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  1. Sharing my short article shooting Paris with classic Leica X1: https://www.juliuspictures.com/blog/2020/11/13/exploring-paris-with-leica-x1 I found this little old camera is amazing. I hope you all enjoy it.
  2. Hello, There is a used Leica X2 in our area selling at US$650, There is a significant wear & tear on the LCD and got a light scuff on the chrome body. I'm wondering if this is a decent or fair price with this condition and if there ways for me to address these cosmetic issues to make it look pristine. Please also advise if it's worth replacing the LCD or just use an EVF and if there is a cost effective way to restore the light scuff on the body? Is there anything I need to watch out or look for when buying a used Leica X2? Appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.
  3. Taken by my wife when we were drawing back home with the 8 years old Leica x1 which we always have in the car when traveling.
  4. Leica x1 : still works
  5. Leica X1. Russian Orthodox Monastery near Pskov.
  6. Mit der X1 immer noch ein Vergnügen! Harpa und X1 sind etwa gleich alt. Alle Bilder OOC.
  7. As this forum is still one I visit often, thought some of you might enjoy this; Yesterday’s News: The Leica X1 Review by Adam Grayson | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS AG
  8. bellap

    Leica X1

    Hi There is an almost new Leica X1 for sale here in Sydney for $900. I have read lots of negative reviews of this camera but do love the look of it and the way it feels in my hand. Would appreciate some feedback from users of the X1 as other forums just bleat on about the price. Is it worth getting?
  9. Hi, when I try to photo group of people or one person, my images have a something blurred on them. Everything is good, but I feel some kind of shadow on them. So do you know any solution of settings which I need to change to have more sharpen photos? I need to picture something important for about a week, please help me. Thank you.
  10. I shoot both film (M7+35+50+75 + Nikon SRL) and digital (my only camera Leica x1). Depending on the project and circumstances I choice if film or digital. I'm now planning to add a small size high quality digital camera beside the x1 (of which I'm satisfied) to use when I need a moderate tele (postraits in available light) or not really macro but let say close up shots. After thinking, looking for infos the final match is between Olympus OM-D and Fuji XE-1 . I appreciate in the Oly the camera/lenses smallsize and the I.S. and I feel not sure about the sensor size and do not like the 3/4
  11. As I type, my D800 and lenses are at one of the big NYC photo stores waiting on an appraisal. For the most part, I use my Nikon with the Sigma 35 1.4. Love the quality, look, color, and all that. Don't love the weight, the "I'm taking a picture" and the in your face. I have an 85, 50 and old 80-200. My appraisal should net me some money. I have a good deal on an NEX 7 and i've used it a little for the last two days but not too much as I may return it. I'm not in love. Many menus, choices, and I can't seem to get that &^%& focus point where I want. I keep hitting the exposure adjust
  12. Seit Jahren lese ich immer wieder einmal im Forum mit; heute stelle ich als kleines Dankeschön meinen ersten Beitrag mit Bild ein. Zu meiner großen Überraschung passt die vor wenigen Tagen neu erworbene X1 hervorragend mit dem (alten) Digiscoping-Adapter auf's Leica Televid 77. Heute früh wurde die X1 erstmalig mit dem 32 x WW Okular gekoppelt und es funktionierte auf Anhieb. Ein Blick durchs Okular, kurz scharfgestellt und nach 12 Sekunden Selbstauslöser-Vorlauf war das erste Bild im Kasten: Der Frühling ist ganz nah! Viel Spass mit dieser (für mich) unerwarteten Kombination wünsc
  13. N00b intro - hi from a quite--a-while lurker. Ex D-Lux3 owner, soon to be X1 owner. I bloody lost the D-Lux3 the night before I left for a week in Havana, Cuba, where I'd planned to take pics. Had to make do with a little panny. The week after my return, Leica announced the X1. With demo pics taken in Havana. No brainer. The D-Lux3 served me well. I've always valued a smaller, discreet camera since I took an SLR and a little Olympus to South Africa in the early 90's, and I saw how a larger, noisier machine can change a photographic situation. When i got back, I worked as an assistant for
  14. I finally got myself a copy of Adobe Lightroom 2. Ive been using Aperture up until now. Must say its a stunning peice of software and really very simple to pick up quickly. Ive done some messing around with some X1 images, Questions or comments welcome. Stewart Weir
  15. Been out shooting on a very wet night. No flash and turned the OIS and the focus assist off. Really very happy. Really very happy with tonights shots.. On the blog..
  16. Ich wünsche einen guten Tag! Habe hier schon lange kein Foto gezeigt - nun hab ich eine X1 (zur M6) - hier meine ersten Versuche, trotz eisiger Märzkälte im Salzkammergut..., ich werde wohl noch viel Freude mit dieser Kompaktkamera haben, beste Grüße Peter Lahnsteiner - Bilder aus Ebensee & der weiteren Umgebung
  17. heard at that a fork lift crashed into a whole load of x1's ? any truth?
  18. More of a lurker than poster, here it goes.. Now that increasingly, X1's seem to be falling into eager hands (though a trickle still), wondered what different settings you all are using to get maximum results for your type of shooting... In other words, what settings, and more importantly, why is suits - your - style... (Just received mine, and am going to dive into my own experiments as soon as time opens up...) MB
  19. Here are 16 photos from my recent X1 use. Many are shot at 3200. X1 - a set on Flickr
  20. Breakfast Burglar by ffacker, on Flickr Not exactly "wildlife," but I wasn't sure into which category this fell ...
  21. mrgigi

    x1 travel

    I'm planning a trip to the south of France in the Fall and would like to travel lightly. Has anyone used the Leica X1 alone for travel photography and is the fixed focal length a problem? Trying to avoid lugging around my SLR and multiple lenses if possible, but will do so if I need more flexibility. Tough decision.
  22. Hi all, I bought a X1 3 days ago and I am liking it A LOT. The IQ is out of this world. I am using Leica's 36mm Viewfinder as I don't like composing on LCD and hope this will help me to save battery by not using the LCD at all. Yesterday it was my first day using this setup and I was able to get 330 shots (DNG+S.Fine Jpgs), 30% than the reported official battery life. Not bad. However, the only caveat that I had was focusing efficiently and accurately on on the subjects. I used the 1 AF Center point as I thought it would be easier to lock focusing and recomposing through the exter
  23. Hallo. Habe im englischsprachigen X1-Forum gesehen, dass viele einen RUNDEN Voigtländersucher verwenden. Der sieht ja richtig klasse aus. Kein Vergleich zum globigen und unschönen eckigen VL-Sucher oder zum Original von Leica. Offenbar handelt es sich dabei aber um einen alten Sucher? Oder? Kann jeman etwas dazu sagen? Taugt der runde Sucher für die X1. Danke für Eure Tipps.
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