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  1. Hi Bocaburger, you say you have the Oly s20 flash. So does this mean that Olympus flashes properly work with the M8 TTL system? Is my impression only the Leica ones and the Metz ones with the right module worked with Leica. Thx R.
  2. Bart D, I must say i much prefer the countryside image with the copse of very tall trees off to the right much more in the B&W version. The color version posted further up just didn't pop as well for me. Good work & that Hexanon being put to excellent use, sir. Kudos. Sincerely, Richard
  3. The way the clouds seem to be tugging on the mount are beautiful. I'm blanking on name of that landmark and am just gonna admit that and not google it to cover it up! Thx for sharing it.
  4. Wow jmanieville, that Summar really glows doesn't it. I sincerely wonder if that's a quality of the lens design? I suppose it could be related to how lens has aged, but one never knows without asking, I guess. I'm not much for my own scenics having that glowing quality, except When I Am. Nice dreamy image echoing of a time gone by. RW
  5. Hello Enrico, well turned out try imo. I am wondering if you were testing concept of instead of shooting at 2500 you shot at 640 but dialed in EV -2 ( eg: 2 stops under exposure)? Which to me seems it would be a good way to avoid using the M8's internal high iso processing at 2500 and instead processing the image with modern software. Sincerely Richard in Michigan
  6. Hi Erntz_Leitz, very nice images well seen & well captured, but the two which stood out for me are the one with the three arched windows and especially the one on the library. Wowser those books stand out crisply. Nice. Thx for sharing em. Richard in Michigan
  7. Hi Rune, Your question IS welcome & appropriate. Knowledge is never gained as well operating in isolation as it is when interacting with other interesting people. I will share my experience in the matter & maybe it will prove interesting for you. I had long researched things prior to burchase & decided I wanted a silver M8, but purchased a Black one because my dealer offered me a good deal on it and it was a refurbished one. I soon came to discover that I liked how my black camera looked with chrome lenses on it, how black lenses looked on it, and how the chrome & leatherette
  8. While I have nothing to offer for solutions for what you are experiencing with your M8. This is first I recall reading of a problem like this and I have never ever experienced odd camera operation other than during a low battery situation. However! Since you say you have a second battery now, why wouldn't a good work around be to not turn the camera off as aggressively between shots? I personally operate with two batteries with my M8 and find it quite workable to leave camera on/awake while I shoot a lot of images. I also have camera set to not show a review images after an image is taken.
  9. Hi PGK, contacting the Manufacturer would be a good idea. I'm going to leave a reminder in my iCal to write something up and maybe post a writeup in here &/or the M8 Forum. R in Mi.
  10. Well, I want to thank everyone for their responses to my issue. By experimental testing I am 99.9% certain that this lovely filter has two different thread pitches. The one on the back which won't screw into a Rokkor 40mm f2 C lens fully and threads in the front which exactly match the my lenses threads. My Minolta UV filter screws right the heck into front of this uv/ir, but the uv/ir won't screw into my uv filter. My aftermarket lens hood also screws right into front of the uv/ir same way it screws into the lens. Sincerely Richard in Michigan
  11. Thx Rich, I did try to backwards rotate the filter a couple of times so it would "seat up" better in the lenses threads, but no improvement. To be honest I am 99% certain the B&W Uv/ir filter I bought has the odd thread pitch for the Leica C lenses on one side and standard pitch threads on the front. I think this because it snugs up about 3/4 of turn in the way I've seen described here on the forum. RW
  12. Hi, I have a 40mm Rokkor f2 (2nd version) and I have a puzzling problem. The lens' filter size is 40.5mm and my B&W UV filter threads on perfectly. My vented lens hood from Heavystar also threads on perfectly. My problem is that the B&W UV/IR Filter I recently acquired doesn't thread on correctly. Yet, the lens hood threads on the front of the uv/ir filter perfectly. Can anyone enlighten me? My suspicion is my new uv/ir has the filter pitch used on 40mm Summicron lenses, but then why would my other 40.5 accessories thread on the front of the filter correctly? Thanks in A
  13. Hello, the replies are quite helpful. I was kind of worried that having a jpeg created was a required component of the file container, because that would be an acceptable tho unfortunate situation. As most all of us know, there are few reasons to prefer the M8's jpegs to what desktop applications can crank out effortlessly. (Some reasons, but few!) I do want to be clear about something I've brought up. This new file option is all by itself a terrific accomplishment and I dearly hope it finds a route to full inclusion in the firmware of our cameras. Some nice frosting on this treat would
  14. Let me second this statement! A RAW+EXIF Option would be absolutely wonderful!
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