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  1. Hello. I would ask for opinions. Which is a better aplication for processing exclusively and only Leica M dng files (Leica MD, Leica M10)? 70% is a conversion to black and white, 30% in collor. I would ask for your experience and opinions between two applications, LIGHTROOM and CAPTURE ONE. Which gives better end results and why? It's only for Leica M files and not files of other camera brands. Thank you very much. Best regards.
  2. Hier ein Interview über die Leica M10, das ich für FotoTV mit Stefan Daniel und Jesko von Oeynhausen geführt habe:
  3. Liebe L F B - Freunde, hiermit laden wir Euch recht herzlich zum 12. Berliner Leica Fotografentreffen am Donnerstag, den 16.02.2017 ab 18:30 Uhr ein. Wir treffen uns wieder im: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://restaurant-berliner-hof.de/ Wir haben folgende Programmpunkte vorgesehen: Nach langer Zeit mal wieder Streetfotografie: 1. Überraschungsgast ist diesmal ein aufstrebender, junger und talentierter Berliner Streetfotograf 2. Christian Augustin: ca. 15 Min. Druckprobleme 3. Bodo Philipp : Leica M 10 - auch zum testen ! Die Teilnahme ist wie immer kostenlos! Wir haben diesmal wieder eine begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl. Daher meldet Euch bitte ausschließlich per Email (LFB@mail.de) an, wenn Ihr teilnehmen möchtet. In der Reihenfolge der Anmeldungen erhaltet Ihr dann eine Bestätigungsmail als verbindliche Zusage. Anmeldeschluss ist der 14.Februar 2017, 18:00 Uhr, da Klaus dann die verbindliche Teilnehmerzahl dem Berliner Hof mitteilen muss. Grüße Klaus und Cord
  4. Hier einige Videos und Reviews zur neuen Leica M10 (Jonos Leica M10 Review im Blog habt ihr sicher schon gelesen...) Ich fange mal mit zwei Videos vom Leica Event am 18. Januar an Leica CEO Oliver Kaltner zur “Celebration of Photography” und der Leica M10 Kai Wong (Ex Digital Rev) BTW - hier ist sein neuer Youtube channel
  5. The only glitch so far - for some reason neither of my Lexar 633 64GB / 95 MB/s cards are recognised. They worked fine on the SL and M-240. I've reformatted using SD Formatter, but the M10 simply doesn't recognise the card and isn't able to format in camera. Anyone else with similar experiences? My Sandisk 32GB 95 MB/s Extreme Pro work fine. I'll log this with Leica... Possible firmware issue?
  6. I've launched my first video review of the Leica M10 before the article series starts. I'll get into more on the sensor, ISO, comparison to Fuji and more in the following videos and articles. Enjoy! Leica M10 Video Reviews by Thorsten Overgaard
  7. Leica hat gestern die Leica M10 vorgestellt, die sich noch stärker auf die Messsucher-Fotografie konzentriert. Frage an euch Leica M Fotografen: Kann dich die Leica M10 verlocken? Bitte oben abstimmen (die Option, die eurer Meinung am nähsten kommt) Gerne unten kommentieren: Was wäre für euch das entscheidende Kaufargument? Oder der entscheidende Punkt dagegen?
  8. I've updated my "The Worlds (Possibly) Longest Camera Review" with a new chapter: "Leica M10 - Expect Simplicity" Enjoy!
  9. So it appears that sometime in January, the M10 will be dropped on the market. If that turns out to be true, the model designation progression from the M9P forward will be (admittedly not necessarily in the correct order) - M Monochrom (18 mp) M240 M-A M-P 240 M-D M typ 262 Monochrom typ 246 (24 mp) - and next we will (apparently) have the M10. Then there's this - if the original naming protocol would have been adhered to, the M10 would have been the M17. I am at a loss to understand why there was the model naming jaunt off into the seven above names. I also fail to understand why the above M camera naming protocol was not adhered to, but was abandoned in favor of returning to the original naming protocol and naming the next new release the M10. Does anyone else understand the thinking behind the two changes in the M camera naming protocol?
  10. As photographers we are always striving to improve and I have now near enough ditched a lot of my Canon camera equipment in favour for the Leica rangefinders and I now enjoy my photography so much more, I just love the rangefinder way of working and I am super happy to make the jump - thanks for all your inspiration on the other threads on this forum too - Epic work!! Here are some shots taken from all the weddings in the last 4 weeks since receiving the Leica M10 and a very few are with the Q and the M9: http://www.dsbcreativeblog.com/marchapril-storytelling-wedding-photography-with-the-leica-m10q/ Lenses are: 35mm 1.4 Summilux Asph / Elmarit 28mm / 50mm 2.0 Summicron Have a good evening folks and thanks for taking time out to read this post!!
  11. adli

    Girl and tree

    Some play with the Noctilux again.
  12. Only a month after the release of the Leica M10, the German camera manufacturer has published a firmware version In addition to improvements in usability and stability Leica has also fixed some minor bugs. » Leica M10 FW v. Download Here an overview of all improvements: The color-coding of the SD-Card and battery status bars has been changed. The color of the status bar now changes from green to yellow to red as the battery is depleted or the SD card is filled. Two favorites pages allowed It is now possible to choose up to 15 menu items for the favorites menu. If more than 7 are chosen, a second favorites page will be automatically added. Quick access to the main menu and page-by-page scrolling using the menu button Pushing the menu button while in the last page of favorites will open the first page of the main menu. It is possible to scroll through the main menu page-by-page using the menu button. Auto Review Screen Target selectable In the menu item EVF/display control it is now possible to choose from “Auto”, “EVF” or “Display” to determine which screen the Auto Review function uses by default. “M-ISO" can be accessed directly from the favorites menu In “Edit Favorites” it is possible to enable a shortcut to “M-ISO” for the favorites menu Shorter blackout time after capturing in Live view The time when the Live View stream is interrupted after a picture is taken is significantly shorter now. This is most noticeable when Auto Review is turned off. » Leica M10 FW v. Download
  13. Hello I have noticed that very occasionally the LV and Menu button is unresponsive on my brand new Leica M10 - Outer Box Date 30/1/17. It does not appear to be a mechanical issue and the LV button is responsive again once I take an image and the auto preview displays or if I press the Play button first. The issue then goes away. I don't have the Visoflex 020 yet and use the LCD and noticed this when I tried to use a 15mm lens today. It is very difficult to replicate the problem consistently - I have changed memory cards and reset the camera settings. I am on Firmware version Thanks Nicholas EDIT - All resolved thanks to Digitalfx - this was user error on my part just tap the button quickly...dont push and hold
  14. Does anybody know if it is possible to disable the Live View button on the M 10? There is the risk to accidentally hit it ... Thanks, R.
  15. Ich erlaube mir mal hier auf meinen Blog zu verweisen wo ich einen kleinen Bericht zu dem Zeiss Distagon 35mm f1.4 zm veröffentlicht habe. Einfach den link hier anklicken: https://www.qimago.de/das-zeiss-distagon-35mm-f1-4-fuer-leica-m/ Da sind dann solche Bilder und noch ein paar mehr plus eben Gedanken zu dem Glas zu sehen.
  16. Leica's website for the M10 has a picture shot at ISO 50K by Maik Sharfscheer. I have yet to take the camera out and do some real work with it, but was interested in hearing about the results of the higher ISOs, specifically 6400 and above. How high up on the ISO can the M10 do before the photos are unusable?
  17. Trying to match the silver lenses with silver filters and Leica-Q-like 46mm silver caps. Are there any? Also any silver ND and Polarizers out there?
  18. Here are some videos and reviews about the new Leica M10 (I'm sure you already read Jono's Leica M10 review in our blog...) I start with two videos from the Leica Event on January 18th: Leica CEO Oliver Kaltner about the “Celebration of Photography” and the Leica M10 Kai Wong (Ex Digital Rev) BTW - here is his new Youtube channel
  19. Heute stellt Leica Camera mit der Leica M10 eine neue Kamera vor, die sich voll und ganz auf die Messsucherfotografie konzentriert. Alle Infos zur Leica M10: Blog Post zur Leica M10 Technische Daten Leica M10 Leica M10 Review von Jonathan Slack Leica M10 auf einen Blick 24MP CMOS Sensor Verbesserungen bei hohen ISO-Werten und Dynamikumfang ISO 100 - 50.000 Schlankeres Gehäuse mit Leica M7 Abmessungen Zusätzliches ISO Rad Sucher mit größerem Blickfeld, 0,73-facher Vergrößerung und angenehmerem Einblick
  20. Leica today introduces the new Leica M10, completely dedicated to rangefinder photography. All about the new Leica M10 Blog Post about Leica M10 Leica M10 Review by Jonathan Slack Technical Data Leica M10 Leica M10 at a glance: 24MP CMOS Sensor Improvement in high ISO and dynamic range ISO 100 - 50.000 Slimmer body, approx. Leica M7 size Additional ISO dial Viewfinder with bigger field of view, 0.73 magnification more convenient to use
  21. Leica M10 Hands-On Field Test
  22. Here is a short but interesting video look into the production process of the M10 camera:
  23. All the images from 2 SD cards disappeared. Both are Delkin. One card is an 32gb SDHC - SD 633x UHS-1 that writes 80mb/s and reads 95mb/s, the other a Black (name of Card) 128gb, UHS-1 SDXC. Both had been formatted in camera - the 128 card with images still on the card from a previous shoot. These are all images I took today at a music festival, and all the images were present when I reviewed them in camera as the day went on. When I tried loading them into Lightroom there was no images in either card. I reloaded the cards into the camera and both cards were empty. My camera was purchased in August and has the latest 1.9.4 firmware. My whole day's work has vanished. Anyone know what the problem might be, and also how to recover the images? Thank you. Roddy Blelloch
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