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Found 40 results

  1. Many years ago I used Bridge and CR + PS for my photography. Then I moved exclusively to LR, unless I needed to do a composite, which I did in PS. Now I am reconsidering PS for the ability to do more complex selective adjustment layers. For example, selective curves, which LR cannot do. Also, PS now has some useful photography filters with liquify and all the focus/blur filters. But, Bridge seems a poor alternative to LR for cataloguing. I make extensive use of Collections in LR. I recently attended a photo workshop in Cuba. Very nice... Nearly all the participants were professional or very experienced non-pros. They all used Bridge and PS. However, none were knowledgable of LR too and couldn't tell me why. In fact, many said LR reduces all images to 8-bit not 16. Not true. Some also thought LR was destructive and PS isn't. Not true. So, like many, I am perplexed by Adobe's product mix with CC. What are your thoughts?
  2. I've made a package of the presets I mostly use for Leica to adjust colors, make black and white, etc.These handles the skin tones, the correction of CMOS to CCD colors, the 'right' black and white look for M10, SL, TL, etc. These are the ones people usually ask for, so I have made it a free download. Enjoy! http://www.overgaard.dk/Thorsten-von-Overgaard-Gallery-Store-The-Overgaard-Adobe-Lighroom-Presets-for-Leica-cameras.html
  3. ・ Professor's comment on photos of students at the Leica Gallery on Photokina 2016 at Cologne ・
  4. Hallo, ich muß mit meinem Bildbestand auf eine neue Netzwerkfestplatte umziehen. Wie bekomme ich die Bilder und deren Struktur in Lightroom dorthin, ohne daß alles durcheinander gerät und Lightroom die Bilder auch wieder erkennt? Im Internet habe ich dazu verschiedene und teils widersprüchliche Angaben gefunden, Adobe hat zu Lightroom auch keinen Support mehr. Kann mir jemand helfen??? Schon mal vielen Dank und viele Grüße
  5. Hello. I would ask for advice. I am a new user of Leica Q. Excellent camera. J I work with DNG files in Lightroom. Under the tab Camera calibration are two profiles, namely Embedded Standard and Adobe. When using these two colors are different, and also the color temperature (White balance –WB in numbers). What is your experience - which profile is correct for the proper display of color and as a basis for further processing. Thank you. Best regards. Tomaz
  6. mnutzer

    "Where's my Coke?"

    "Where's my Coke?" ・ Leica IIIa syn ・ 'cron 50 coll. ・ AGFA-Scala ・ Nikon Coolscan ・ Vuescan LrPsCC ・ Academy fountain ・ Palace Park ・ Stuttgart ・ Germany ・ March 2016. ・
  7. Der neue RAW-Konverter On1 RAW soll im Herbst auf den Markt kommen und gezielt Adobe Lightroom mit mehr Geschwindigkeit und Flexibilität Konkurrenz machen. Im Blog habe ich einen längeren Artikel dazu geschrieben: » On1 RAW - Lightroom Alternative angekündigt Hier einige Videos: On1 RAW - Speed On1 RAW - No import/catalog On1 RAW - Non-Destructive Photo Effects On1 RAW - All-in-One RAW Processor and Photo Editor
  8. A young lady poses for her partner to take her photograph against the backdrop of the streets of Barcelona in this image shot with a Leica M9 and Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1.5, and then converted to b&w in Lightroom. Gerry
  9. I've been working for quite some time on my first user report on the Leica M-D 262. It's a lengthy piece that comes around most things. I hope you enjoy it. Cut it up over some reading sessions so you don't spend all weekend on it :-) "What's This - A Digital Camera Without a Screen?"
  10. I want to change the EXIF data when I have taken photos with an old lens or uncoded lens, så that I could find it with ease in Lightroom with metadata search afterwards. Anyone found some good software to do this? Now use tag, but with EXIF data this data would follow the photo.
  11. HI everyone, I am seeking the advice and input from this expert group. I have been shooting the M10 without issue until 2 nights ago. I came home, imported by photos into adobe Lightroom, but the images are all improperly oriented. The landscape images are generally updside down, while portrait oriented shots are oriented as landscapes. I tried resetting the camera. I also tried taking the battery out, tried a new SD card, and finally tried another computer, a separate Lightroom, and ultimately iPhoto, with the problem being consistently reproducible. I had now issues downloading nearly 2000 images until this cropped up, and now it's a consistent problem. Has anybody else had this issue? Am I being ignorant to some setting in the camera or lightroom? I figured that since I am reproducing this accross computers and via different software, it's a camera issue. Your thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance.
  12. I updated my 50mm APO article with a section about purple fringing and how to remove it in Lightroom from Noctilux and other lenses. Enjoy! "What is Purple Fringing in Leica lenses?"
  13. Is there a way in Lightroom to process a set of files containg the same object that was shot at different speed or different focus into one picture? Say in a simple case shooting an object against bright background splits image into two zones where each zone requires its own shutter speed. Combining #1 underexposed object+normally exposed background with #2 normally exposed object+overexposed backgroung would bring the harmony into one picture. I recall that back in my days of shooting with Nikon D-80 there was an option when one shot resulted in threee files and there was a third party sotfware to stitch those three together into one. Any suggestions to do the same in M / Lightroom world?
  14. I've added Page 41 to my Leica M article series, this one about something that is refreshing different from the usual black and white and new camera models: Page 41 - "Color Photography and the Colors of the Leica M" by Thorsten Overgaard It goes over the use of WhiBal cards, color meters, the history of color photography, exposure of color photographs, lens coatings, CCD vs CMOS sensors, film vs digital colors and much more! Enjoy! Feel free to comment. I will be adding one more page to this, mainly about editing color photographs, so any comments and questions you would like covered, please.
  15. Das DNG File im Photoshop CS6 ist nicht wie im Lightroom CC. Im CS6 scheinen die Q-Files umkorrigiert. Es heisst lediglich eingebettet. Weiss jemand warum? Die Adobe Raw Engine sollte eigentlich dieselbe sein, also sollte die Q-Files doch auch gleich aussehen. Wie ist das im PS CC?
  16. Eigentlich kann ich das noch gar nicht glauben: Ein Großteil der Lightroomanwendungen zielt darauf ab, Foto-Sammlungen zu erstellen. Sehr schön, möchte man denken, innerhalb des geschlossenen Systems "Lightroom" die Bildernachverarbeitung und Ordnung der Bilder gleich unter einem Dach zu haben... ...bis zu dem Zeitpunkt, an dem man versucht die neu gewonnene Bilderordnung z.B. auf eine externe Festplatte zu exportieren um sie z.B. als JPGs einem Beamer zugänglich zu machen. Ich suche und suche vergeblich nach dieser Funktion. Natürlich wird der "Export" der Bilder (z.B. als bearbeitete JPGs) gut unterstützt, aber dann landet alles in einem Sammelordner und die Sortiererei fängt von vorne an. Das wäre ja noch nicht so schlimm, wenn es nicht im Laufe der Zeit vor käme, dass doch noch mal das ein oder andere Foto nach dem Export nach bearbeitet wird. Dann kommt ein erneuter "Export", wieder in irgend einen Sammelordner und das Chaos ist perfekt. Wünschenswert wäre für mich eine Funktion, welche die "virtuellen" Sammlungen in Lightroom mit einer real existierenden Verzeichnisstruktur auf einer externen Festplatte synchron hält, und zwar nicht in Form der Original-DNGs, sondern fertig "entwickelter" JPGs. Gibt es so etwas??? Gruß, Rüdiger
  17. I just updated my Leica Q article with samples of the colors before and after the implementation of the new Camera Raw 9.1.1. that now supports Leica Q. The Lightroom profile has just been updated today, so that changes things quite a bit. Also the issue with wrong Kelvin values has been fixed. http://www.overgaard.dk/Leica-Q-Hemingway-digital-rangefinder-.html
  18. Hello everyone, Since Adobe or Leica haven't able to provide with profiles inside Lightroom for Leica T as other models, has anyone been successful to reproduce the black and white high contrast on the DNG files? I have try with the black and white conversion in Lightroom, software such as Silver Efex Pro 2, Alien Skin, Topaz, etc., but the feeling/look is not the same from the jpg file. Thank you, Francisco
  19. One of the problems of being an old dinosaur is that technology rolls on and passes me by. To this end, although my only concession to modern technology is an M9-P, I'm still using my old 35/50/90 pre- ASPH Summicron lenses from my M6 days. Unfortunately, LR6 does not have these in its lens pre-sets. Is anyone else in this position? What is your work-around or are you just using the ASPH equivalent profiles? Many thanks
  20. Hi there, fellow M246 owners! I've been a Leica shooter for some years now, but "only" film so far. For a month ago i did buy the M246 and i have been testing the camera shooting some 2.000 pictures, to get to know the camera before i start to use the camera in daily shootings. Please see my questions below When i've been post processing my Tri-X pictures, i've just been doing some minor post processing. Mainly in Exposure, and if the pictures are more dull and grey for my style, i've just done some minor adjustments in the blacks/shadows and/or whites/highlights. I have a some trouble getting the result i want from my new M246. It's just so much easier to get a b/w - i'm happy with - from of my M6 loaded with Tri-X or from my Fuji X100s. Therefore i want your help as a little quick start, since my strenght nor experience isn't in Lightroom or post processing. To give you a feeling of,what i like and don't like what concerns post processing, the pictures in this review are pretty close to my own preferences: Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) Review Could you please share and tell me: How do you post process your M246 pictures? Which program do you use? Could you please describe in details what you do? What are your settings? Could you post some examples with pictures? What were the specific settings in Lightroom in the pictures? I don't want to copy your post processing style, i just want a quick starting point where i can begin, since i don't have so many experiences with Lightroom, being a film photographer for 28 years. Sorry if this question already has been asked without me noticing. I did try to search this forum before posting, but i didn't find any dedicated post regarding this. Thanks for your help in advance.
  21. ...es gibt eine neue, sehr ausführliche Analyse auf heise.de: http://www.heise.de/foto/artikel/Umfassender-Performancevergleich-Lightroom-5-vs-Lightroom-6-2752591.html Das Ergebnis zeigt, dass eine pauschale Antwort im Vergleich LR6 zu LR5.7 nicht möglich ist, je nach HW-Setup und Funktion mal so und mal so, je neuer die HW desto besser. Nur im Bezug auf die Adobe-Werbung zu den Performance-Vorteilen von LR6 ist ein klares "Nein" zu finden. Viele Grüße thomas
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