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Of all the fiddling I have been driven to do in my relatively long time with Leica, the most persistent has been search for the most suitable shoulder strap for my M10, then M11. None has been right, so in the end I made my own, pirating bits from Peak Design, as shown in the attached photo: an Anchor link together with strap material. My criteria have turned out to be (1) width of 30mm so that I can carry the M around for hours without muscle ache; (2) a near-frictionless surface, so that I can easily slide the camera up into position when I am wearing the camera under a jacket or coat; (3) quickly detachable, for a variety of reasons. I'd prefer leather but as yet have not found the right quality.

So, my question is this: is there anyone who makes straps to order or provides the parts? There are many 'perfect' straps out there but none I've found has proven suitable for my particular needs. What do others do?

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