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Black Paint Straps

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28 minutes ago, adamwarmington said:

Hey guys

I just doubled down on BP. Got an m10R-BP and an MP-BP.

What straps have you guys got on these cameras ? I want to get black ones that also protect the paint.

Lets see some pics !!

Thanks !


Put black electrical tape over the body where the strap rubs. But two things, most people buy BP because it wears to the brass, and second the modern BP is a tough powder coating process so wear isn’t going to happen soon.

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56 minutes ago, adamwarmington said:

Thanks yeah well aware of the brassing. But don't want needless marks from metal on metal. Not gonna tape it - there are plenty of options with little leather tabs where the strap meets the camera. Just looking for inspiration is all :) 

I get your point, leather can be sexier than electrical tape but lets face it, it depends on the situation.

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I've got a couple leather straps from this guy on eBay and there are a good choice of lengths and colours


I have a couple of Peak Design camera straps but I'm gradually adapting all my leather camera straps to the Peak Design quick release anchor links because I often want to take the strap off when the camera is on a tripod or change to a wrist strap. With the quick release system you could get away with just one strap for all your cameras



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21 hours ago, 250swb said:

have a couple of Peak Design camera straps but I'm gradually adapting all my leather camera straps to the Peak Design

I thought so too. But after a month or so the dangling little pills annoyed me to the bone. And why are they red? 

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On 2/18/2024 at 10:03 AM, Al Brown said:

I have a custom made strap on my M10-R BP in dark brown, but all my other straps (bar one from A&A) are from this friendly gentleman @Pavlos Koutsoukos in Greece who has a rather brutal collection and selection and makes custom lengths.


And actually charges a reasonable price, something of a first for a quality strap on this forum!

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This strap comes with little leather O-rings to protect the paint. Simple and effective. Plus the leather half case achieves the same result. I'm strap obsessed and have several but this one keeps finding its way back on my camera. I think it rather handsome!

Leica M-A

Cooph Leica Rope Strap - Black Reflective - 126cm

Artisan&Artist Half Case

Retrophotoreading Brass Shutter Release

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10 minutes ago, humerc said:

I use Gordys Camera Straps on all my Leicas. Looks classical, high quality (very soft after a little use) and really not expensive.

More nice, reasonably priced straps! What is happening to this forum?!

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