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  1. I glue the slide in the open position. An unwanted lock can come at an inconvenient time. /Eric
  2. Both my 75 and 35 went back to Wetzlar because of stiff manual focusing. The 75 came back perfect and the 35 half a year later as stiff as it went. So it goes…
  3. On the Mac you need a grafik processor that works with Apple’ s Metal. My 2011 iMac does not.
  4. Oh, I see. Side by side on tripod and magnifying Live view the M. Thank you for elaborating. The M10 is a fantastic camera, as is the X1D. Happy shooting!
  5. Could you please elaborate? I have not seen this claim anywhere and not experienced it myself. /Eric
  6. Yes, the apperture blades now opens up extra at maximum making it round. At smaller openings the shape is still hexagonal.
  7. Today my Leica Summicron-SL 35mm returned from Wetzlar. This time no luck. The Leica technician did not succeed in making the manual focusing *Leica smooth* like they did with my Summicron-SL 75mm. I really have to grab the focusing ring to turn it. No Leica feeling there.
  8. Stuart, Thank you! I wander what she is thinking? And what picture, of her(?) he has on his screen?
  9. Gerry, thank you! And Sicily has so much to give you, color, streets, nature, culture, you name it.
  10. Hi Gerry, Thanks! I use LR Classic and Adobe´s Leica M10 profile. But the indirect light in narrow streets is important. /Eric
  11. From a week around Sicily with my M10 and Summilux 35mm
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