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  1. This is my first post. I love my Leica X1 and took it all over Israel and Jordan this summer with fabulous results. However I am curious as why Israeli Airport security found my X1 and the leather case to be a "Security Threat" when it was scanned at the airport. Has anyone else had this problem? During the standard Israeli interrogation before check-in at the the airport (this is before I left for Israel, with the Israeli security at check-in) they ran my X1, with a lens cap and SD card inserted and the Leica X1 Camera case (the stock Leica dark brown leather case with the form-fitted so
  2. Mit der X1 immer noch ein Vergnügen! Harpa und X1 sind etwa gleich alt. Alle Bilder OOC.
  3. As this forum is still one I visit often, thought some of you might enjoy this; Yesterday’s News: The Leica X1 Review by Adam Grayson | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS AG
  4. Taken by my wife when we were drawing back home with the 8 years old Leica x1 which we always have in the car when traveling.
  5. Leica x1 : still works
  6. As I type, my D800 and lenses are at one of the big NYC photo stores waiting on an appraisal. For the most part, I use my Nikon with the Sigma 35 1.4. Love the quality, look, color, and all that. Don't love the weight, the "I'm taking a picture" and the in your face. I have an 85, 50 and old 80-200. My appraisal should net me some money. I have a good deal on an NEX 7 and i've used it a little for the last two days but not too much as I may return it. I'm not in love. Many menus, choices, and I can't seem to get that &^%& focus point where I want. I keep hitting the exposure adjust
  7. Leica X1. Russian Orthodox Monastery near Pskov.
  8. Hi, when I try to photo group of people or one person, my images have a something blurred on them. Everything is good, but I feel some kind of shadow on them. So do you know any solution of settings which I need to change to have more sharpen photos? I need to picture something important for about a week, please help me. Thank you.
  9. bellap

    Leica X1

    Hi There is an almost new Leica X1 for sale here in Sydney for $900. I have read lots of negative reviews of this camera but do love the look of it and the way it feels in my hand. Would appreciate some feedback from users of the X1 as other forums just bleat on about the price. Is it worth getting?
  10. I shoot both film (M7+35+50+75 + Nikon SRL) and digital (my only camera Leica x1). Depending on the project and circumstances I choice if film or digital. I'm now planning to add a small size high quality digital camera beside the x1 (of which I'm satisfied) to use when I need a moderate tele (postraits in available light) or not really macro but let say close up shots. After thinking, looking for infos the final match is between Olympus OM-D and Fuji XE-1 . I appreciate in the Oly the camera/lenses smallsize and the I.S. and I feel not sure about the sensor size and do not like the 3/4
  11. I believe I have found a serious flaw and defect in my Leica X1 that I bought new four months ago. Every image taken of a distance scene, like a vista, has soft focus regardless of ISO, shutter speed or aperture. It's also that way regardless of auto-focus or manual set to infinity. Soft images. Additionally, every image is approximately one stop over exposed. I shoot everything in DNG. Ever since getting my Leica X1, I have found that images require extensive work in Adobe Lightroom. Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences? This Leica X1 is too much aggravation for a Leica regardless
  12. Here is a wish I have for a Leica X1 "V3 firmware": - pressing 2 seconds the play button activate the play function without powering On the camera, having the lens extended. Advantage: power economy, quick access to pictures, logical: as far as I to see pictures, why should the camera have extended lens. - Square format please - bigger screen loupe in manual focusing. - 50mm rectangular aid on screen with focal lenght in exif Beside that, I am so happy with my X1 !!!!
  13. robert blu

    my music

    from a short series about the music of my summer. Shot with a Leica x1. More images here, in my blog. Please feel free to comment.
  14. Guest


  15. Since a few years m7 has been my "first" camera. Lenses: 12mm (CV) + 35 cron asph + 50 cron + 75 cv F2,5) . When travelling I was used to have a Nikon FM2 (with 50mm F 1,4) as back up. Reason of this choice was that with the 50mm I can focus up to 30 cm for details. Most of time leaving one camera in hotel an going out with one lens on the camera + 1 lens in the pocket depending on the daily expectations about what to shoot. Sometimes iso 100 in one camera and 400 in the other. Mostly B&W. Last winter I bought my first digital camera and I went for the x1, because of the sensor, OVF and
  16. Hallo Zusammen, brauche kurz Euer Know-How. Ich kriege meine X1 i.M. nicht dazu, Aufnahmeserien zu machen. Woran könnte das liegen? Hintergrund: - Hauptschalter steht auf C - Frequenz auf 2 B/s (alternativ auch 3 B/s) - Kein Blitz - Kein DNG (ist auf JPEG extra fein - Alternativ JPEG fein - eingestellt) - Keine Aufnahmen über 1/60er Verschlusszeit - Sonst zu Testzwecken erstmal alles zurück auf "Standard" gestellt Trotzdem macht er immer nur EIN Bild! Bin für jeden Tip dankbar CU TheStig
  17. Ich freue mich sehr seit kurzem Eigentümer einer Leica X1 zu sein. Eine wirklich tolle Kamera. Obwohl ich sehr überzeugt von der Kamera bin, empfinde ich im Rauschverhalten eine auffallende Störung. Um die genannte Störung hervorzuheben, habe ich ein Foto mit folgenden Einstellungen geschossen: ISO 3200 Blende: 2,8 Verschlusszeit: 1/60 Auflösung: 12,2 M Kompression: DNG + JPG Super Fein Film-Voreinstellungen: Standard* Schärfen: Gering Stättigung: Mittelhoch Kontrast: Standard Die JPG und DNG Dateien sind unter folgendem Link zum Download bereit: http://www.volkanbaga.
  18. Someone requested the details on how I built a macro converter for the X1. My total cost was around $20. I bought the step-up and step-down rings on eBay for $2 each. I also got the Nikon UR-E8 adapter tube on eBay for $8. A tube of epoxy was $5 at Home Depot. I already had a broken Nikkor zoom lens. Nikon wanted $200 just to look at it to see why it wouldn't focus, so I had bought a new lens and thrown this one in a drawer. I dissected it to remove the front element. I did have to dremel off a bracket, but unfortunately I don't have a photo of that. It's incredibly simple. The quality
  19. I was not sure wether to start this thread in the Post Proc section, but since this was shot exclusively on the Leica X1 I decided to start this here. For an upcoming job I was testing a few lenses and Tripod callibrations on my Nikon D3x. Having shot panoramas before, I am well aware of the pitfalls of some of the newer lenses or the crazy sunex optics. Mostly I resort to shoot panoramas with very simple 35 mm primes, so as the X1 is a rather new adition to my kit, I thought : why not mount this little machine on the Manfrotto nodal head in an attempt to shoot a Panorama with this nifty l
  20. Hey guys, Just received my used x1 frm ebay, and I just noticed that instead of the ring on the lens with lens marking (ie the front of the lens with 1.28/24 ASPH) mine is just s silver ring. Does that mean this camera has been to unauthorized service? Is it possible to get that replaced? I think the silver ring is really ugly. Thanks
  21. Two years with a X1. [Disclaimer: please don't take this post too seriously... it's just to decompress the tension immediately before the 10/05/12 event...] Please allow me to share my experience of two years with an X1. I bought my X1 in May 2010. Since then, I have had a love&hate relationship with this camera, which I realize is not an original feeling at all.* Although I'm seriously into photography (I'll have a photobook published next month) I am a "backup camera" guy. Let me explain: my "main cameras" have been what most photographers call backups. Since 2005, my cameras w
  22. Newbie needing advice here.. :-) I'm trying to choose something to jump in with... X1 demo w/full warranty - $1500 X2 - $2000 Ricoh GXR + M-Mount + lens - $2500+ Used M8 + lens - $3500+ Any/all advice welcome! (BTW, Leaning towards the X1 for some reason)
  23. Folks, After much reading and comparison to similar models and knowing how much I love my D-Lux5, I am planning to buy an X1 next week. Now, I have taken my D-Lux5 around the world and it's been flawless for the past 9 months of use. No issues. Should I be worried about the reliability of the X1? I have heard some reports of flash sticking. Are there other issues? Any major concerns? Planning to take it on a trip to London in few weeks... Thanks for the thoughts!
  24. The hotshoe on my X1 is so tight that I practically have to force the Leica finder in each time I want to mount it. Taking it out from the hotshoe is another hassle. It is impossible to mount any of the flashgun that I have to the hotshoe. Does anybody else have the same problem? Any suggestion how I can 'loosen' it a bit? Thanks.
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