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Found 18 results

  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
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    Leica Q (Type 116) | Excellent Condition | owned from new. Included are: Leica Strap (original) Extra battery (Panasonic Lumix) Box + receipt B+W 49mm 007M MRC Nano Coated Clear Glass Protection filter - XSPD Mount Generic Thumbs Up Screen protector from day one. This is a much loved, very well looked after, never dropped camera. The lens hood has some really tiny mild blemishes, the body is in excellent condition and the lens is perfect. All original packaging/presentation box supplied and fully in tact. Camera was bought NEW from Richard Clapan. Ask any questions please! Price is 2400£ 2250£ or nearest offer. I'm based in Central London (5min walk from Tottenham Court Road) You can check my feedbacks on eBay user: qstom or find me on Instagram under the same nickname.

    2,600.00 EUR

  2. just got my Q-P back from the repair center, they are telling me that everything is fine with my Q-P, but, are your images in camera also looking like this? See the red stuff? somehow its not on all images... please check your Q and tell me.
  3. RichardK


    © RKrawiec 07340 875106

  4. Here's the story of a photographer who thought Leica was a serious camera company who cares about their trustful customers. My name is Kaïs, french photographer based in Paris, France. I started my Leica journey with a M9, ten years ago, sold and upgraded with a M9-P A Monochrom (version 1) quickly followed him all of them bought brand new. Wanting to get my hands on a "real Leica", I bought a M6 Titanium set with its Summicron 35/1.4. The medium lust was too hard to resist: a S2 with a Summarit 70 joined my stable. Let's add a wide angle to my S system: a brand new Summarit 35. Time has past, I added a M7 (0.58 finder), a Q Titanium, a Monochrom version 2, a M5, an Elmarit 90/2.0, a Summicron 50, a Summarit 35/2.4... We are talking about minimum 44 500€ (including the S007)!!!!! Then, the problems begun: both my M9-P and Monochrom I had a sensor failure (cracked sensor). How come a "pro" camera could have a sensor cracked? During my carreer, I owned a 5DmkII, a D3x, a Df, a 5DmkIV (I'm still using today) that NEVER failed me, NEVER. Anyways, Leica has been kind enough to replace both sensors for free. When the S007 came out, I was tempted to upgrade my aging S2. At my usual Leica dealer, they kindly checked my S2 before it goes on sale and discovered a corroded sensor! Come on! A third failure from a so serious comapany? I must be the unluckiest photographer on earth then. Still, I upgraded to a reconditioned mint grade SOO7, checked by Leica with a one year guarantee. During my second shooting, the 70 started to rattle from time to time, missing focus lock. Of course, my poker face never let any worries showed to my clients. Back home, I uploaded the photos into Capture One and got struck by what I have discovered (picture attached). I thought my memory card failed (I exclusively use hi-speed Sandisk Extreme and Extreme Pro SD). I tried with different cards, same problem. The DNGs are available if requested. I met the people of Leica at Paris Salon de la photo (photoshow) and, after hours of friendly chat, they acknowledged that there was a video card failure. Wait a second. Are we talking about Leica's flagship camera here? The one that is supposed to compete with a Hasselblad HD6-50 or a PhaseOne XF??? A failure after less than 2000 photos taken? Is this german so-called excellence? Since November 8th, 2018 my SOO7 is at the customer service (I hope) and I have NO NEWS from them!!! How come a pro photographer can trust such miserable products????? How come my 2400€ 5DmkIV works like a charm after litteraly thousands and thousands of photos??? How come it takes 10 days max to Canon to fix and upgrade the firmware of their pro camera when I have been waiting 6+ months to get any information from Wetzlar??? I'm over with this overrated brand. Keep on releasing limited edition for rich Qataris and Russians and let the pros (Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Fuji, to name a few) run the photography business. SHAME ON YOU Leica to ignore and disrespect your loyal customers!!! We made you, never forget that. I sent them a letter and I know the drill: they will send me apologies. But I'm not paying for apologies!!! I don't need them!!! I'm paying for equipment that pays my bills and feed me! Today, I'm waiting to get my hands back on my S007 to trade it for a Hasselblad H6D-50c. I am so disappointed by Leica... www.kaisdebali.com
  5. I am a massive Leica fan. I have a faithful Q and love it, I also have an SL with a 24-90mm zoom. I find the weight too much and am wrestling with whether to trade the Q and the 24-90mm for the 35mm lens. I love Street and unplanned photography. Any help with the decision making would be really appreciated. Keeping both is not really an option. Thank you
  6. Bryce Canyon - Fairyland Trail
  7. Roaming NYC by night is always exciting. I went with the Q only all handheld.
  8. Steve Huff just posted a review on the Leica Q2 (not sure I can include links, so you can Google it if the below link doesn't work): The Leica Q2 Real World Review and Experience. Worth the $5k? http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2019/03/27/the-leica-q2-real-world-review-and-experience-worth-the-5k/ As much as the Q2 intrigues me, I plan on keeping my Q-P. I can only speak for myself, but I personally feel like there is something unique and different about the rendering on the current 24MP sensor, which is not to take away from some of the gorgeous Q2 imagery I've seen. Steve Huff shares a similar view. To upgrade or not is truly a personal choice. Both models produce beautiful images and both models have their strengths and weaknesses--so I think it is fair to say that either model is not better than the other relatively speaking, they are just different. Find what works for you!
  9. I’d really love to hear from those with extensive Leica Q/Q-P experience who are now shooting with the Q2. I want to focus on the aesthetic image differences between the two models, not necessarily technical or feature aspects. Features aside and “all things being equal”, the Q2 has better dynamic range/shadow recovery (especially at lower ISOs) and the classic Q/Q-P better noise handling at higher ISOs. Both use the same lens, the Q2 has higher resolution clearly – but the classic does have larger pixels. Pixel density and size are different between models, but I’m sure the Q2 is benefiting from other sensor advancements. Sensor size is the same for both, but Leica is fitting in a lot more to yield a higher MP image. I wonder what IQ sacrifices (if any) they would be making to accomplish this? In general, larger pixels do yield a higher quality image and less noise. Noise does clean up a bit in the Q2 if you down sample files to an equivalent size. I know I may be splitting hairs (and I’ll take ownership over this), but specifically, are you seeing any difference in how the files render along the lines of… Organic filmic quality vs. more smoothed-over digital look (some observers are noting that Q2 files look more smoothed over/plasticky/digital looking)? Color (Leica’s colors science should be the same for both – although it’s two different sensors) Pop/3-D quality Out of focus/bokeh rendering (same lens, should be similar) Micro contrast Sharpness (Q2 should be sharper without an anti-aliasing filter) Moire (Q should do a better job of reducing moire with filter) Noise (out of the box and without Q2 down-sampling, the classic Q probably has the edge at higher ISOs) – noise does impact IQ. Every Q2 review I read says, “the files look gorgeous.” But so do the Q/Q-P files. Undoubtedly, files from both look beautiful. Sony files can look gorgeous too, but they don't look the same as Leica - so we need to get more granular when asking if the Q and Q2 render the same. If you took the same exact picture with both cameras, would you even notice a difference, or has Leica done such a brilliant job that the Q rendering is exactly the same in both, with the added benefits of more dynamic range, shadow recovery, etc.? Or do they look completely different in your opinion? Better? Worse? The same but larger? Do you prefer how the Q2 files look over the Q? If so, why? Much of the Leica look comes down to the lens and color science – but is there anything you just can’t put your finger on when comparing how the Q files render compared to the Q2?
  10. October 2018 Bryce Canyon. Very early morning in the morning just after sunrise the light kept us in suspense but not for long before it vanished. But the weather was changing constantly during daytime and we were enthusiastic about the quality of light and the wide range of red , orange and pink shades everywhere.
  11. Bryce Canyon, the Navajo Trail has a slot canyon. The red rocks were quite dark and yet there was light. So I was enthusiastic of what the sensor of the Leica Q can capture. It works when the highlight are not burnt and the depth can always be processed up to 2 stops.
  12. Being on my way back to the Lodge the moon was already there and the the from the back with the last reflections of light on the theatre. Altogether it made an unforgettable moment. The pano was stitched from 3 pictures.
  13. Just after sunrise we had this moment of undescribable light and glow. A certain type of music came to my mind.
  14. http://de.leica-camera.com/Fotografie/Leica-Q/Leica-Q2
  15. Hi, I have been successful in connecting my Leica Q to the new Leica FOTOS app downloaded onto my iPhone. After using the app and the q together this first time, I turned off the wifi on the camera and the camera disconnected from the app. As it should. My question is this: when I want to use the Q along with the FOTOS app again, do I have to go through the same process of pairing the iPhone and the camera in the FOTOS app by scanning the QR code again etc, or once I have turned on the wifi on the Q will the iPhone and the Q automatically re-pair again in the app for instant re-use? Thanks, Jeff
  16. Hallo Forum, seit nun genau 30 Tagen besitze ich meine Leica Q. Ich bin verliebt in diese und möchte sie nicht mehr her geben. Nach normaler Nutzung und leichtem Kontakt mit Fototasche, Tisch und Kameragurt, stelle ich nun einen Patina Effekt an der Q fest. Die Gegenlichtblende hat schon ihre stellen und an der Oberseite habe ich eine leichte Kerbe. Das Gehäuse scheint recht empfindlich zu sein. Da ich parallel noch eine M8.2 besitze, kenne ich den Effekt von dieser. Jedoch dauerte es dort Jahre bis dieser Eintrat. Nun meine Frage an die Q Benutzer... ist das normal?
  17. lomo2me

    M9 or Q?

    I just recently sold my M8 to "upgrade". I bought a used Q and am having feelings of loss of my M8 which I loved and had a more emotional attachment to than the Q. I bought the Q for the benefit of the option of autofocus in a full frame leica and better performance in low light with a lens that I could never afford to buy on its own and attach to an M. But I prefer the build quality on the 8 as well as the look of the files I just can't pinpoint over the Q. While better on paper in every way from a tech stat standpoint, the Q seems more clinical and images do not seem as buttery and the color rendition is different. I'm not looking for super sharp. I am not looking to document an exact copy of what I see in front of me. I am won over by the feel of images. The leica M8 just seemed to produce more artful dreamy images. Now I have been thinking about an M9 instead as I am reading that the differences I am describing are common with the newer sensors in all Leica. Am I crazy? Should I learn to love my Q and explore ways to replicate what the 8 had that the q seems to be missing?
  18. For those members of the Leica forum still contemplating purchase of a Leica Q, London-based website Macfilos has published today my article entitled: 28mm Focal Length: Far too wide or good all rounder? Here is the link http://macfilos.com/photo/2018/11/13/leica-q-28mm-focal-length-as-all-rounder
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