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  1. I want to thank the OP and all of the others who have contributed to this thread over the past years. Before I set out I checked in on the forum and found this thread. This morning I decided to take a walk and set up a task to take BW photos of steps in Doylestown. Here is an image that I think captures "stairness" in these parts. As an added bonus I had a number of great brief encounters with a variety of people. Having a camera in you hand make you very accessible. Monochrom/ Zeiss 35
  2. Several days ago I was cycling on the D&L Canal tow path and I was stopped by this family of Canadian Geese. The adults were doing some odd movements with their necks and while I dismounted from my bike and very slowly walked towards then the adults carefully shepherded the goslings off to the side of the path allowing me to continue my journey. I took this with my trusty d lux 3 on auto so there is considerable motion blur from the head of the geese. It was an amazing experience for me... my image capture not so much.
  3. What an amazing esthetic sense you have. I cant say I fully understand it, yet it is there and you follow it along very comfortably. I have seen some of your work on the dlux section. This one does whisper gently to me.
  4. Today I went out for a bike ride to Pidcock Creek which is in Buck's County, PA. I made this pano style image with the Dlux 3 and used the same processing. Lightroom, Topaz, Luminar and back into Lightroom for some final adjustments. Just to keep the Impressionist vibe turning. This one is after the style of Thomas Manley who worked extensively in this part of the world at the turn of the last century. Thanks again for looking.
  5. Since we began to spend some time in Bucks County, PA I have been getting out on a bicycle... exploring some of the smaller roads in the central part of the county. I frequently carry with me an old somewhat damaged DLux 3 which I can stow in my jersey back pocket. Today I went out to a lovely agricultural part of the county and visited a bridge which is absolutely charming... it is a typical three arch stone bridge built in 1933. It surely is one of the most photographed bridges in the county. I lightly processed the image in Lightroom and brought the image into Luminar for color adjustm
  6. I understand the sentiment. Its really more of a digital art form rather than photography. I have produced several series of images with major surgery to remove modern intrusions (signage, air conditioners, autos and so forth) with the objective of achieving a more "timeless" look to landscape images. I have also printed some of them on canvas... it is quiet a lovely effect. Oh... the compact camera is perfect for this as it is so pocket-able and because you are primarily looking at composition and color rendering rather than other features available in contemporary photography.
  7. I have been working with a photo application called Topaz Studio which allows a user to mimic the styles of Impressionist painters based on photographs. Today i went out into my backyard and with a Dlux-3 made a quick macro photo lightly edited in Lightroom of a couple of beautiful weeds. Then I took the image into Topaz Studio and converted the image into one based on the work of John Follinsbee. Last, I brought the image into Luminar 3 for a warm color adjustment.The first image is the conversion followed by the original. Thanks for looking
  8. Actually this is helpful indeed. Kindest reguards...
  9. Andreas, I apologize if this question is repetative or has been asked and answered in other parts of the forum. You mention that when "publishing portraits and street photos to exercise particular sensitivity". I wonder if there is some additional clarity. For example, a photo of a child amoung others in a playground. A photo of a street scene which includes a variety of people... perhaps with two of them kissing or otherwise displaying affection in public. Photographs which might otherwise be newsworthy of for example civil disturbance. I understand that there may not be good answers
  10. 60 seconds, sepia, Monochrom, 35mm zeiss. From my balcony near Rincon Puerto Rico
  11. Domes Beach view from the Lighthouse, Rincon, Puerto Rico 60 sec, M Monochrom, Zeiss 35 Biogon
  12. The rocks below the Lighthouse... In Rincon, Puerto Rico. Monochrom Zeiss 35 Biogon
  13. Thanks I thought so... Glad to have it confirmed.
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