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  1. Steve Huff just posted a review on the Leica Q2 (not sure I can include links, so you can Google it if the below link doesn't work): The Leica Q2 Real World Review and Experience. Worth the $5k? http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2019/03/27/the-leica-q2-real-world-review-and-experience-worth-the-5k/ As much as the Q2 intrigues me, I plan on keeping my Q-P. I can only speak for myself, but I personally feel like there is something unique and different about the rendering on the current 24MP sensor, which is not to take away from some of the gorgeous Q2 imagery I've seen. Steve Huff shares a similar view. To upgrade or not is truly a personal choice. Both models produce beautiful images and both models have their strengths and weaknesses--so I think it is fair to say that either model is not better than the other relatively speaking, they are just different. Find what works for you!
  2. Ha-ha thank you, my girlfriend said it looked like she was in "Alice in Wonderland."
  3. Yes, thank you for that reminder - even Robert Frank's contact sheets in "The Americans" validates your point - a favorite photographer of mine. Maybe old school was a poor choice of words - and I do agree that cropping is a personal decision. Not sure what to call this, but I sort of feel like too many photographers have become over-reliant on the technology these days and not enough on the "foundational" skills that underlie good photography. Extra megapixels shouldn't be a replacement for good composition and framing--although it's good to know that the resolution is there if you need it. Focus advancements like Eye-AF shouldn't be a replacement for a good understanding of concepts like depth of field or an understanding of the minimum handheld shutter speed you'll need to produce sharp results. And don't even get me started on all those creative editing filters like "fake fog or fake sun bursts" that add moody effects to photos that weren't originally there to begin with. My answer to that is...learn the weather or learn how to stop down LOL. And while cropping will always be a personal decision, I generally have more respect for photographers who understand composition and technology enough to be able to produce consistent results with intent, rather than just happy accidents after the fact. So maybe a traditional view is a better way of saying it. Cropping can be our friend for sure! But cropping shouldn't be a replacement for sound design and compositional understanding. As for the extra step, I was mostly referring to the DNG conversion some may opt to do to manage the 88MB files, although in all fairness to noise, there is a lot to be said about seeing a noise free screen image right out of the cam.
  4. Nick you bring up a very good point - which is final usage. For those who don't print, 47MP is sort of overkill. I'm a bit old school in the cropping area. If you're going to buy a fixed 28mm, you should learn to crop with your feet or ideally compose to bring out the best this wide vantage point has to offer. Don't get me wrong, the extra resolution and crop modes on the Q2 are a great compositional aid, especially for those who are going to use the crop lines to anticipate the decisive moment as a subject walks into or out of the frame. And yes, its is true that down sampling cleans up the Q2 files. But I can only speak for myself when I say that I don't want to have to start adding in additional workflow steps to achieve the same thing I'm already getting in the Q (whether DNG conversion or re-sizing). Down sampling can help Q2 noise, but I'm not so sure about dynamic range and shadow recovery? According to Photons to Photos sensor tests, the Q bests the Q2 in these areas at higher ISOs as well, although the Q2 is clearly winning the DR battle at the lower end. But for sure, a resounding yes that both deliver excellent images - and even those of us who are sticking with our beloved Qs understand that it really comes down to personal preference.
  5. I haven't noticed that banding is an issue in my Q-P, so I wonder if some of the latest firmware enhancements didn't help mitigate this? For sure, the Q2 has about a stop or so more dynamic range/shadow recovery at the lower end.
  6. I love this quote. For me, it beautifully speaks to the intangible nature of image quality...the things that can't be measured in MTF charts and sensor ratings. There have been many articles written about the unique rendering of the Leica M9. It only had 18MP and it's certainly not the most advanced M these days. But it has become a cult camera in many circles, and I'd argue that the Q will eventually follow a similar path (if it hasn't already cemented this legendary status). Leica brilliantly matched the lens to the 24MP sensor - larger pixels and all, and the results speak for themselves. As time goes on, I think we'll see that the Q2 has a different aesthetic possibly, especially when couched in the context of "subtlety" as the quote above noted.
  7. My guess is that Leica uses seals AND the coating. The lens barrel is thicker to accommodate these seals, most likely. Leica says that the coating will diminish, but I'm not necessarily thinking that this is the only weather protection they've implemented in the Q2. If the coating is all they've done, I'd be disappointed too, but I can't imagine that's the case.
  8. Agreed and all good points - but it then bekons the question as to why you would need 47MP in the first place (unless you are a very heavy cropper of course) 😊
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