte ausschließlich per Email (LFB@mail.de) an, wenn Ihr teilnehmen möchtet. In der Reihenfolge der Anmeldungen erhaltet Ihr dann eine Bestätigungsmail als verbindliche Zusage. Wir benötigen einen Beamer und bitten um Info wer bereit wäre einen mit zu bringen. Anmeldeschluss ist der 04.Oktober 2016, bis 18:00 Uhr, da ich dann die verbindliche Teilnehmerzahl melden muss.
  17. nikonosguy

    coding vintage lenses

    any point in coding my lenses? 90mm elmarit 50/1.2 canon (code as noctilux?) 28/3.5 canon (not sure)
  18. Hey guys! A new member here As stupid as it may sound I still cannot believe I finally got a Leica camera myself. Been waiting for this moment a very long time, gone through a "GAS cloud" switching systems from A7II, X100T, X-Pro1 and finally settled with an M8.2 which I got in mint condition, 105 shutter count, for only 1100€! I first thought there's gotta be something wrong with it, for the price to be set so low, but due to irresistable price I immediatly bought it and did not regret a single €. I'm using it with previously acquired Minolta M-Rokkor 28mm f2.8 coded, and without the common white spots problem, which I won on Ebay for 310€ incl. hood, uv/ir cut filter and I find the combo superb in it's performance. I'm wondering what's the actual price range now in mid 2016 for a used M8.2 as I can't seem to find any, anywhere. Seems like I had lots of luck Best regards, Andrej
  19. MauricioVillahermosa

    Me, she and she (M8)

    From the album: Trip to the Caribbean

  20. MauricioVillahermosa

    Alejandro meet the sea

    From the album: Trip to the Caribbean

  21. MauricioVillahermosa

    Playing with sand

    From the album: Trip to the Caribbean

  22. MauricioVillahermosa

    All together

    From the album: Trip to the Caribbean

  23. MauricioVillahermosa

    Mom and Alejandro

    From the album: Trip to the Caribbean

  24. MauricioVillahermosa

    Paulina, Paola and Alejandro

    From the album: Trip to the Caribbean

  25. MauricioVillahermosa

    Paulina throw the window

    From the album: Trip to the Caribbean