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Found 30 results

  1. Yesterday evening had a promising light. I saw one big cloud towering over the city and sunshine should provide an interesting evening glow. So I snatched my Leica Q. All shades of blue, magenta and green could be captured and all shadows could be opened: amazing and a pleasure to shoot with.
  2. When the weather had been too nasty during the week at least that saturday evening showed up with a lush blue hour. This pub usually has its late evening guests enjoying their draught after a busy week. Leica Q: 2.8 - 1/125 - ISO 5000
  3. An inviting sight, when after a rainy day the sky cleared and a lovely blue hour spread a nice light. Leica Q, 2.8/ 1/125 sec. / ISO 4000
  4. We are suffering here from very dull and depressive weather but for a short period of brighter moments. Therefore it is not advisable to plan trips by car. The best I can do is running down to the city, catch the next tram and stroll checking the best corners. The great high ISO performance of the Q and its fantastic sensor did support freehand shots very well. Although I carried a tripod I did not mount the camera then.
  5. Sometimes if the weather is prmising I drive up to my secret small place at a peat bog lake. It is very small and one can spend there a couple of hours sitting on a campstool, watching geese,swallows catching flies and watch people on their small boats. Leica Q, 4 shots, handheld
  6. These days are wonderful: still summer temperatures. The days are a bit shorter now but the light we get here is lovely for the time being. So I started out for a big peat bog because there were promising clouds. But not so at that place. It was tranquille, warm, calm and frogs could be heard, geese on their evening strife. Altogether a lovely sunset atmopshere. I tried out my new Olympus Em 5 MKII with Summilux 15 mm and Nocticron 43 mm
  7. We spent a couple of hours from afternoon until dusk at this glorious place of Baker Beach in San Francisco. Being quite busy with two systems I am glad to hav carried all that gear around. Olympus EM5 with Nocticron
  8. Prague is beautiful at every hour. It was a bit cold in April. But this provided us with an interesting dramatic light. Olympus OMD EM 5 with Summilux, 3 photos stitched
  9. Herve5


    From the album: from a Leica Q

    © CC-BY-SA

  10. Harvey

    L1003646 1

    From the album: M9

  11. My first post here, hope you like it
  12. Went for a sunset drive yesterday around Davis (California). Panorama of about 7-8 shots.
  13. we entered a nearby forest which we wanted to explore. We did not cover much but had to start being very busy to catch the last sunrays. Canon 5D MKII+ Elmarit R 35 mm, tripod, polarizer, longtime shutterspeed
  14. Last weekend finally a late sun came out and so there was the opportunity for enjoying the warm summer fragrance of the fields. Canon MKII plus Elmarit R 90mm, Extension Tube, Monopod. Light was very soft, almost a bit too low. Feel the grain and I'll be glad if somebody might imagine how intense the fragrance was. Thanks for looking. [ATTACH]328871[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]328872[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]328873[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]328874[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]328875[/ATTACH] Elmarit R 35 mm
  15. summer evenings in the fields have their own charme. These were the last sunbeams over the field. My Canon 5D MKII was mounted on a tripod and Elmarit R 180 mm. I'll be glad if somebody wants to share the atmosphere. Thanks for looking. [ATTACH]329912[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]329913[/ATTACH]
  16. one sideglance and one can discover so much even when sun is almost gone and there is only one beam left almost fading. Canon 5D MKII, Elmarit macro R 60 mm and a reflector to light the cherries from below.
  17. Since my MKII was mounted with the Zeiss Distagon 18 mm I can only post here my impressions with the X1. We spent a few hours on top of the Rockefeller Center and being busy with 2 cameras being pushed around by a milling crowd the X1 served as backup.
  18. these days thunderstorms are constantly menacing. On such an evening yet I went to out Botanical Garden. As soon as the setup was installes (tripod,flash,reflector) it started the downpour and a windgush let the flowers sway. Yet, I tried something, you may look if you want All with Elmarit R 180 mmm on Canon 5D MKII
  19. in this summer there is plenty of waterdrops falling on flowers that one cannot resist taking pictures. This rose is in our garden and was taken with 90mm Elmarit mounted on my MKII. Also beauties are touched by the mark of passing time. I could have photophopped the gras on the left side but decided for leaving it as it is. Come along and have a look for which I thank everybody very much in advance for taking time.
  20. these evenings are very quiet beause everybody is watching football games. This meadow is normally frequented by dog walkers But now it is deserted and I enjoyed a stroll with my Elmarit R 35mm. I would be delighted if somebody would like to share this moment.
  21. this view is not far from our house and therefore just ideal for a stroll. I often go there when lighting is promising. On this evening it was clear but not too brilliant, so lights were a bit warmer by a slight haze. The two chruches are the landmarks which are showing the limits of the city in the middle ages. The view is from below of the fort which can be seen in my last postng. thank for sharing a moment. Canon 5D MKII with my favourite Elmarit R 60 mm macro
  22. our days were long in Prague but still, mostly we went home to our hotel walking alongside the Ultava river bank: a gorgeous velvet summer night was inivitng for a stopover. Olympus EM5 with Summilux 15 mm
  23. these are also from yesterday. A quick visit to our Botanical Garden to catch some nice light before it fades. Olympus OMD EM 5 with R Elmarit 90 mm
  24. this sight from the Charle's Bridge fascinated us every evening and we could not get enough of this special tranquil and relaxed feeling. X1
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