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Found 70 results

  1. Hope you all are doing well. I searched through this forum and found few topics on Zeiss 28 F2.8 but wasn't able to get the answer I was looking for. If i want to spend 1k on a 28 do you recommend Zeiss 28 F 2.8? Fairly new to Leica compared to most of you so I am not geeked out YET. Here is my line up M10 & M240 Summicron 35 Summilux 50 Elmarit 90 Tri-Elmar All your tips appreciated. Hope you are having a nice Weekend.
  2. Ladies and gents, I searched the net since quite some time for experiences and examples that demonstrate the performance and quality of Leica M10 or SL files for large printing. With large prints I mean sizes up to 150cm (60") on the long side. There are lots of comparisons and reviews between cameras of different makes, e.g. between SL and Hasselblad X1D, but they concentrate mainly on usability or spec-sheet resolution etc. They don't say anything about the final product, which is the print. Print quality from files of a particular camera is nearly never mentioned or discussed. I would like to ask the community here for experiences with printing large from Leica full frame cameras such as M10, SL, 240 or even M9. I know, many of the answers will state "quality is subjective", "depends on viewing distance" or "depends on expectation", etc. But maybe this thread is able to shed some more light on people's experience. I'm sure there must be some prints out there of such sizes. Did you send your SL or M images for example to services such as whitewall.com to produce such large prints? Do you print yourself? How do M or SL files hold up in a 40x60" print? Are they totally inferior to a print from digital medium format... ? Cheers, Peter
  3. Hi, I have a Leica M10 with a sum micron 35mm since last year and I am wondering if I could use my Nikon 50mm ai 1.2 lens with it. I now that there are convertors but not sure how focusing will work with the rangefinder. Anyone has experience on this combo?
  4. Presently I own the Leica M262, Q and CL. I've been wondering if I should pull the trigger and get an M10. But I'm not sure if there will be a significant difference with image quality, when comparing it against the Q and/or CL. I absolutely love the Q and haven't put much time into the CL - other than the lack of battery life I like. When I look at photos from others, I have to remember they are posting their very best images and most include some post work. I'm not a professional and I am new to the Leica family. Just hopeful to get a variety of feedback from those who might have different levels of experience and knowledge. Thank you
  5. I have a Leica M10 since April last year combined with a summicron 35mm. Since last month I add a summarit 75mm 2.4 to the family. I am facing a couple of issues since then and I am not even sure if they are related. When I put on the 75mm for the first time the camera did't recognise the lens, than after moving in the menu to manual and then again to auto again the problem was solved. Latter I started to have a new issue. On a random basis the buttons ( Menu, Play, Lv) does't work. Everything else work perfectly. It can be only a perception but I started to come to the conclusion that after switching to the summarit 75mm the problem tend to appear. Today it happened again after having been using the 75mm lens for a while. but this time on a permanent way. They do not worked at all. After several attempts I realised that pressing the shutter at same time the buttons ( Menu, Play, Lv) worked. Then, after have redding about the internal battery, I kept the Leica switch on during one hour. The problem seems to have disappear. However I am affraid that, if I switch again to the summarit 75mm that the problem will re-appear. Anyone have experience this type of issues?... Any clues on the causes or on the solutions? Cheers
  6. - NEW: Compatible with the new Leica FOTOS iOS / Android app - NEW: QR Code for all Leica Cameras - NEW: 1-Click Connection with FN-button, WLAN starts without submenus on FN-button - NEW: Fixed WLAN name and password, no submenus for setting name and password - NEW: No submenus for mode settings, no submenus for setting a connection mode Download: https://en.leica-camera.com/Corposite/Service-Support/Support/Downloads?category=93710&subcategory=139034&type=108942&language=93871
  7. I am greatly enjoying using the Leica M10. For me, it is the nicest handling digital M yet. I like taking wide-angle shots at vintage and classic car shows with some of my favourite lenses such as the 16-18-21mm Wide Angle Tri-Elmar (WATE) and the 24mm Elmar. At the recent Irish Classic and Vintage Motor Show I gave both of these lenses an outing on the M10. I tested both lenses in advance with the 'Frankenfinder' optical multi-finder and 'Visoflex' EVF for the M10 and I decided to go with the optical finder as the frame-lines enabled framing to avoid too many other spectators getting in the photos. My favourite combination was, in fact, the 24mm Elmar with the optical finder which has a setting for 24mm lenses. I like the EVF, but I prefer rangefinder focussing and also the use of frame-lines for wide-angle shots, so the EVF stayed in the bag for the car show. An article showing some photos taken with the M10 at the car show is here: http://macfilos.com/photo/2017/7/17/leica-m10-meets-the-motoring-stars-of-yesteryear I would be interested to hear from anyone who has used the WATE or 24mm Elmar with either the 'Frankenfinder' or the EVF on the M10. William
  8. After shooting for a while with my m6, i finally bit the bullet and bought an M10. Bought a Luigi Case with my initials stamped on the strap. Cant say enough good things about the case and the service he offers. Need to get another lens now. Thinking 28 Summicron.
  9. I just finished my image-heavy review of the Leica M10 after about eight months of ownership. I hope you enjoy my review, which is a follow-up review of late Leica M240 review I did a couple of years ago. But most importantly I hope you enjoy the photographs. Check it out at: https://indergaard.net/2018/10/14/the-very-late-leica-m10-review/
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Zum Verkauf steht eine schwarze Leica M10. Ich habe die Kamera am 24. Februar 2017 im deutschen Fachhandel (Audiophil Aachen) neu erworben. Produziert wurde die Kamera lt. Umverpackung am 15.02.2017. Die Gewährleistung läust somit noch bis 24. Februar 2019. Die Rechnung sowie die die Verpackung mit allen Bestandteilen ist vorhanden. Bis auf das Kameragehäuse, den Akku und das Ladegerät ist der Lieferumfang noch original verpackt und hat den Karton noch nicht verlassen. Das auf den Bildern abgebildete Objektiv ist nicht Bestandteil des Angebots. Da sich die Anzahl der Auslösungen nicht an der Kamera auslesen lässt, kann ich hierzu keine genauen Angaben machen. Ich habe im Lightroom nachgesehen, dort sind 3485 Aufnahmen mit der M10 zu finden. Da ich jedoch keine verlässliche Schätzung machen kann, wie viele Bilder ich gelöscht habe, könnte ich nur spekulieren. Das lasse ich ... Tendenziell gehöre ich aber zu den Jägern und Sammlern, die Bilder nur löschen, wenn die grob fehlbelichtet oder (ungewollt) unscharf sind, die Anzahl der tatsächlichen Aufnahmen dürfte somit nicht signifikant höher sein. Es sind dezente Gebrauchsspuren wie leichte Glanzstellen über den Riemenösen zu finden, insgesamt ist die Kamera technisch natürlich einwandfrei und optisch in einem sehr guten Zustand (siehe Bilder). Die Schutzfolie ist noch auf dem Gehäuseboden, die Kamera war noch nicht auf einem Stativ befestigt. Das Display hat keine Kratzer oder andere Beschädigungen, es war ab Inbetriebnahme mit einer Schutzfolie versehen. Ich verkaufe das Kameragehäuse für 4.750 Euro. Die Kamera kann sehr gerne vor einem Erwerb in Aachen in Augenschein geommen und getestet werden. Mitgeliefert worn noch ein Thumbie mit Gebruchsspuren (brassing).

    4,750.00 EUR

  11. Hey guys, is it frowned upon using the live view of the M10? Isn´t buying a Leica M, because of the range finder? Or does that all not matter and it´s all about the photos? Would love to have a little discussion about it. Keep it kind, guys. I know this can be controversial, but um honestly curious what Leica Users think about it.
  12. As a Leica User since Leica M8, I felt Leica has lost its soul during the M240. I do not often write camera reviews but i felt its my obligation to write down my personal feelings and opinions about the M10, which brought back my passion and love for Leica once again. https://jerrybei.com/reviews/2018/3/22/leica-m10 Hope you will enjoy it and I would love to hear what you guys think about the M10! The Leica M10 is an evolutionary camera for long time Leica users. It is getting back to basics shooting with similar style to Leica film cameras with integration of modern technology. The Leica M9 was the landmark for Leica’s transition into digital photography and it was so intuitive to use like all Leica film cameras. However, with the introduction of the Leica M Typ240 as a revolutionary approach to fully embrace photography technology, it felt like Leica has lost its soul and essence during the process. The Leica M Typ240 with those extra technological features was an interference to pure shooting and the camera became inconvenient to carry, as it feels bulky and heavy compared to all previous Leica M. The Leica M10 improves on the practicality and physical aspects of the Leica M Typ240 significantly.
  13. From the album: Two Days in Washington DC

    The Yards sponsored this event, designed to draw more patrons to the over 30 restaurants and attractions this relatively small area has to offer. Here we see two couples competing against each other in giant Connect Four. My wife and I played Corn Hole and a giant game of Jenga (which lasted until our tower was almost 5' tall!)

    © CLK Photography

  14. From the album: Two Days in Washington DC

    An urban alleyway right in front of the SE DC Harris Teeter. Condo dweller's fenced-in backyards lie just beyond the raised planters.

    © CLK Photography

  15. From the album: Two Days in Washington DC

    This young man graced NW DC with his Latin-inspired covers of recent popular hits. As a musician myself I always love to hear live music, especially when played from the heart on an acoustic guitar

    © CLK Photography

  16. From the album: Two Days in Washington DC

    This young man graced NW DC with his Latin-inspired takes on recent pop hits. As a musician myself I always love to hear live music, especially when played from the heart on an acoustic guitar

    © CLK Photography

  17. From the album: Two Days in Washington DC

    Transportation Walk, the pathway right next to the DOT headquarters in SE DC. It features a few installations like this one, that highlight different transportation-related items. This is my favorite, a collection of vintage bicycles from the 1930's. It's amazing to me how little noise the M10 produces, even at ISO6400, which is where I was shooting due to lateness of the hour. This picture is almost magical to me.

    © CLK Photography

  18. From the album: Two Days in Washington DC

    This is the façade of the Department of Transportation headquarters in SE Washington DC. DOT moved here in 2007. The color scheme really pairs well with the surrounding waterfront area.

    © CLK Photography

  19. From the album: Two Days in Washington DC

    These gorgeous hydrangeas are grown in the outdoor eating area in front of Agua301, a modern Mexican restaurant situated on the SE DC Waterfront. My wife loves hydrangeas and I thought this would be an awesome picture to take for her!

    © CLK Photography

  20. All the images from 2 SD cards disappeared. Both are Delkin. One card is an 32gb SDHC - SD 633x UHS-1 that writes 80mb/s and reads 95mb/s, the other a Black (name of Card) 128gb, UHS-1 SDXC. Both had been formatted in camera - the 128 card with images still on the card from a previous shoot. These are all images I took today at a music festival, and all the images were present when I reviewed them in camera as the day went on. When I tried loading them into Lightroom there was no images in either card. I reloaded the cards into the camera and both cards were empty. My camera was purchased in August and has the latest 1.9.4 firmware. My whole day's work has vanished. Anyone know what the problem might be, and also how to recover the images? Thank you. Roddy Blelloch
  21. Hallo Zusammen. Ich habe einen Gastartikel, ehrlich gesagt zwei und zwei folgen noch, zum Thema "(Reise)Fotografie mit Stil" auf www.fratuschi.com geschrieben. Dieser Artikel bezieht sich auf meine Lieblingskameras von Leica: https://fratuschi.com/leica-m-kamera/ Da es sich hierbei nicht um die üblichen Reviews und Erfahrungsberichte handelt, sondern eher um eine humorvolle Auseinandersetzung mit dem manchmal zu verbissen betrachtetem schönsten Hobby der Welt, dachte ich der Artikel würde vielleicht einige von euch interessieren. Wenn nicht, oder wenn ich gegen die Foren-Regeln verstoße, dann bitte ich um Entschuldigung und werde eine Löschung dieses Postings in demütiger Haltung erdulden. Mehr Spaß hat man übrigens, wenn man den ersten der vierteiligen Artikelserie (es folgt noch die Hasselblad X1D, die hier vermutlich eh keinen interessiert und das weite Feld der Kamera-Accessoires), zuerst liest: https://fratuschi.com/reisefotografie-in-style-stilvolle-tipps/ Viele Grüße und viel Spaß beim lesen. Audemar
  22. I find it a bit difficult to nail the focus when using the APO 50mm on my M10. Even on a tripod with the shutter speed on 1/125, the f-stop at 5.6 and the portrayed person 3-4 meters from the camera it seems hard to nail the focus, even though i'm 100% the object is dead on focus in my viewfinder. The problem occours both with the built in optical viewfinder and also with the electronical Visoflex viewfinder. I thought the days with back focusing problems were gone, but can it be the combination is "suffering" from back focus? Could it be some other misalignment? Or could the combination just be badly calibrated?
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