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Found 28 results

  1. Keith (M)

    Number 12

    Spanish seaside Casa. Leica MP, 50mm Summit-M ASPH, HP5Plus, Rodinal.
  2. From 35MMC comes a short review of the MP, which I wanted to enjoy but was left with a bad taste in my mouth due to the reviewer's repeated negativity about Leica. For a guy who claims to love his M cameras, he does a lot of bitching about the company who makes it possible for all of us to use and enjoy them; makes no sense to me, but there's a lot of nonsense floating about these days.
  3. Hallo und zunächst einmal Entschuldigung für die folgende Anfängerfrage: Ich lasse oftmals einen halb belichteten Film über Monate in der Kamera. Kann dies zu Problemen an Kamera oder Film führen? Ich fotografiere nicht regelmäßig analog und dann kann sowas schon mal vorkommen. Ich möchte dann auch nicht irgendwelche Sinnlosfotos machen, nur um den Film voll zu bekommen. Viele Grüße A.
  4. It sure would be nice if Leica would get its head out of its collective chocolate wizway. I long for the time when Leica had the M and the SL, two cameras. I would be satisfied with the M and the S, but they have stagnated on the S and keep adding new cameras. What are they thinking!!!! Hell, Panasonic (isn't this the company that Leica collaborated with during the early auto-focus time and motorization of the SL) just released a 35mm model with 42.4MP. Why does Leica think that they know better than what the consumer wants/needs. Granted as the MP load gets larger so does the resulting picture pixels needing a faster computer, larger memory, bigger harddrives and resulting better software, but this is an inherit result of going digital. And they continue producing new cameras and lenses, but leave the S with a minor telephoto of 180mm touting about the excellence of their lenses, but relying on other manufacturers to produce longer lenses for them and they produce the sometimes inferior adapters to be able to use them. When I was on safari in Africa using my SL/MOT and my R4 I used my 400mm F6.8 Telyt almost exclusively on my cameras. There were only a couple of times I changed and used my 180mm f/2.8. Personally, I think that they at least owe the consumers a 400mm, which would be about a 300mm on a 35mm camera and maybe a 560mm giving S owners a chance of 400 equivalent for 35mm for their S systems. Granted, there probably would not be a lot of people lining up to buy them, but they would be there if wanted/needed. Cotton pick, if they could waste time and resources to make that long lens for the Arab sheikh, why can’t they find time for the rest of us. OK, I have vented have a great day. tllabron
  5. I recently purchased a used film MP. I would interested to find out when it was made but I can't trace the serial number on the one or two list I have tracked down on the net. The serial number is 3469XXX if anyone can help. Many thanks.
  6. the meter wheel is loose on my MP. after I discovered it I taped it to the proper position so I get a proper light reading. Is there anyway I can repair this without sending it to Leica? Anyway to tighten it?
  7. leica mp - elmar 24mm - trix
  8. Averroes


    I'm torn between getting the Leica M10 now or waiting for the MP10 to come out .... I need your opinions... current setup: Leica M9 help me sleep at night
  9. Hi L-forum team, This week I bought the new M-P and the seller offered me the Visioflex EVF2 as an extra gadget. But I did not buy it as I was unsure if I would use it. This is what I read at the Leica homepage: "This electronic viewfinder is available as an optional accessory for the Leica M. With a resolution of 1.4 megapixels and 90° swivel action for capturing images from unusual angles, it displays all significant exposure parameters. Thus it allows precise control of composition particularly in very bright light. Efficient focusing with Leica R-Lenses adapted to the Leica M is also possible." The 90 degree swivel action is something I can image I will use once a month but is this it. I do not think I will buy any R-lenses. I know some of you will now say: "but do not buy it then". But like with the iPad when it came people wondered why it is being released as it is not needed and look what it became. There I am thinking maybe I have a need but I do not know of it yet! How do you use your Visioflex? Do you find it useful? NOTE! I have a 35 & 50 Summilux with the M-P and shooting mostly street photos, portraits and occasionally landscapes. You can see more here: www.imagements.com
  10. Leica MP w/50mm Summicron on Ilford FP4+ in HC 110 H
  11. Leica MP w/50mm Summicron on Ilford FP 4+ in HC 110 H for 7.75mins at 20 C A woman shooting heroin on the sidewalk in Pioneer Square, Seattle. This is one of those shots that I am always torn as to shoot or walk on by. Street photography is new to me, really just began when I moved to Seattle and worked in a downtown office. I walk at lunch time to get out in the world away from A/C and artificial light. In three years this is one of the most depressing things I've come across, a woman shooting heroin in the middle of the day in public.
  12. Many of you helped me on a recent post when I was considering moving from my meterless M3 to an M with a meter. I have tried to follow advice and stick with M3 for a while, but I know I am still feeling cramped (I like to change aperture regulalrly, so there is no 'measure once' effect for me). Having toyed with an M7 or MP for a few months, I've decided to go for a used MP. My first question, is there an early/late issue with the MP (in the same way that I read the viewfinder in early M7 is not so good as the later ones)? Also welcome any other 'check for this' tips when I'm looking at possible purchase. with thanks,
  13. Behind the bus stop MP w/ 50mm Summicron on Arista 400 in HC 110B for 7 minutes @ 68F
  14. Information booth, Pioneer Square MP W/50mm Summicron on Arista 400 in HC110 B for 7 minutes @ 68F
  15. MP, 50mm APO, Fuji Superia 100iso Street painter on a coffee/smoke break. The polyethylene sides of his stall seem create a 'bleeding impressionist' effect to my mind.
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