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  1. scott kirkpatrick

    ISO auto

    Operating the M10 in A-ISO and aperture priority mode is like being in P(rogram) mode in some other cameras. As you close down the aperture or as the scene gets darker, first the shutter speed will drop to the minimum speed, then the ISO will increase to the max ISO. If things get darker still, in some cameras, the shutter speed will stay the same and you simply underexpose. The SL works this way, but since it is an EVF camera, your view of the scene gets dark to warn you. The M10 after you reach max ISO, and are still underexposed, will lower shutter speed below the minimum that you have specified. Is that what you are seeing?
  2. scott kirkpatrick

    ISO auto

    It's very confusing English (and perhaps also German) but minimum shutter speed and maximum shutter time are the same.
  3. scott kirkpatrick

    M10 M-D

    Let's look at the real thing -- here's my M2, bought used almost 50 years ago, and it has seen action every year since then: C1090644 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr CL 60 The lever is in the cocked and locked position, and the camera is held this way: C1090646 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr It's a pretty good thumbrest, and with your right hand in this position you know it's ready and are ready for the next shot. The left hand is free to focus, fight off the crowds, or whatever.
  4. scott kirkpatrick

    Lens Hood Trouble

    The problem is that the end of the lens fits into the inner ring from one side when folded back, and that side is reached directly, but when the hood is in its working position, the inner ring must fit tightly and be aligned correctly with the hood for the projections on the end of the lens to find the right places to lock into. Any slippage and they don't mesh. I have tried to fix the hood on my 35 CL lens twice (bought used, so I can't ask Leica) twice and am about to try a third time. Without the hood in the way, the inner ring attaches in either direction, but that's not good enough.
  5. scott kirkpatrick

    M10 M-D

    I'm using 24.2 in both Android and iOS/TestFlight flavors. Incidentally, in saying that the M10-D probably doesn't accept touch commands, I may be wrong. What if it is based on the M10-P, which has a touch screen, rather than the M10? In fact that is the most likely path.
  6. scott kirkpatrick

    M10 M-D

    Working with both Android and iOS apps, I am finding that the M10 is probably the best supported, then the CL, then the SL. So I am optimistic, but this is still good advice.
  7. scott kirkpatrick

    M10 M-D

    The FOTOS app, since it uses a phone's touch-sensitive screen, permits touch-focusing on the CL and SL. So in principle the center for focus magnification could be moved around. But since there is no touch-screen interface in the M10's firmware, it would be a lot of work to use that pathway with an M10-D. I don't think the L-mount firmware people (they seem to be different folks from the M firmware team) would be eager to do it.
  8. scott kirkpatrick

    FOTOS App

    I repeated the experiment by downloading 10 dng files (that's all I have on my cards) from the CL and from the M10, in the quiet of our house, with maybe 3-4 WLANs close by. The files were not adjacent on the card. 10 files of roughly 45 MB each on the CL took 433 sec. 10 files of about 25 MB each from the M10 took115 sec. So the downloads run about twice as fast on the M10, on a per-bit basis, at least with the cards I was using and the folder structures on each, which are not the same. (I use faster cards in the CL, I think.) FOTOS on Android is still shaky on my SL. I wasn't able to get the thumbnails to finish coming up. The app shut down. Also sometimes I have disconnected from a camera, using the "settings"/"disconnect" path, and been unable to reconnect without recapturing the QR code. But not always. edit: I got the iOS 24.2 FOTOS connected to my SL, waited quite a while until most of the thumbnails for the 650 pictures on the disk were visible, and times a 10 picture download. It completed in 9:40, 58 sec/DNG file. I understand that TestFlight encapsulates a test app with extra overhead, so this may not be the performance to expect from the eventual public app. This is still in flux. Did anyone notice that the screen shots from FOTOS that Leica Rumors exhibits have stuff that we haven't seen in the semi-public beta?
  9. scott kirkpatrick

    FOTOS App

  10. scott kirkpatrick

    M10 M-D

    I try to think about the M10-D that we are hearing and seeing hints of by pretending that I am a member of the team developing the camera. Last time around, we took an M262 , which is an M240 with stuff left out, and left even more stuff out, covered it in a nice leather, and made a small number of people very happy. This time, we have an M10-P to start with. There is even more stuff that we would have to leave out, and leaving things out is work, too. Maybe we can move ahead by providing ways to use some of its features (optionally, of course) while still offering the nice leather covering, and make a larger number of people very happy. Since the Auto-ISO is exposed on the dial which reminds us of the film winder that goes back to the M2 and M3 days, we do have to deal with some of the underlying complexity, but we do it in such a way that the product can still be unwrapped and used in its default form -- an $8000 ;point 'n shoot! What we would probably not anticipate is that the P 'n S folks would look over their shoulders at the larger number of about-to-be-made-happy customers with their Visoflexes and iPhones at the ready and recoil in horror. I hope we'll know next week.
  11. scott kirkpatrick

    WLAN totally screwed up with latest FW 2.1

    I haven't heard RPG mentioned since the1970s. It stands for Report Generating Language, and like Cobol, can do more than just print reports. But I guess these things never go away.
  12. scott kirkpatrick

    FOTOS App

    I did some download timings just now. It also depends on whether I use the iOS app (on an iPad mini), where downloading a full size DNG from CL or SL takes about 45 sec and a compressed DNG from the M10 about 20-25 sec. Or the Android app, which is about 30% faster, taking 10-15 sec on my old Moto G4 from the M10. I'm timing individual files with the second hand on my watch. How do you get a group of files to download? I haven't figured out how to select more than one at a time.
  13. scott kirkpatrick

    FOTOS App

    Got a note from the FOTOS support folks when I sent in a comment today that there will be no further releases until the public release end of next week. So if there is something that irks you, get a good example in your log files and send it in with an explanation of why this must never happen again. Paul A, I think your timings on downloads to FOTOS are slower than mine. I'll do some more careful tests and write them up for this blog/forum. But I agree that downloading to FOTOS only makes sense for selected DNGs or JPGs, not for blocks of shots. This path isn't going to help an event shooter who has to be printing souvenir magnets in the back room during the party. I'm also curious about what fraction of a battery it takes to keep the wifi link up for an hour, say, for each of the cameras currently supported. Has anyone measured this?
  14. scott kirkpatrick

    Leica SL Image Thread ...post your examples here ....

    I have seen that attributed to Brett W, but I can imagine where he heard it.