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Found 35 results

  1. gwpics

    Time for Tea

    Taken at my favourite cafe today: Leica M240 = 35mm Summarit-M f2.5 @1600 iso. I applied a Kodachrome effect plug-in during processing in Lightroom CC. Gerry
  2. I am so pleased that another step towards normality has happened, and I can again sit and drink coffee at my favourite cafe Mettricks Guildhall in the centre of Southampton. Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5 Gerry
  3. The major cruise liners may have deserted Southampton because of COVID-19, but we still get daily visits by some of the biggest ships in the world such as the 210,691 tonnes 'MOL Treasure' which at 400m long dominate the skyline. Leica M240 + 90mm Summarit-M f2.5 - 50% crop Gerry
  4. From todays walk in Centenary Quay, Southampton: © Gerry Walden/gwpics.com 2020 Leica M240 + 24mm Elmarit-M f2.8 ASPH
  5. Something a little different for me - looking north over Houghton Down: the beauty of the Hampshire countryside today. Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5. Gerry
  6. From todays walkabout in the centre of Southampton. Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5 Gerry
  7. Yesterday I took to the streets of Southampton for my first brief venture for 5 months. This is one of the resulting images. Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5. 1/500 @ f 11 and 250iso. I used a Kodachrome plug-in with Lightroom Classic. Gerry
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hallo liebe Mitforenten, nach Upgrade auf M10 muss meine gute alte 240er leider gehen. Gebrauchsspuren wie auf den Bildern zu sehen, der Lack geht an den typischen Stellen ab, der Trageriemen hat kleine Schleifspuren hinterlassen, Funktion nach wie vor tadellos. Die Kamera war Jänner 2016 zum Einstellen in Wetzlar. Habe sie immer sehr pfleglich behandelt. Weitere Fotos gibt es hier: https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/leica-m-typ-240-280024810/ Oder gerne auch per Mail, bei Interesse bitte einfach fragen. zum Verkauf steht: • Leica M (Typ 240) • Olympus EVF • zwei Akkus • Ladegerät + alle Kabel • OVP • orig. Trageriemen • Erstbesitz, gekauft im Mai 2013 • ca. 50.000 Auslösungen Verkauf in EU zzgl. € 50,– versicherter Versand Bei Fragen bitte gerne bei mir melden. LG, Maximilian Hallo folks, due to upgrading to an M10 ... my good old M 240 has to go now. Signs of use as shown on the pics, the paint is gone on the typical spots, the strap has left some signs of use as well. The overall function of the camera is great as it always has been. The camara has been in for adjusting in January 2016. I alway took care of it. More photos here: https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/leica-m-typ-240-280024810/ For additional photos please just contact me. I am offering: • Leica M (Type 240) • Olympus EVF • two batteries • charger + all cables • original box • orig. strap • I m the first owner, bought the camera in May 2013 • approx. 50.000 shutter actuations plus shipping within EU + € 50,– Kind Regards, Maximilian

    2,490.00 EUR

  9. Like so many I am in a lockdown situation, and as a safeguard I have not ventured out for many week because of my age and heart condition. Those around me are keen to keep me a live for some reason! 😄 I have therefore been exploring the home environment, and also exploring my under-used 24mm Elmarit-M f2.8 ASPH. Here is one from my garden which was taken with the Elmarit on my M240, and then converted to black and white in Lightroom CC. Technical details are 1/90 f8 @ 2000iso Init is pretty dark under the oak tree). Hope you like it! Gerry
  10. I have a chance to upgrade from an M9 to an M240 at a pretty good price, so I'm thinking about doing it. I'll have a chance to try out the M240 before deciding, so most of my decision will be based on my own experience with the two cameras. Before that happens, I've gotten way too caught up in reading comparisons online, looking at images from each camera, internally debating which one I would like better. With some background, I would appreciate any advice and points for consideration in making this decision, which is significant for me both financially and photographically. I can only afford to have one digital M body. I think the M-Monochrom would be my preferred one, but it's a little out of my price range at the moment. My favorite M is my M7--it's quiet, easy to focus, and I love the resulting images, which I print up to 16" x 20". I shoot mostly Tri-X and some Portra 400. I find the texture of film in b&w prints to be really appealing. (If I could have one camera, it would be the M7 + 50mm Summicron.) But the process of scanning and printing is expensive and sometimes frustrating and more time-consuming that I can manage. Nonetheless, I love the process of shooting with this camera more than any other. My first digital Leica was the M8, which I really enjoyed using and thought had excellent image quality and colors, particularly when paired with Leica lenses. I then upgraded to an M9, which I also really liked. Though I mostly convert to B&W, the color images can be used and look special without any post processing. I use Lightroom and Nik applications, but I would prefer to not have to process my images on the computer. I don't enjoy the process much at all. Thus, having a really flat, malleable file upon DNG import isn't necessarily a good thing to me. (I know that goes against my desire for an MM.) With that said, why would I consider upgrading? Well, not having been able to shoot my M9 at f/8 or above has been somewhat limiting because of the sensor corrosion issue. I don't change lenses or clean my sensor often, so I don't know if the problem would return in a couple years once I get it replaced. But I imagine that, at some point, Leica will no longer be able to replace the sensors, and I'll then have to pay much more to upgrade. Or maybe that's an overly pessimistic outlook, and they will support the M9 for another decade. Some of the usability features of the M240 appeal to me. Some people say that the rangefinder is easier to focus, and that would be a boon. I've found the M8 and M9 more difficult to focus than the M7. I like that the body is weather-sealed. I like the quieter shutter sound, although the discreet mode on the M9 is good enough for me. One of the major issues I've had with my M9 is not always knowing whether to trust the rangefinder or not. Having liveview confirmation and a better LCD screen now and then might improve my confidence in shooting with the rangefinder on the M240 with different lenses. That would be worth quite a bit to me. Being able to shoot reliably at higher ISOs would be nice, but I don't really need any more capability than what I can get with traditional 35mm film. I understand that the M240 might be more responsive, and that's a good thing. I don't like missing shots because my camera has been asleep and I forget to first press the shutter release to wake it up before taking a photo. I don't having interest in video or the longer-life battery or bigger buffer. Those features simply don't come into play in how I shoot. So, part of the decision will be about which camera I enjoy using more. I suspect it will be the M240. And part of it will be about which camera produces images that I like better. That I'm not sure about right now. Based on what I've seen so far, I fear that I may be in the camp that favors the M9 images. The ones I've seen from the M240 too often look like what I could get by processing files from my Nikon D600. That's not a bad thing--the D600 has many great, objective qualities: dynamic range, color representation, etc. However, the images also often look too smooth, too plastic-like, too perfect, too digital, too accurate, etc. And I want a Leica that will produce a subtly distinct look that is more textured, more film-like, less realistic and more interpretive. Anyhow, I'll be trying out the M240 to see if I think it's a suitable digital alternative to my M7 and a replacement for my M9--not only in the way it handles, but also in the way it uniquely renders images.
  11. Hallo Forum, ich habe kürzlich meine M9 nach So… nein, nach Wetzlar! eingeschickt, mit einem offensichtlich zerstörten Sensor. Auf den Bildern waren deutliche Kratzer zu sehen, beim Abblenden schärfer als offen. Ich bin davon ausgegangen, dass ich mich beim (vorsichtigen) Reinigen mittels Sensor Swabs schlicht zu blöd angestellt habe und den Sensor verkratzt habe. Anstatt eines satt vierstelligen KVAs kam jedoch nur die Nachricht zurück, der Sensor werde auf Kulanz getauscht. Möglicherweise lag also noch ein anderes Problem vor - ich weiß es wirklich nicht, aber ich war mehr als überrascht. Aufgrund der erwarteten langen Reparaturzeit von 8 Wochen wurde mir alternativ ein Upgrade auf eine M240 angeboten, zu einem durchaus attraktiven (Auf)Preis. Da ich trotz mehr-als-Vollzeitjob auf akademischer Basis nicht unbedingt im Bargeld schwimme und eine Familie zu ernähren habe, überlege ich jetzt schon seit etlichen Tagen, was ich tun soll. Zunächst muss ich die M mal persönlich in die Finger bekommen, einen Ausflug in die große Stadt werde ich wohl nächste Woche in den Terminplan einbauen können. An der M9 wäre halt hübsch, dass Sie mit neuem Sensor zurückkäme, kalibriert, gereinigt und auf meine Objektive abgestimmt, quasi wie neu. Der Verschluss hat auch erst 5.000 Auslösungen hinter sich. Mich würden die Meinungen der Umsteiger von der M9 auf die M interessieren, ob sich ihr Umstieg subjektiv gelohnt hat. Wenn ich den derzeitigen Restwert meiner M9 mit kaputtem Sensor betrachte, ist der Aufpreis auf die neue M gemessen an der UVP ein Schnäppchen, aber in absoluten Zahlen halt doch kein Pappenstiel. Dies gilt um so mehr, als ich zahlreiche der neuen Features bislang nicht vermisst habe: - Den schlimmen M9-Screen habe ich nur zur Iso-Verstellung verwendet und gelegentlich mal einen Blick aufs Histogramm riskiert. - Mehr als einen M9-Akku am Tag habe ich noch nicht leerbekommen. - Liveview ist zwar nett zur Vermeidung von Parallaxe und für die akkurate Ausrichtung, aber ich könnte wohl auch ohne. - Video an einer M brauche und möchte ich nicht. Das Knöpfchen würde ich sofort deaktivieren. Aber das Entscheidende ist doch: Wie steht es mit der Bildqualität? Ist der Umstieg auf den CMOSIS-Sensor ein solcher Quantensprung, dass man dafür soviel Aufpreis auf den Tisch legt, dass man anderswo eine komplette Vollformat-DSLR mit Glas davor bekomme? Oder sind die Unterschiede eher marginaler Natur? Ich würde sicherlich nicht dauerhaft mit ISO 3200 herumlaufen, aber die Option zu haben, finde ich beispielsweise bei meiner X100 schon ganz nett. Butter bei die Fische? Oder lieber die M9 behalten und auf die nächste Generation warten, hoffentlich mit Bildfeldwählhebel, ohne Video und von mir aus auch ohne LCD? ;-) Ich bin für jeden kreativen Vorschlag dankbar. Viele Grüße, Henning
  12. Hi guys I am new in the forum, also a new Leica Digital user. Had an M6 for a few months but after so much hassle with the film I decided to sell it. After a lot of thinking and saving I finally got my first digital M. Its been a lovely experience. Camera is a beauty, but will definitely need some time for adjustment. I also bought the following used lenses, a 50mm 1.4 Summilux pre asph and a 28mm elmerit 28mm asph. I mainly shoot street portraits, so the camera works wonderful for this. Previously I was shooting a Nikon DF, great camera, as also other toys... Here are some of my first picts with it, comments and critics welcome! More can be seen on my flickr! https://www.flickr.com/photos/malabito/ Pict 1 L1000401 by malabito, on Flickr Pict 2 L1000407 by malabito, on Flickr Pict 3 L1001386 by malabito, on Flickr Pict 4 L1000540 by malabito, on Flickr
  13. Take at my favourite location in Southampton Leica M240 + 35mm Summicron f2.5 @ 320 iso.
  14. Hello, Leica fans! I know I am probably a little late here since it has been more than 5 years since M240 has been released. But I have made a vide review of my experience together with my pictures. So if you have time feel free to check it out ale please let me know what you think 😊📷 The video review. Thank you!
  15. Taken in Southampton in October using the M240 and 35mm Summarit f2.5. Processed in LR Classic. Hope you like it! Gerry
  16. Hope you all are doing well. I searched through this forum and found few topics on Zeiss 28 F2.8 but wasn't able to get the answer I was looking for. If i want to spend 1k on a 28 do you recommend Zeiss 28 F 2.8? Fairly new to Leica compared to most of you so I am not geeked out YET. Here is my line up M10 & M240 Summicron 35 Summilux 50 Elmarit 90 Tri-Elmar All your tips appreciated. Hope you are having a nice Weekend.
  17. South Downs National Park, Hampshire, England. Not the best of weather, but trying to get out of the rut. I am also trying to change direction away from street photography a bit: Leica M240 + 50mm Summicron-M f2 Gerry
  18. I took this a couple of months ago and have just gotten round to posting it. Leica M240 + Summicron-M 1:2/50mm Gerry
  19. Whilst sat at the traffic lights today I noticed this guy and managed to shoot it very quickly through the closed window of my car. First time I have tried this. Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5 and 320 iso. Gerry
  20. Something completely different for me - "Girls at an Exhibition" - Southampton, England. Leica M240 + 50mm Summicron-M f2 Gerry
  21. gwpics

    The Blue Handbag

    Taken as a candid shot at my normal coffee haunt today: Leica M240 + 50mm Summicron f2 @ 1600 iso. 1/30 f9.5 handheld. Gerry
  22. gwpics

    Zoned out

    From this mornings coffee break. Leica M240 with 50mm Zeiss Sonnar f1.5 lens.1/15 f11 @ 320iso. Gerry
  23. Taken last year using my M240 and 35mm Summarit f2.5 Gerry
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