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  1. Actually this is helpful indeed. Kindest reguards...
  2. Andreas, I apologize if this question is repetative or has been asked and answered in other parts of the forum. You mention that when "publishing portraits and street photos to exercise particular sensitivity". I wonder if there is some additional clarity. For example, a photo of a child amoung others in a playground. A photo of a street scene which includes a variety of people... perhaps with two of them kissing or otherwise displaying affection in public. Photographs which might otherwise be newsworthy of for example civil disturbance. I understand that there may not be good answers
  3. 60 seconds, sepia, Monochrom, 35mm zeiss. From my balcony near Rincon Puerto Rico
  4. Domes Beach view from the Lighthouse, Rincon, Puerto Rico 60 sec, M Monochrom, Zeiss 35 Biogon
  5. The rocks below the Lighthouse... In Rincon, Puerto Rico. Monochrom Zeiss 35 Biogon
  6. Thanks I thought so... Glad to have it confirmed.
  7. In the manual p. 152 the T function for long exposures is described. A point that is unclear to me is the 60 second maximum exposure under the Bulb setting. The T function apparently allows one to open the shutter without maintaining a continuous press. Is the 60 second limit a "hard" limit or is there some way to keep the shutter open beyond 60 seconds.
  8. Leica Store Miami had one on offer recently for 3,995 with 1 year guarantee.
  9. It looks like the Pox to me... but if this is the only spot... perhaps you can live with it... just clone it out in post. Also it does not show up when shooting 5.6 and wider... so there is that. I understand that the corrosion grows over time... so keep an eye open if you decide not to send it in.
  10. My beloved Monochrom, which I purchased used, began to show signs of corrosion within 6 months of my ownership. The previous owner lived in Florida and I live in Puerto Rico. It was clean and had a recent CLA when I purchased it. I struggled along until the corrosion was too profound to ignore... this was sometime in the early fall 2015. Off it went to Leica NJ for going on four months until a new batch of sensors arrived. It was shipped back to me in January 2016. Sadly signs of corrosion returned about 10 months later. I held on until a week ago and sent it up to Leica NJ. Leica NJ tells me
  11. Last September (2015) I began to see the sensor corrosion blooms. I sent my Monochrom up to NJ for CLA service and a sensor replacement. Months dragged by without word on when the replacement would be completed. Finally at the end of January 2016 I received my Monochrom with replacement sensor, not a new sensor, simply a replacement. Alas, last week, I noticed the return of corrosion spots. I sent an image with the spots up to NJ for them to look at and then to advise me. That was the beginning of the week. Now after two follow up e-mails... to my previous service adviser and then to the g
  12. As Jaapv says... just make sure you are shooting with a small aperture. Of course the possibility exists that the problem may occur later.
  13. Luke, That is what I would have done. When I contacted Leica I origanally had a return date of about 30 days and so I sent the camera in for replacement. Then I was told it would be 3 months at least and now I'm looking at 7.
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