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  1. I am an old film guy and still use my M3 occasionally. I shot color slides or B&W and had to have a different mindset depending on which was loaded. I enjoyed both. I love my M-D which is obviously color. I’ve converted sometime to B&W, just like others. I always found that process to be open to fiddling. Lots of opportunity to fiddle. for me, the Q2M eliminates all the fiddling. It’s just outstanding B&W and harkens back to shooting B&W film. I very much enjoy it.
  2. I very much enjoy using my Sekonic L-208 Twin Mate. Accurate and rides well in my pocket. I have tracked my exposures and using sunny-16 is almost in-sync with the meter reading.
  3. I enjoy loading a new roll into my M3. I'm super happy when I see the rewind knob move!
  4. Like most of you I've owned and shot a lot of cameras over the years. I never liked autofocus much and always preferred a manual film camera over the tinkering of a digital. I've never liked EVF. I've enjoyed the Leica M-D since it came out and it's like a film M but with digital capture. Very nice. But I always wanted to go back to mono. I occasionally enjoy shooting black and white film but seeing color has always been a distraction for me. Now, the Q2 Mono is amazing. This is the first EVF I actually enjoy. And, I thought 46 MP is a marketing gimmick. No way! I really like the 28mm on the Q2. The ability to crop without concern is wonderful. The detail and clarity is amazing. I'm sold!
  5. DxO doesn't support my M-D so I went with Topaz. I am satisfied with the results.
  6. On the Q2M the Zoom / Lock button works as a back-button focus just like I expect. What isn't working for you?
  7. I posted pictures of the grip on the M-D in the forum.
  8. Functionally works for me well. As you see, a slight offset to the back of the M-D. Otherwise, fits well. No jiggle or looseness at all.
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