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Found 102 results

  1. For color images, I've been often using a VSCO preset as a starting point. I now find that the Leica M-Looks Pro presets give me a better starting point and usually produce better skin tones, and also require little or no use of the LR Structure slider. That is good because the Structure slider can easily result in "haloes". Someone told me that the M-Looks presets were originally made to give an M9-look to M240 images, although I don't know if that's true. In any case, they work well with M10 files. The M-Look presets work somewhat differently from VSCO presets, which apply changes on top of the settings you've already made in LR; M-Looks presets revert to the original DNG and apply changes to that. That means, for example, if you've already adjusted the White Balance, when you apply an M-Looks preset the WB revers to its As Shot setting. For B&W, I've been using Silver Efex; but, now I find that with the M-Looks presets I can get a look that is often as good as what I get with Silver Efex; not always, but better than I can do in just using LR with VSCO. Actually, I've only been using two of the M-Looks presets: Real Film (Typ 4) and Real Film (Typ 5) B&W. The Real Film presets can be bought for $15, while the whole Leica M-Looks Pro package costs $40. But I don't recall whether the smaller Real Film package is sold on the rawpresets.com site, or if you have to go to the original developer's site, whose name you can find on the rawpresets.com site. If you try M-Looks please let me know what you think.
  2. Hi I have just came back from a trip where i used my Q2 for the first time massively and when i am importing the color are just becoming totally off. I tried the trial of Lightroom CC Classic and it definitely can show the right color. See below screenshots. There were no adjustment made at all in all case. Anyone having similar color issue with the perpetual version of Lightroom ? Many thanks
  3. The Q2 DNG file is around 80++ MB but exporting as JPEG after processing in LR, I noticed that the JPEG file size becomes relatively small. For experimental purpose, I intentionally set the LR export criteria as follow :- 1) JPEG image quality to 100 2) Resize to fit as 100 Megapixels + 300 ppi The JPEG export file size never exceeds more than 25 MB. It is around 18 MB to 23 MB. Exporting as DNG file with either 1) embed fast load data or 2) embed original RAW file resulted in file size of about 38 MB only. Is the JPEG and DNG exporting file size normal ? Thank you
  4. The current Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 update has major problems. It crashes frequently as discussed on the Adobe Forums, and also has problems with VSCO presets. I've had both of these problems and decided to roll back to v7.2. Adobe has recognized the problems, and I'll either wait until these are solved before trying v7.3 again, or shall simply wait for v7.4 before trying to upgrade again. You can read the article on v7.3 by Thom Hogan, which raises other issues, but doesn't deal with these two problems, before deciding if you're interest at all in this upgrade. Please be so kind as to limit discussion in this thread of problems with v7.3 and solutions that may emerge. There are other threads in which you can vent your feelings about Adobe and it's policies. _______________ Alone in Bangkok essay on BURN Magazine Nowhereman Instagram
  5. HI everyone, I am seeking the advice and input from this expert group. I have been shooting the M10 without issue until 2 nights ago. I came home, imported by photos into adobe Lightroom, but the images are all improperly oriented. The landscape images are generally updside down, while portrait oriented shots are oriented as landscapes. I tried resetting the camera. I also tried taking the battery out, tried a new SD card, and finally tried another computer, a separate Lightroom, and ultimately iPhoto, with the problem being consistently reproducible. I had now issues downloading nearly 2000 images until this cropped up, and now it's a consistent problem. Has anybody else had this issue? Am I being ignorant to some setting in the camera or lightroom? I figured that since I am reproducing this accross computers and via different software, it's a camera issue. Your thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance.
  6. Hallo erstmal, ich habe ein Problem mit Farben der DNG-Files in Lightroom und Capture One. Zurzeit habe ich eine Teststellung einer Leica SL (FW 3.3) mit dem 24-90mm und dem 50mm/1.4. Letzte Woche hatte ich Outdoor das erste Probe-Shooting. Unabhängig von der tollen Handhabung und allem anderen an der Kamera, war ich doch etwas überrascht, als ich mir die Bilder später in Lightroom (neueste Version LR Classic 2019) anschaute. Die JPEGS-Files klasse. Vom Farbtone sehr nah am Original (zumindest was mein Auge sah). In der Kamera alles auf Standardwerte gelassen. soweit so gut. Die RAW-Files (DNG). Alle einen leichten aber sehr auffälligen und unnatürlichen Farbstich ins Rot/Orange. Die (Leica) DNG habe ich direkt nach LR importiert, also keine Umwandlung in Adobe-DNG. Kein Filter oder anderes als das Adobe-Standard Preset. Geschaut ob es ein Leica-Kamera Preset gibt, wie z.B. bei Nikon oder Olympus. Gibt es nicht. Das Bild mal in Capture One überprüft. Selbes Phänomen. Wieder Farbstich beim DNG. Gut jetzt könnte ich selber nach regeln, aber es ist schon sehr auffällig, wie unnatürlich das RAW/DNG gegenüber den JPEG aussieht. Kenn ich von anderen Kamera her nicht. Wir haben ca. 500 Bilder an diesem Tag gemacht. Ist bei fast allen Bildern, das selbe Phänomen. Egal ob nun mit Schal um den Hals herum oder nicht. Auch der Weiss-Abglich stimmte m.E., denn die JPEGS sehen ja alle sehr harmonisch aus. Das Model ist eher der blasse Typ gewesen, aber nicht mit diesen oranger Teint, wie auf dem DNG. Nun habe ich schon mal in anderen Foren gesucht, und was über Color Problem bei den DNGs aus der Leica Q und S gelesen. Ist das hier das selbe Problem? Oder muss ich mich umstellen, dass alle Leica RAWs (DNG) einfach einen leichten Farbstich haben? Ich wollte eigentlich ein neues System kaufen, wo ich nicht erstmal auf Fehlersuche gehen muss. Oder gibt es einen Tipp von Euch, wo mein Denkfehler ist? Danke schon mal und viele Grüße aus dem Norden P.S. Die Beispielbilder sind unbearbeitet, auch nichts an der Helligkeit/Kontrast etc. geändert.
  7. Two young people at the Gay Pride event in my home town (Southampton). Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5 @ 250iso. Lightroom Classic. Gerry
  8. I've made a package of the presets I mostly use for Leica to adjust colors, make black and white, etc.These handles the skin tones, the correction of CMOS to CCD colors, the 'right' black and white look for M10, SL, TL, etc. These are the ones people usually ask for, so I have made it a free download. Enjoy! http://www.overgaard.dk/Thorsten-von-Overgaard-Gallery-Store-The-Overgaard-Adobe-Lighroom-Presets-for-Leica-cameras.html
  9. I just received access to the new Beta version of Palette Gear's new software that properly supports controlling Capture One 11. Palette Gear is a set of programmable buttons, knobs and sliders which can be mapped to replace keyboard commands in mostly video, sound and photography software. They aren't necessary as such, but I prefer using them to my keyboard when I have a lot of photo or video editing. Here's the video that I think is of the old beta, which didn't support the sliders. That has been remedied in the new version. Since Adobe seems to be pushing everyone into their Lightroom subscription, I decided to buy Capture One. I heard about it on Thorsten Overgaard's blog. I used his code to get 10% off – AMBOVERGAARD. To get access to the Palette Gear Capture One beta you need to 'Submit a ticket' and Andy will probably send you a link to download the beta. For the record, I have no connection, financial or otherwise, to any of these companies.
  10. Hi all, I've noticed that the on-camera profiles for R lenses, automatically applied in Lightroom after importing DNGs if the correct lens was selected in the camera menu, often overcorrect vignetting at mid-apertures (f/5.6 to 11), resulting, in slightly brighter far corners. I had to set some vignetting in Effects menu to compensate for this, or even better turn off the on-camera profile before the shot (but then I have no EXIFs, of course, nor other corrections for distortion and/or chromatic aberration). Has someone else noticed that? I'm running v3.0 firmware. Thanks
  11. I'm having a terrible time printings some portraits for a gallery show. I'm using Ilford Galerie Prestige Gold Fibre Silk paper, 13x19, and printing with an Epson 1430 Artisan printer. I'm printing through LightRoom, using the Ilford profile for that paper. I've turned off color correction for the printer itself and am using the color settings in LR. I'm using Relative Intent. Here is an example of my digital file: http://www.pbase.com/tinamanley/image/166471709/large Here is an iPhone photo of the actual print: http://www.pbase.com/tinamanley/image/167279204 See the greenish shadow on her jaw? All of my portraits are printing with these green shadows somewhere. I've tried adjusting the color balance of the whole photo which makes it too pink and I've tried adjusting the toning of just the shadows which doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me crazy!! TIA Tina
  12. Does it matter that Lightroom doesn't have Leica within its jpeg profiles? I'm completely new to LR, so may have missed something. thanks.
  13. Hi there, I don’t think this is an issue with my Leica M, but given its new to me, I thought I would post incase anyone has seen such an issue that did turn out to be camera related... On importing images to Lightroom from the sd card (compressed dng) I’ll see a couple of corrupt images (previews - from embedded preview image) in the library module. If I flip to the developer module, the raw file is perfectly fine. If I regenerate the preview, the corruption goes away. One would think it points to the camera saving a corrupt preview images with the dng, which is resolved on a preview regeneration in Lightroom. The weird thing is if I do the same import to another computer... no corrupt previews. So that would point to an issue with the computer, but I only see this from the Leica shot images. 2 imports of a couple of hundred images each time usually results in 1- 2 corrupted images as described above. One thing worth noting is that I’m pretty sure the corrupt images where shot in continuous mode and shot at the point of a full buffer. Very weird and easily remedied by generating the previews. Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers Jonathan
  14. Is there another Photo Library tool (or digital asset management tool) that can import my keywords and ratings from Lightroom? I can understand why it would be very difficult to import all the cropping, white balancing, image retouching (etc.) into another tool from the Lightroom database, but I would think the keywords and ratings fields to be easy to read? I am preparing to move away from LR as I do not wish to subscribe to their cloud service and am annoyed at their big brother tactics of dictating to me as a consumer.
  15. I've set Adobe Camera Raw to apply lens profiles automatically when I load images from my Leica lenses, But I don't remember how I did it. Now I have a non-Leica camera and lens as well and would like ACR to automatically apply Adobe's lens profiles when I load those images. Can someone please remind me how to set ACR to do that? (And maybe tell me how to do the same in Lightroom, since I may soon be switching over to use that program?) Many thanks in advance!
  16. Hello. I would ask for opinions. Which is a better aplication for processing exclusively and only Leica M dng files (Leica MD, Leica M10)? 70% is a conversion to black and white, 30% in collor. I would ask for your experience and opinions between two applications, LIGHTROOM and CAPTURE ONE. Which gives better end results and why? It's only for Leica M files and not files of other camera brands. Thank you very much. Best regards.
  17. Can anyone explain this totally bizarre problem which has now wasted me half an hour trying to resolve. Yesterday, I was out taking photos. When importing my files from the M262 memory card a SanDisk Extreme 32GB one of the pictures appearing in thumbnail and in the editing screen is an image I took last October! It should not be there! I have always had a habit of reformatting cards once everything has been downloaded thus this card will probably have been formatted around 10 times since it was bought last year when I bought the camera. What is even more bizarre if I use the windows file browser and view an enlarged icon of the image file or use FastStone Image viewer the file shows up on screen as the image it should be - the one I took yesterday. It will even open correctly into Photoshop Elements. I have removed the wrong image from the Lightroom catalog and resynced but the erroneous image keeps coming back. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? Thank you John
  18. Hallo, einige Tage, nachdem ich etliche Bilder auf meinem Epson SC P800 ausgedruckt hatte, bekam ich plötzlich Probleme mit dem Druck aus Lightroom (Version 6.10.1). Datei: DNG aus Leica M10. Das Problem tritt auch auf bei älteren eingescannten Negativen auf die mit PS ausgedruckt werden. Alle Drucke zeigen horizontale dunkle Streifen, die nur in den dunklen Bildpartien, im Abstand von 6mm sichtbar sind. Ich bekomme das gleiche Ergebnis wenn ich aus PS Elements drucke. Betriebssystem: macOS Sierra Der Drucker ist in Ordnung; wenn ich ein Bild direkt, ohne Lightroom oder PS öffne, und direkt mit dem (neuesten) Epson Druckertreiber ausdrucke ist alles in Ordnung. Habe mit dem EPSON Support gesprochen; die wollen nicht helfen. Freue mich über eure Hilfe Beste Grüße aus Hamburg Werner
  19. Lately I have had problem with the Leica SL GPS in Lightroom CC. No coordinates seems to be recorded. As I have the same problem with the Hasselblad X1D I searched for a "solution". Actually the files (X1D or SL) can be opened in Hasselblads Phocus (free) software. Here the coordinates appear and can be shown in Google Earth with Command +alt +m. A Lightroom CC bug? Or user incompetence?
  20. Many years ago I used Bridge and CR + PS for my photography. Then I moved exclusively to LR, unless I needed to do a composite, which I did in PS. Now I am reconsidering PS for the ability to do more complex selective adjustment layers. For example, selective curves, which LR cannot do. Also, PS now has some useful photography filters with liquify and all the focus/blur filters. But, Bridge seems a poor alternative to LR for cataloguing. I make extensive use of Collections in LR. I recently attended a photo workshop in Cuba. Very nice... Nearly all the participants were professional or very experienced non-pros. They all used Bridge and PS. However, none were knowledgable of LR too and couldn't tell me why. In fact, many said LR reduces all images to 8-bit not 16. Not true. Some also thought LR was destructive and PS isn't. Not true. So, like many, I am perplexed by Adobe's product mix with CC. What are your thoughts?
  21. So, nun ist sie da meine SL und ich stelle mir gleich die erste Frage. Ich habe aktuell Lightroom 5.7 auf meinem Mac installiert und möchte eigentlich nicht auf CC upgraden. Wer bearbeitet seine DNGs aus der SL mit Lightroom 5.7 und wie sind die Erfahrungen damit? Schon mal herzlichen Dank für eure Information. Gruß, Reimar
  22. gwpics

    The Copiest

    I took this in the Louvre in Paris in 2002. I have just scanned it to add it to my archive. The camera was certainly the M6 and probably the lens was the 35mm Summicron I had back then. It was taken on Agfa Vista 800 colour film, which I have no rational explanation for now because I can't imagine me ever using it. The grain is pretty big, but through judicious use of LRCC I think I have gotten away with it at this size, or at least I hope so! I do like the result. Gerry
  23. I can connect my M10 to a WiFi network, but I can't see any pictures from my camera in Lightroom's import window. The camera appears in the side panel, but there are no images. I have tried formatting the SD card, and I have tried on several WiFi networks. I have also connected my Mac to the camera's own WLAN, but nothing helps. Anyone who can help with this? It is not a big deal to put the SD card in the Mac to transfer the files (and probably much faster with many pictures), but at least it would be nice to try out this feature.
  24. QUESTION: Does the Leica M10 come with a free copy of Lightroom? ANSWER: Leica no longer includes a free copy of Lightroom. With the M10, you now get a 90 Day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud.
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