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Leica SL3 - Made in Germany (YT) - SL3 assembly.


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17 minutes ago, LocalHero1953 said:

Important question: why are red dots always applied with tweezers, and with cotton gloves?

Cotton gloves, cotton finger tips should prevent fingerprints all over the new camera.

If I had to put something like the red dot on a model that I assemble, e.g., model locomotive, I would use tweezers.

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Posted (edited)

Nice find, thanks for sharing.


Being new to Leica, I am still finding it hard to believe they are made in Germany. To this day there doesn't appear to be any behind the scenes footage of a Q3 being made in Germany.

Does 'Made in Germany' mean all components are designed and manufactured in Germany followed by the assembly?

I think 'Made in Germany' means, parts, housings, electronics are all manufactured in either china or outside of Germany and the parts are only "Assembled in Germany"


Until I see real unchoreographed footage of these devices beings MADE, I am of the belief that my Q3 was made in China and Assembled in Germany in a basic short assembly period.


Perhaps Leica needs to reconsider their title to "Assembled in Germany 



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17 hours ago, AussieQ said:

Does 'Made in Germany' mean all components are designed and manufactured in Germany followed by the assembly?

Leica's been open about their manufacturing. They've had a factory in Portugal for 50 years, and had another one in Canada until the end of the previous century. Some of the mechanical and electronic components are sourced from the usual suppliers (especially Panasonic). Final assembly is done in Germany, unless labeled otherwise.

They follow EU rules for "country of origin." Very few manufactured goods are sourced in a single country.

You can see factory footage in various YouTube videos, including some from last week's SL3 launch. You can read all about the Portugal factory via a link on this page: https://www.fdtimes.com/2017/02/22/leica-portugal-tour/

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