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Found 60 results

  1. This is my first post. I love my Leica X1 and took it all over Israel and Jordan this summer with fabulous results. However I am curious as why Israeli Airport security found my X1 and the leather case to be a "Security Threat" when it was scanned at the airport. Has anyone else had this problem? During the standard Israeli interrogation before check-in at the the airport (this is before I left for Israel, with the Israeli security at check-in) they ran my X1, with a lens cap and SD card inserted and the Leica X1 Camera case (the stock Leica dark brown leather case with the form-fitted soft padded interior and neck strap) through a scanner and told me "Your camera is a security risk" then proceeded to use that as an excuse to take me in a private room and strip search me. I gave them the Leica charger and an extra battery in case they needed to do more checks or turn it on. They spent about 30 minutes running the camera through a scanner in the room over and over again, arguing about the image on the screen (the lens cap intrigued them) and kept looking at the leather case, especially where the lens covering protrudes, the padding inside, and muttering in Hebrew. At the end they said they had to ship my $2000 Leica in an envelope and a box, and the leather case had to be shipped in another box, which I could collect in Tel Aviv. Upon my arrival in Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, the two packages arrived about 15 minutes after my luggage on the conveyor belt. I normally NEVER check a camera in my luggage as I have had them stolen before, so I was happy to see the box arrive. They had put everything in tightly wrapped plastic inside a box and an envelope. I noticed they had forgotten to pack the Leica charger and the Leica battery. At this point I just wanted to get out of the airport. Of course I could not find a replacement charger in Israel, at least not in a few days, and have now ordered a new battery and $100.00 charger on my return. I may send Israeli Airport Security a letter, but I doubt I'll get a refund. I was quite surprised and delighted as the single charged battery lasted quite a while during my trip to Israel and Jordan, at least for 200+ shots, which was wonderful. On my way out of the country I packed the leather case in my luggage and kept the camera with me in my carry on and had no extra searches beyond the regular intensive luggage scanning, opening, bomb searches, etc. So the case and camera together may have been the problem? Has anyone had this problem, in particular with the Leica leather case? I think they may have been using this as an excuse to strip search me...I was travelling alone, although I really don't fit the standard terrorist "profile", having a UK background with a USA passport, catholic and with a Scottish last name. Please don't let this become a thread about the necessity for heightened security checks and current political situation. I'm just curious if people have had this problem with the Leica padded leather cases when travelling. For me, this was the first time ever, and I used to travel with an M6. At most they used to ask me take my electronics and camera out of my carry on, but I have never had my camera deemed a "Risk" before. Thanks! And the camera arrived OK. =)
  2. Sharing my short article shooting Paris with classic Leica X1: https://www.juliuspictures.com/blog/2020/11/13/exploring-paris-with-leica-x1 I found this little old camera is amazing. I hope you all enjoy it.
  3. Guest

    "Neue" Kamera - Leica M3

    Hallo zusammen, da ich mich über meine Neuerwerbung sehr freue, muss ich dies hier kund tun. Ich habe zuletzt etliche Jahre mit einer Leica X1 fotografiert, dann bin ich vor 5 Jahren auf eine M9 umgestiegen. Damit fotografiere ich regelmäßig und es macht mir eine Menge Spaß. Als Erbstück von meinen Eltern (meine Mutter war Fotografin) habe ich eine Leica IIIc (Baujahr 1949) mit einem Summitar (von 1951) 5 cm, 1:2, die sich - damit Objektiv - in einem sehr schönen und voll funktionsfähigen Zustand befindet. Damit habe ich in den letzten Wochen 2 Filme belichtet, um zu sehen, ob ich überhaupt noch analog und jede Automatik fotografieren kann. Es hat funktioniert. Da die Schraubleica nicht wirklich einfach in der Handhabung ist (Sucherfenster und Entfernungsmesser separat) habe ich über die Anschaffung einer M3 oder M2 nachgedacht. Für die M3 spricht, dass Sie über einen besonders großen Fenster verfügt. Für die M2 sprach ihr Aussehen (sehr schlicht - sehr schön) und die Tatsache, dass man mit ihr problemlos ein 35 mm Objektiv nutzen kann. Nun ist es eine M3 - Kauf per Ebay (trotz grundsätzlicher Bedenken) geworden und ich kann meine Leica-Optiken (meistgenutzt: 50 mm) für den Oldtimer nutzen. Ich bin gespannt darauf, sie in der Hand zu halten und den ersten Film zurück zu erhalten. Beste Grüße Dieter M.
  4. Mit der X1 immer noch ein Vergnügen! Harpa und X1 sind etwa gleich alt. Alle Bilder OOC.
  5. As this forum is still one I visit often, thought some of you might enjoy this; Yesterday’s News: The Leica X1 Review by Adam Grayson | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS AG
  6. Hallo. Habe im englischsprachigen X1-Forum gesehen, dass viele einen RUNDEN Voigtländersucher verwenden. Der sieht ja richtig klasse aus. Kein Vergleich zum globigen und unschönen eckigen VL-Sucher oder zum Original von Leica. Offenbar handelt es sich dabei aber um einen alten Sucher? Oder? Kann jeman etwas dazu sagen? Taugt der runde Sucher für die X1. Danke für Eure Tipps.
  7. Leica X1. Russian Orthodox Monastery near Pskov.
  8. I shoot both film (M7+35+50+75 + Nikon SRL) and digital (my only camera Leica x1). Depending on the project and circumstances I choice if film or digital. I'm now planning to add a small size high quality digital camera beside the x1 (of which I'm satisfied) to use when I need a moderate tele (postraits in available light) or not really macro but let say close up shots. After thinking, looking for infos the final match is between Olympus OM-D and Fuji XE-1 . I appreciate in the Oly the camera/lenses smallsize and the I.S. and I feel not sure about the sensor size and do not like the 3/4 ratio. Of the Fuji I'm interested in the new sensor type which for what I read seems very promising. Unfortunately I have no chance to try and or compare the two cameras, shops here seem pushing the Oly and not the Fuji (in three different shops they did not have one charged battery! for the Fuji, I suspect there is a minor mark up!). I do not print large than A3 /A3+ (approx. 12 x 16 inches). Easy manual focusing (50 or 75mmlenses) and uncomplicated menu is...desired! Has anyone here any suggestion or comment? I thank you in advance. robert PS: sorry for long post but necessary to define my needs/desires...
  9. Hi, when I try to photo group of people or one person, my images have a something blurred on them. Everything is good, but I feel some kind of shadow on them. So do you know any solution of settings which I need to change to have more sharpen photos? I need to picture something important for about a week, please help me. Thank you.
  10. bellap

    Leica X1

    Hi There is an almost new Leica X1 for sale here in Sydney for $900. I have read lots of negative reviews of this camera but do love the look of it and the way it feels in my hand. Would appreciate some feedback from users of the X1 as other forums just bleat on about the price. Is it worth getting?
  11. As I type, my D800 and lenses are at one of the big NYC photo stores waiting on an appraisal. For the most part, I use my Nikon with the Sigma 35 1.4. Love the quality, look, color, and all that. Don't love the weight, the "I'm taking a picture" and the in your face. I have an 85, 50 and old 80-200. My appraisal should net me some money. I have a good deal on an NEX 7 and i've used it a little for the last two days but not too much as I may return it. I'm not in love. Many menus, choices, and I can't seem to get that &^%& focus point where I want. I keep hitting the exposure adjustment button. I do not have large hands by any means. I like the sony but am not enthralled by it. I can get a used X1 for a bit less then the NEX 7kit, it has the focus length I like, no more lenses to buy (or go gaga over), about the only thing it needs is a snooty 1/2 case and an optical viewfinder. The X2 interests me but it is 3x the cost of a used x1. I don't think it is 3x the camera. Used is 2x. I don't shoot sports, for the most part I use it to walk around and document my life and surroundings. X1 users, let me know how and why you like yours!
  12. Newbie needing advice here.. :-) I'm trying to choose something to jump in with... X1 demo w/full warranty - $1500 X2 - $2000 Ricoh GXR + M-Mount + lens - $2500+ Used M8 + lens - $3500+ Any/all advice welcome! (BTW, Leaning towards the X1 for some reason)
  13. Two years with a X1. [Disclaimer: please don't take this post too seriously... it's just to decompress the tension immediately before the 10/05/12 event...] Please allow me to share my experience of two years with an X1. I bought my X1 in May 2010. Since then, I have had a love&hate relationship with this camera, which I realize is not an original feeling at all.* Although I'm seriously into photography (I'll have a photobook published next month) I am a "backup camera" guy. Let me explain: my "main cameras" have been what most photographers call backups. Since 2005, my cameras were a Sony DSC/R1 (which I still use), a DLUX4 (which I don't use anymore), a Leica X1 (which I use almost everyday) and a NEX 5N (that I sold recently) plus a Leica 35mm Summicron v4. I tried to sell my X1 twice, for different reasons. The first time, in the beginning of 2011, I decided that I could not support anymore that miserable, unreliable camera (...) and take the opportunity to change my (photographic) life... As I couldn't afford, or even justify the investment in an M9, I decided myself for a surrogate of it: to cut a long story short, I ended up with a NEX5+summicron 35mm v4. And I wanted to sell the X1 to finance this, but nobody made me a fair offer for it. Sudenly I gave up to sell the X1 as I realised how complementary would be a 35mm and a 50mm, fostering two very different ways to photograph.* One year passed and the 10th May fever rised. Two months ago I was attacked by a temptation to buy a second-hand M9, looking for some mad guy or girl that wanted badly to buy an M10 (or whatever M it comes/came) and was drunk enough to sell his/her M9 for less than 3500€... No way, of course (and, thinking better, rangefinding is not my way to photograph, I'm more into the Hasselblad way... that's why I ordered an NEX 7 for my Summicron...). But the 10/5 fever attacked me too and I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade... to an X2. Thus, I am trying to sell the X1 again, for the second time... Let me finish by saying that I love my X1. A lot. I hope nobody gives me enough for it... .*It has quirks: I hate when I miss a shot due to the slow AF and I hate when the image results out of focus due to focus not locked at infinity. But I still love it.*As far as accessories, my X1 is equiped with a ThumbsUp and a home-made sling. Both increase substantially the usability of the camera. The setup accomodates quite nicelly in my hand, leading to a very flexible use for different situations. I really like the feelling: right thickness, weight, size, handling.* Ah, forgot to say... it gave me, and stills gaving me, an outstanding image quality. Regards and happy 10/05/12 António. PS. If the X2 has similar form factor, a summicron or summilux, better AF, and an even better sensor... oh my...
  14. Folks, After much reading and comparison to similar models and knowing how much I love my D-Lux5, I am planning to buy an X1 next week. Now, I have taken my D-Lux5 around the world and it's been flawless for the past 9 months of use. No issues. Should I be worried about the reliability of the X1? I have heard some reports of flash sticking. Are there other issues? Any major concerns? Planning to take it on a trip to London in few weeks... Thanks for the thoughts!
  15. seit ca. 8 Wochen bin ich nun im Besitz der X1 in schwarz. Man muss sich natürlich an die Festbrennweite erst mal gewöhnen. Zum mitnehmen in einer großen Jackentasche ist sie noch geeignet und mit dem auto Objektivdeckel mit den 3 Klappen auch schnell einsatzbereit. Den Adaptertubus für eine Sonnenblende und 49mm Filter habe ich mir als erstes zugelegt.Damit ist sie natürlich nicht mehr Jackentauglich, aber ich nehme den Tubus dann einfach ab. Mit der Bildqualität war ich am Anfang nicht sehr zufrieden (RAW Bilder mit CS5 bearbeitet). Aber bei einem Vergleich mit meiner Pentax K-7 hatte die X1 doch einen kleinen Vorteil. Die Einstellrädchen verstellen sich leider schnell wenn man die X1 in die Tasche steckt. Ansonsten bin ich sehr zufrieden mit der kleinen schwarzen. Heute habe ich mal meinen Pentax Blitz auf die X1 gesteckt und siehe da der geht bis 1/250s hervorragend. TTL geht leider nicht aber bei Blitz stelle eh ich alles von Hand ein. Auch die Funkauslöser für die Pentax sind mit der X1 kompatibel. Da hier sowieso alle Blitze im M-Modus arbeiten kann ich mehrere Blitze zugleich auslösen. Auch hier blitzt alles noch mit 1/250s. Also kann ich meine vorhandenen Blitze für Pentax und Leica X1 nutzen. In der Colorfoto hat die X1 38 Punkte bei ISO 100 in der Bildqualität. Cannon 5D Mark II nur 36,5 und Nikon D300s nur 31,5. Ob das mal stimmt. Habe keine der beiden Kameras aber vielleicht kann ein Leser das bestätigen oder auch nicht.
  16. wda


    Our golden retriever dog likes his comfort during early morning sunshine indoors. (Leica X1)
  17. Hey guys, Just received my used x1 frm ebay, and I just noticed that instead of the ring on the lens with lens marking (ie the front of the lens with 1.28/24 ASPH) mine is just s silver ring. Does that mean this camera has been to unauthorized service? Is it possible to get that replaced? I think the silver ring is really ugly. Thanks
  18. The hotshoe on my X1 is so tight that I practically have to force the Leica finder in each time I want to mount it. Taking it out from the hotshoe is another hassle. It is impossible to mount any of the flashgun that I have to the hotshoe. Does anybody else have the same problem? Any suggestion how I can 'loosen' it a bit? Thanks.
  19. I am interested in an X-1, but I have some questions. 1- I saw on the web that a version of L'room 3 was announced about December 20, 2011. Is this different from L'room 3, no suffix? Or did I read the date wrong? If there is something new on the block, will the Leica d'load be for this latest version? If the 3.6 moniker is really for the same version as 3, then never mind. I know that not much time has elapsed since then, but if anyone knows, it would be nice. 2- I have a Lumix FZ 35 and have been disappointed in the IQ - noisy at any ISO over 200, and not great even at 100. Is this due to the lens or the sensors? Does anyone have any experience in this? I have read a good deal of praise for the X-1 at higher ISO's, which would make (any necessary) cropping and enlarging more productive even with the fixed focal length of the X-1. And the menus of the Lumix drive me crazy. I find myself not using the camera much. 3- I used to have a IIIg screw mount with a 50mm summicron. I know that processing counts for a lot these days, but how does the IQ of the X-1 compare with the summicron, given that the print processing is reasonably competent? Thanks in advance for any information.
  20. robert blu

    my music

    from a short series about the music of my summer. Shot with a Leica x1. More images here, in my blog. Please feel free to comment.
  21. Here is a wish I have for a Leica X1 "V3 firmware": - pressing 2 seconds the play button activate the play function without powering On the camera, having the lens extended. Advantage: power economy, quick access to pictures, logical: as far as I to see pictures, why should the camera have extended lens. - Square format please - bigger screen loupe in manual focusing. - 50mm rectangular aid on screen with focal lenght in exif Beside that, I am so happy with my X1 !!!!
  22. I believe I have found a serious flaw and defect in my Leica X1 that I bought new four months ago. Every image taken of a distance scene, like a vista, has soft focus regardless of ISO, shutter speed or aperture. It's also that way regardless of auto-focus or manual set to infinity. Soft images. Additionally, every image is approximately one stop over exposed. I shoot everything in DNG. Ever since getting my Leica X1, I have found that images require extensive work in Adobe Lightroom. Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences? This Leica X1 is too much aggravation for a Leica regardless of price.
  23. Guest


  24. Since a few years m7 has been my "first" camera. Lenses: 12mm (CV) + 35 cron asph + 50 cron + 75 cv F2,5) . When travelling I was used to have a Nikon FM2 (with 50mm F 1,4) as back up. Reason of this choice was that with the 50mm I can focus up to 30 cm for details. Most of time leaving one camera in hotel an going out with one lens on the camera + 1 lens in the pocket depending on the daily expectations about what to shoot. Sometimes iso 100 in one camera and 400 in the other. Mostly B&W. Last winter I bought my first digital camera and I went for the x1, because of the sensor, OVF and the 35 equivalent lens (35 is the lens I use 70% of times on the m7). Last week I went for a short holiday in south germany and after a long thinking I decided to take with me the m7 (35-50-75) and the x1. Idea was to have a relaxing holiday and taking some pictures, not to make a journey in order to take "the best photo of my life". The idea was to use the m7 with an iso 100 B&W film and the x1 for some family color snaps and for the need of higher iso. Positive points (IMHO) : I appreciated many times the possibility to set the x1 at 800/1.600 iso and shoot in low light situation, which I could not have done with the m7 (100 iso in it). In difficult light situations I could chimp. But what surprised me was the fact that I almost never used the m7 because "easier" just to set to 100 iso the x1 and take pictures. Even if I had the m7 with me all the time! It seems me that having a digital camera beside the film one causes a kind of "laziness" which forces me to work with it. I do not like to go in direction of a film versus digital old annoying story, but I'm just curious if the members here who own both a film M and a digital M are using them in the same occasion. I think in future when holiday is the main point to use just the x1, if I have a serious project in mind to use again the film combo M7+FM2. Any comment about ? thanks and sorry for long post, robert PS: I am not sure if this had to be posted in the x1 forum or in film forum, it seems me here could be of more interest.
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