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  1. I thought having no moving parts they would be much less likely to wear out. Does anyone know there mean time to failure rate? Have they been tested? Or does that only apply if constantly updated?
  2. Yes I have spotted the cards when checking them out but I would want externals. Not much concern about them walking as I would only be using them at home and perhaps taking one away with me as a security backup. I generally take one back up of all my images whenever I go out.
  3. I have tended to disregard SSD as in the past when I have looked at them they appeared very pricey for the capacity offered, However, just having a look at the Crucial 4TB externals I see these are now available in the UK for just over £400 each. The price/storage capacity has certainly improved in recent times and seems to be heading in the right direction with prices falling and capacity increasing very much as happened with hard drives. If this trend continues one presumes shortly they will become the default method of storage. Anyone know of any disadvantages of SSD over HD?
  4. Very useful info - no you don't come across as a sales person. Something which I will put in the consideration pot when deciding a final strategy. Thank you
  5. That sounds interesting - I have been an Amazon customer probably since they started and I didn't even realise this existed. Though I imagine uploading might take a VERY long time!
  6. Interesting perspective - but it might depend what you photograph. There is someone I follow on flickr who "rescues" discarded photos which he I think he picks up from skips, house clearances etc. There are some real gems in there. Historical interest, and it is a shame that they have been discarded. Yes quite a few are not very good - but he posts the good, bad and ugly and even in some of the less that perfect there can be interest. I love playing spot the location as most are not captioned. Continuing the point of why keep images when those who come after you may not be interested, or
  7. Thanks for the various ideas - there does appear to be quite diverse strategies in use. Someone suggested deleting the JPGs and just retaining the DNGs but I wont be going down that route as all my images pre October 2016 are jpgs. Besides JPGS are viewable quickly in the viewer I use they are all neatly organised in date then category folders and sub folders which makes finding things a doddle. I never used this method with Lightroom thus the DNGs are stored in the Lightroom linear timeline. What I am probably going to do is move all the JPGs off the hard drive to an ext
  8. I am reaching the point where my 2TB hard drive on my main PC will be full by or before the end of 2021. Space started shrinking rapidly once I started shooting in DNG at the end of 2016 and using Lightroom after getting an M262 and then switched my other Leicas to shooting in DNG/RAW. As well as the DNG/RAW images I also have the outputted jpgs stored on the hard drive as well, along with most of my other jpg images since I bought a Digilux Zoom in 2000! I seriously need to rethink my storage strategy within the next couple of months as I have some trips planned for the autum
  9. Wonder if / when it may appear in the UK? My old Sony android will need replacing soon. I very nearly upgraded to a Huawei but held off when things went pear shaped with Huawei products John
  10. I had an almost out of the box dust problem with my Leica X1 which resulted in a return within two months of purchase - though it has been okay since and that wasn't a "Leicasonic" though I suspect that there was some Panasonic input into it. One thing that did strike me on unpacking and setting up the V-Lux 5 yesterday was that I noticed that the matt plastic didn't seem of quite the same quality as that used on the V-Lux 3. Also the neck strap lugs are all plastic - on the V-Lux 3 they are reinforced with metal. This was not something I picked up on in any pre purchase reviews I read.
  11. I today have just taken delivery of a Leica V-Lux 5 - why? Because I buy Leica cameras. It is actually replacing a 10 year old V-Lux 3, which in turn replaced a V-Lux 1. I need a long lens zoom camera for certain shots - ships in particular - my pair of Ms are not suitable obviously nor my X1. V-Lux 5 seems a competitively priced camera for what it offers as were the previous two V-Lux models I have owned. John
  12. Yes that was me back in 2016. Went off a day or two after buying it to a railway event and as I did with the V-Lux / X-1 and X-Vario carried on shooting JPGs. Following words of advice on this forum I switched to DNG, signed up to the Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop sub and have never had so much photo fun post processing. In 2019 I took advantage of the M-E240 offer and bought one of those. Now I tend to use the ME240 with a 28mm Elmarit and the M262 with a 75mm Summarit. Saves changing lenses and consequently reduces sensor dust problems. Have now switched to using DNG with the V
  13. I bought my Digilux 2 in 2004. Really liked the camera - handled well compared to predecessor the Fuji rebranded Digilux Zoom and the later Digilux 1. I was really happy with it and when the Digilux 3 appeared around 2006 I thought about it then decided not to bother. Unfortunately my Digilux 2 suffered sensor failure in October 2007. I sent if off to Leica UK for repair and they offered me choice of a free repair or a Digilux 3 at half price. Oh dear the Digilux 3 nearly put me of Leicas, fortunately I had also recently acquired a V-Lux which helped me keep the faith!
  14. If Q2 mono or the ordinary Q2 had appeared sooner (2016) I might have bought it. However, in 2016 I found myself in a situation where I could finally afford the M system I hankered for for since I was around 20. - I am now 61 it was a long wait but I never gave up! Thus I bought an M262 a 35mm Summicron and 75mm Summarit. In the following months I added a 28mm Elmarit, and SF40 Flash. In Summer 2019 when the ME240 was announced at a competitive price I thought it might be wise to get a second M body (this is when I had been thinking of buying a Q2). Two bodies means I don't have to
  15. Thanks for the comparison of the cameras. Yes the bundles offered at least in the UK are from Leica the Billingham Bag has a tag "Billingham for Leica" which in the past only the M combination bag has carried and from press photos the bundle comes in a Leica box. I had perused the Panasonic site for clues as to new releases which may influence future Pana _ Leicas . I will keep on waiting as I have no immediate use for an upgrade as at the moment I am hardly using the Vlux3 compared to the other cameras and I don't see the situation changing for a few months yet. John
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