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Found 40 results

  1. I have often received FILCA brass cassettes along with older LTM Leicas in my collection. I had noticed that one of them had a roll of black and white film in it when I got it about 5 years ago, but I only got around to processing the film about a month ago. I had no idea what film was in the cassette, what 'ISO' it was and also what age it was. Taking the advice of a friend, I gave the roll 1 hour stand development in diluted D 76 and was pleasantly surprised to find that the roll contained about 21 images (the roll was never finished), most of which were in some way usable. The film was Perutz film of unknown speed. Here is the FILCA with some of the film still inside. The contents of the film were photographs taken in Switzerland and Northern Italy in the very early 1950s. Some of the images were fine, but some of them were grainy and/or suffered from light leaks. The light leaks occurred when I , and possibly others before me, opened the cassette, not knowing that there was a roll of film inside. A woman and a man feature in the photographs and a dachshund also appears in some photos. The photos generally seem to indicate Switzerland and Italy in the early 1950s, particularly a light damaged photo of Banhofstrasse in Zurich which shows large American cars from the late 1940s functioning as taxis. The people may no longer be with us considering their ages at the time, but I would like to trace their families to unite them with the images The couple were driving a mid 1930s BMW 315 with a cabriolet body, possibly, by Weinmann. The registration plate seen in this photo is apparently from the American Zone in Bavaria, the suggestion that it was from Aschaffenberg is disputed. The location of this photo is at La Veduta on the Julier Pass in the Italian Speaking part of Switzerland. Some of the photos show Northern Italy such as this wonderful view of the Steamer Bisbino on Lake Como. A photograph of a narrow street leading to a church clock/bell tower identifies the location as Bellagio on Lake Como. I have been trying to remember which of my cameras the FILCA cassette came with. The cassette came either with a black and nickel III or a chrome IIIa or may have been used with another IIIa which I don't have. A box for FILCA cassettes belonging to that camera came with my IIIa. I have asked the Leica Archives for delivery details of my cameras, but nothing has emerged yet. They would , of course, only provide details of the dealers and not any details of the customers. Photos of the cameras and the couple and other views of Switzerland and Italy from the roll of film plus various pieces of information and technical considerations can be seen in this article here: https://www.macfilos.com/2020/09/11/swiss-roll-hidden-for-70-years-these-photographs-were-recovered-from-an-ancient-leica-film-cassette/#comment-31422 The object here is to identify the couple and to unite their families with the images which have been missing for about 70 years. I might add that some of the photos are very good, but have suffered some ravages over time. Overall, though, the FILCA brass cassette did a mighty fine job protecting the film for anything up to 70 years. William
  2. From the album: My Leica M-A

    I was standing on a bridge in Venice, Italy just enjoying the beautiful afternoon light when two couples on a boat below me started to embrace and kiss. I always had my camera pre-set to "proper aperture" and pre-set the distance for zone focus, the rest just fall in place.

    © @ E Kindangen

  3. abboretti.m


    From the album: Venice with Leica M7

    © abboretti Massimiliano ©

  4. From the album: Italy with a LeicaM

    Another example of the rendering of the 90mm APO Summicron there is detail everywhere

    © http://www.piranhaphotography.com

  5. Sam


    Florence M240 Noctilux 0.95
  6. Florence with Duomo silhouette
  7. Market before the opening time in Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence
  8. Bigger > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/symptom-of-the-universe-0053/ M9, 35'cron
  9. Bigger > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/nightmare-no-61/ M9, 35'cron
  10. "Symptom of the Universe #0064" Bigger > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/symptom-of-the-universe-0064/ M9, 35'cron
  11. Joel Meyerowitz, the great street photographer from New York, was guest of honor for the opening of the new Leica Store in Florence, Italy. Here's what he told (and my shots with a Leica M6). Meyerowitz: in the streets looking for the human | Damiano Fedeli
  12. I am hosting a Leica meeting in Venice it will be a weekend in April with hotel and food included, I got myself a italian friend who will guide us... and knows the less touristic spots. More details will follow, please let me know if you are interested... The price is yet to be announced, but it should be somewhere around the 375 euro per person. For the whole weekend (this includes hotel, food, and transport from airport>hotel etc.) More details will follow within a week from now. Hope to hear from you guys,
  13. Guest


    Lake Como Monochrom. 50 Lux ASPH.
  14. Venice is famous for making masks, tourists and of course water. Here is a tourist (?) bringing all of these elements together. m9, 50mm Summarit Thanks for looking Rob Captain by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  15. In the Lomellina, Italy.
  16. Whilst walking through Lido Di Jesolo after a day out over summer I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. The light streamed through a gap in the buildings diffusing the fountains with a beautiful golden light. Just at the moment a young girl decided to cool off. Thanks for looking Fountain-2 by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr www.robertpoolephotography.com
  17. Hello guys , I just bought a 21mm Elmarit f2.8 lens (the old one) for my Leica MP Typ 240. Really enjoyed the lens. I just noticed that its min focus distance is 0.7 while i read on the internet that you can find a version that focus at 0.38. Any other differences between the two lenses ? Somebody here have experience with the close focus version ? I took some Street Pictures and wrote a little article for my blog: www.walkingphotographer.net/blog/21mm-street-photography Thanks for your time ! Eolo www.walkingphotographer.net
  18. We spent some days in Italy to attend a wedding in Florence. In Rome, smoking waiting for his wife, MM 246 28mm Summicron
  19. MSV

    Room 113

    Room 113 M9 & 50mm Lux pre-asph
  20. I spent my Easter weekend in Milan, visiting a friend who's working there on a doctoral project at the local University. He's only been there for two weeks and hadn't really been around the city himself. So, we went out exploring together. And I took my camera with me, obviously. One of the sites we visited is the 'Cimitero Monumentale', not far from the Garibaldi train station. A beautiful site, grotesquely eclectic at times, but all in all very refined. I am not religious myself, but I do like the quietness of a beautiful cemetery. Even one as 'grand' as this one makes my mind ponder. I'd like to share some pictures with you that portray this special place. They were taken with an M9 and 35mm Summicron. There are more photos on my blog: here. All comments are welcome. Thank you for watching.
  21. BDX

    2 shop in Naples

    In Naples, there's a lot to see, but I think the most interesting is the hustle and bustle in the streets, markets and shops. And of course, the stores themselves .. Andreas - These are lovely shots but they viloate Forum rules for image size, so I resized them and replaced them. In the future please follow the rules: No side larger than 960 pixels and no file size larger than 300 KB. Stuart Nordheimer [ATTACH]287198[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]287199[/ATTACH]
  22. Misty sunrise at Poggio Covili, in Tuscany (Italy), taken during a Workshop I led there in 2017. Leica SL, Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  23. The imposing Castel Boccale, a castle hanging on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Mediterranean on the shores of Tuscany, in Italy. A 75 second long exposure taken with Leica SL, Voigtlander 15mm Super Wide-Heliar and my trusted Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters during a Workshop One-on-One in led in Tuscany. I can't wait to be back there in April! Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  24. A couple of days ago, during the Workshop I am leading here in Asturias, we were talking about Tuscany and its amazing landscapes: I immediately started thinking about the beauty of this land in the fall, and realised once more that I can't wait to be back there very soon! This is Val d'Orcia, photographed during a Workshop I led there in November 2017. Leica SL, Leica APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
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