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  1. I hyperfocal with my 21mm all the time, hmmmm never tried a more narrow lens. But why not?
  2. Really love the 50mm Nokton II and I just picked a CV 21mm 3.5 ASPH. to go with it.
  3. Never could get comfy with these light meters. Found an Iphone app, called Lightmeter. Really like it.
  4. I had a lovely M3 SS, but never could get meterless. Then I impulsively got an M-A as my "last" Leica. Got the meterless thing figured in my head (soul). Now I am very happy. 😃
  5. I have the CV 50mm F1.5 Nokton ii. Any comparisons, real world? The Heliar looks outstanding.
  6. I took someone's advice and got an M-A. Problem solved. 😁
  7. I have been using these little fellows for years and years. It allows me to get good blur free shots at 1/15 second. I lay the index finger over the button and take the shot with the crease under my first knuckle, works like a charm plus you get to have cool designs on various buttons. The Match Technical brand features an O ring to keep the button snug. No more lost buttons. Cheers.
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