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  1. Should probably wait to make sure you like the movie before going all in on this one, ha
  2. I'll wait for the M11, this gives me a self imposed time out on purchases and time to save up some more cash!
  3. Interesting thread, have the Q2M inbound and hadn't thought of adding the Q2. Was thinking about the CL or CL2, when it becomes available but the the Q2M and Q2 is intriguing. Think I'll play with the Q2M for a bit but there will be times I'd like color even though I prefer b&w.
  4. Ok, took the plunge and went Monochrome
  5. Arrggh, was getting a Q2M and then decided to get the Q2. You guys are making me rethink this again! Maybe I'll go back to the Q2M and buy a CL, just wish the CL2 would come out! Then I'd have a pair to go anywhere
  6. getting the Q2, trying to decide which 50mm lens to get for the M10P, not sure if I'll carry both at the same time, probably not. The Q2 is more practical and will get used more but there's just something about the M
  7. Hope it makes sense as this is the route I'm going too!
  8. Thanks, going back and forth between a Q2 and Q2M right now, ugh, great pictures Steven!
  9. What? Just bought two Sony TC 128's today for my new P, unbelievable. Must be why there was a $20 rebate.
  10. That'd be too easy, ha. Half the fun has been outfitting my incoming M, new bag, case, straps. Have a few new books coming from Amazon too. Thanks for all the suggestions, appreciate all the advice.
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